Best Rising Signs To Have, Ranked From Least To Most Challenging

Some Rising signs are a bit more challenging than others.

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The Rising sign, also known as the Ascendant in astrology, indicates the sign of the zodiac that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born. This shows us the beginning of the birth chart or the first house.

The Ascendant and first house are considered the mirror to the soul and the face you present to the world. It describes your outward personality, style and appearance, and the way you react to the world.


This differs from the Sun sign, which may be located in any of the houses depending on the time of birth. While the Ascendant represents your interactions with the world, the Sun sign rules the ego and the core being of the individual which is often different from the Ascendant. 

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Astrologically, no Rising sign is considered better than another, and neither traditional nor modern astrology ranks Ascendants in this way, but each sign and its planetary ruler show us different qualities.

According to TikTok creator and astrologer Alyssa Sharpe, these qualities can make some Rising signs more challenging than others at times.



Best Rising signs, ranked from least to most challenging

1. Aries Rising

Aries is the best Rising sign to have, according to Sharpe. 


“It’s because your chart is perfect," Sharpe says, and "Aries naturally rules the first house, so it rules the house it is meant to rule, making everything go smoothly, plus it's ruled by Mars which means your life has energy unless your Mars is retrograde."

She adds, "I’m not trying to glorify your life or anything.”

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2. Leo Rising

Leo is the second-best Rising sign according to Sharpe. “That’s because you are ruled by the Sun, meaning your heart is always in the forefront of everything that you do, which in this world is what you need to survive.”


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3. Gemini Rising

Gemini is next, says Sharpe. “This is because you are a great communicator and having great communication skills really gets you far," she explains. "It also means you are smart and cunning," she adds, "and manipulative, all good things.”

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4. Taurus Rising

Taurus ranks number four, Sharpe says. "It is very close to Aries and you have a pretty solid chart, however, it is ruled by Venus which is a little bit too harmonious.”

"It’s tough being harmonious," Sharpe concludes, "but at the same time it’s still a very beautiful Ascendant to have, it makes you attractive and people like you.”


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5. Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius comes in at number five, based on Sharpe’s ranking.

“The reason it’s much lower than the other two fire signs is because it is further down and you do have sort of a flipped chart but you are naturally ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of luck so go you."

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6. Aquarius Rising

Aquarius falls in the middle of the 12 signs. Sharpe explains, “Aquarius is number six because of that genius energy, you are able to think outside the box, you are a great problem solver, all wonderful things; you are rebellious and go against the norm, and full of influence.”


"But," she adds, “You always have to rebel and repel other people which is why you aren’t higher on the list. Maybe you aren’t doing it for you, but for other people.”

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7. Virgo Rising

Virgo falls at number seven on the list.

Virgo Rising gets things done," Sharpe says. "They know how to be very analytical and take a practical approach to crazy things and so it’s not the ideal chart structure; your chart's kind of upside down, however, you can still get it done."

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8. Scorpio Rising

Scorpio ranks number eight. According to Sharpe, "that’s right where they fall in the zodiac. Having a Scorpio Rising means you are always protective of something, you are always hiding something but you are very observational and you use your skills for good but a lot of Scorpio Risings have very sad lives."


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9. Capricorn Rising

Capricorn is number nine, based on Sharpe’s list. "You’re number nine because you are ruled by Saturn," she says, "which is a lot of restriction and there is a lot of hard work that goes into Capricorn Rising's life and you are no stranger to hardship.”

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10. Cancer Rising

Cancer makes number 10 on the list. “You’re number 10, Sharpe said, because you are a feeler and carrying your feelings on your face is very, very difficult, and I’m sorry for you.”

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11. Pisces Rising

Pisces is next to the last in terms of Sharpe’s Rising sign ranking.

“Being ruled by Neptune," Sharpe says, “means you are ruled by your beliefs and illusions, and nobody likes that and they always want to slap it out of you and are prone to projection.”

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12. Libra Rising

Libra Rising is one of the most difficult to have, according to Sharpe. 

“Libra Rising is always indecisive and doesn’t know what’s going on ever and wants to keep everyone harmonious, even evil people.” Also, she adds, "your chart is completely flipped so what’s up is down, what’s black is white but at least these people love you. That’s good, right?”


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