50 Famous Celebrities That Have A Leo Zodiac Sign

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Famous Leos: 50 Leo Celebrities

Leos are royalty when it comes to the zodiac symbols of astrology.

Born between July 23 and August 22, it’s a powerful and exciting zodiac sign to have, especially if you want to be a celebrity. It just so happens that some of the most famous Leos are revered for their talent, ambition, and leadership skills.

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Leos are natural born leaders, and the celebrities on this list not only include leaders in the political sense, but also public figures who have led the way in their respective fields.

50 Famous Leo Celebrities

The majority of Leo celebrities on this list are artists of music, film, and television. You could easily argue that they were born with natural creative gifts, and we should be grateful for it.

1. Lucille Ball

Birthday: August 6, 1911

Though she passed away in 1989, Lucille Ball was the queen of comedy, and was the star of the gold standard for television sitcoms, I Love Lucy. Her famous role as Lucy Ricardo inspired other female comedians for generations to come. 

2. Barack Obama

Birthday: August 4, 1961

Barack Obama served as the 44th President of the United States. He’s also a trailblazer, as he was the first African-American President of the United States, prior to which he was a Senator from Illinois, and civil rights attorney.

3. Meghan Markle

Birthday: August 4, 1981

Another August 4th birthday, this American actress turned real-life British princess lived out the dream of many young women when she married Prince Harry. Though she’s no longer an actress, she, Harry, and their son, Archie, live in SoCal.

4. Jennifer Lopez


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Birthday: July 24, 1969

Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented artist who has not only conquered both music and acting, but is a powerful businesswoman behind the scenes. With 8 studio albums and performances in movies, like The Wedding Planner and Anaconda, it’s safe to say she’s an example of perfection.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Birthday: August 15, 1990

Another well-known Jennifer on the list, Jennifer Lawrence is most known for her role in the Hunger Games series, as well as Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. Not only does she steal the spotlight in her film work, but she’s just as enjoyable to watch in interviews.

6. Daniel Radcliffe

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Birthday: July 23, 1989

The guy who played Harry in the film franchise also just happens to be a Leo (Harry’s birthday is July 31st). Radcliffe may be a major star, but he's also very private. Once he shed his Harry Potter role, his other acting credits included Swiss Army Man, Miracle Workers, and he starred in the Broadway play, Equus.

7. Elisabeth Moss

Birthday: July 24, 1982

Though Moss has given us great performances in The Handmaid’s Tale and Mad Men, she’s also starred in numerous movies and shows: Us, The Invisible Man, The West Wing, and Shirley, to name a few.

8. Halle Berry

Birthday: August 14, 1966

Who could forget Halle Berry in many of her amazing roles? She’s been a Bond girl and Storm in X-Men, but she’s also starred in Monster’s Ball, Swordfish, The Call, and is a Revlon spokesmodel.

9. Madonna

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Birthday: August 16, 1958

Madonna has been a trendsetter in music and performance for over 30 years. She’s so iconic, and her biggest hits continue to entertain us to this day: “Like A Virgin,” “Cherish,” “Vogue,” “Like A Prayer,” and “Open Your Heart.”

10. Chris Hemsworth

Birthday: August 11, 1983

The handsome Australian actor is best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he’s just as adorable as a husband and father. The big brother of Liam Hemsworth has acting roles in Extraction, Ghostbusters, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Red Dawn.

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11. Steve Martin

Birthday: August 14, 1945

Steve Martin is easily one of the most beloved comedians of all time. He’s the star of classic films like The Jerk, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Father of the Bride, and Cheaper by the Dozen. Additionally, he’s quite talented at playing the banjo.

12. Kate Beckinsale

Birthday: July 26, 1973

While she’s been in the news recently while dating much younger men, this actress has given us performances in movies we’ll never forget. They include Pearl Harbor, Click, The Aviator, Van Helsing, the Underworld series, and Total Recall.

13. Sandra Bullock

Birthday: July 26, 1964

Sandra Bullock is our favorite F.B.I. agent turned pageant contestant in the hit film Miss Congeniality. But audiences first got to know Bullock as Annie in the hit 1994 film Speed, and her career continued to thrive with works like Gravity, The Blind Side, Crash, and The Proposal.

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Birthday: July 30, 1947

This actor turned politician truly channels Leo energy with his ambition, leadership, and being in the spotlight. He was the Governor of California from 2003 to 2011, but is also famous for his roles in the Terminator films, Predator, Total Recall, Commando, and Kindergarden Cop.

15. Robert De Niro

Birthday: August 17, 1943

The revered film actor of classics like Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, The Godfather Part II, and Raging Bull tends to be more of a private public figure when it comes to the spotlight. But it’s clear that he absolutely embraces his creative side as a Leo through his excellent work.

16. Lynda Carter

Birthday: July 24, 1951

Of course the original Wonder Woman is a Leo! Wonder Woman is an inspiring symbol of strength, especially for women in a male-dominated superhero universe. It was Carter who first embodied the legendary superhero, but she’s also a former pageant queen!

17. Patrick Swayze

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Birthday: August 18, 1952

Who could forget Patrick Swayze as dance instructor Johnny Castle in the classic 1987 film Dirty Dancing? In addition to Dirty Dancing, he made a name for himself in films like Point Break, Ghost, and Road House, before we lost him in 2009.

18. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Birthday: July 28, 1929

Jackie Kennedy is one of the most iconic First Ladies in American history. Can you say fashionista? The wife of President John F. Kennedy, she became a staple of style and grace in the early 1960s, and remained that way until her death in 1994. 

19. Robert Redford

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Birthday: August 18, 1936

Before Brad Pitt, there was Robert Redford. The star of classics like Barefoot in the Park, The Way We Were, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid has been a film star for over 50 years. The legendary actor retired from acting in 2018, after the release of The Old Man & The Gun.

20. Demi Lovato

Birthday: August 20, 1992

Demi Lovato is a singer and one of the most popular young women in entertainment. She has been vocal about her struggles with substance abuse, while also working to promote a healthy body image. Her greatest songs include “Heart Attack,” “Skyscraper,” “Sorry Not Sorry,” “Tell Me You Love Me,” and “Stone Cold.”

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21. Hilary Swank

Birthday: July 30, 1974

While her early credits include The Next Karate Kid and Beverly Hills, 90210, Swank has given breathtaking performances in movies like Boys Don’t Cry, Million Dollar Baby, Iron Jawed Angels, Logan Lucky, and P.S. I Love You.

22. Viola Davis

Birthday: August 11, 1965

An extremely talented actress, Viola Davis has the triple crown of acting: An Emmy, an Academy Award, and two Tonys, and was the first Black actress to do so. From her performance in The Help to her leading role in How to Get Away with Murder, she’s also starred in Fences, Windows, and Suicide Squad.

23. Charlize Theron

Birthday: August 7, 1975

This South African actress is one of the highest paid actors in the world! While we remember her from movies like The Cider House Rules, it was her role as Aileen Wuornos in Monster that truly revealed her acting chops. She’s also starred in Mad Max: Fury Road, Bombshell, and Long Shot.

24. Vivica A. Fox

Birthday: July 30, 1964

The TV host and actress is also a producer, and got her start on the soap operas Generations and Days of Our Lives. Her later roles included Soul Food, Boat Trip, Kill Bill, Ella Enchanted, and Missing.

25. Maya Rudolph

Birthday: July 27, 1972

This hilarious comedian and singer got her start on Saturday Night Live, later becoming an actress in films like Idiocracy, Bridesmaids, Wine Country, and Life of the Party. She had a variety show alongside Martin Short for one season, and lent her voice to Big Mouth.

26. Laurence Fishburne

Birthday: July 30, 1961

Perhaps best known for playing Morpheus in The Matrix trilogy, and The Bowery King in the John Wick films, Laurence Fishburne has also given great performances in The Color Purple, Event Horizon, Contagion, Black-ish, and Hannibal.

27. Dustin Hoffman

Birthday: August 8, 1937

With a career spanning decades, Hoffman is forever immortalized in some of the greatest films ever! Who could forget his roles in The Graduate, Kramer vs. Kramer, Hook, Rain Man, Stranger Than Fiction, and Tootsie?

28. Kristin Chenoweth

Birthday: July 24, 1968

If you’ve never heard this 4’11” beauty sing, what are you doing with your life? From her amazing performances in musicals like Wicked and You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Chenoweth can sing in 4 octaves! She’s also an actress, with roles on The West Wing, Pushing Daisies, Glee, and Descendants.

29. Anna Paquin

Birthday: July 24, 1982

Anna Paquin had her breakthrough when she was just a kid, starring in The Piano, and becoming the second-youngest winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at just 11 years old. Of course, she’s also acted in great entertainment like True Blood, The Irishman, Fly Away Home, and Almost Famous.

30. Amy Adams

Birthday: August 20, 1974

Not to be confused with the equally as beautiful Isla Fisher, Amy Adams started out as a ballerina, but later became an actress, starring in Catch Me If You Can, Enchanted, Doubt, The Fighter, Big Eyes, Arrival, Vice, and Sharp Objects.

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31. Helen Mirren

Birthday: July 26, 1945

Dame Helen Mirren began her career on the stage in the 1960s as a Shakespearean actress. Her most notable roles on-screen include The Queen, The Audience, Calendar Girls, Woman in Gold, Hobbs & Shaw, and The Long Good Friday.

32. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Birthday: July 27, 1970

Fans of HBO will immediately recognize Coster-Waldau for his portrayal of Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones, but he’s much more than a man who “pays his debts.” The Danish actor has also starred in Nightwatch, A Thousand Times Goodnight, Headhunters, and Black Hawk Down.

33. Shawn Mendes


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Birthday: August 8, 1998

Though he’s Camila Cabello’s man, Mendes is just 22 years old and has already three studio albums. His greatest hits include “Treat You Better,” “Señorita,” “If I Can’t Have You,” and “There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back.”

34. Lisa Kudrow

Birthday: July 30, 1963

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you? Nobody will ever forget Kudrow’s performance as Phoebe Buffay on Friends. But she’s also acted in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, The Comeback, Web Therapy, Analyze This, Neighbors, Booksmart, and Space Force.

35. Anna Kendrick

Birthday: August 9, 1985

Though she began on Broadway, and even had a Tony nomination, she became well known after appearing in The Twilight Saga, Up in the Air, Into the Woods, the Perfect Pitch films, A Simple Favor, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

36. Kylie Jenner

Birthday: August 10, 1997

Born into fame, Kylie Jenner became the first female billionaire, though that turned out to be untrue. Still, aside from appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner has her own cosmetics company.

37. Whitney Houston

Birthday: August 9, 1963

Perhaps the greatest singing voice of all time, even the best singers nowadays can’t match the power of Whitney Houston’s famous and powerful voice. We may have lost her in 2012, but her music continues to live on through her songs: “I Will Always Love You,” “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” and “Greatest Love of All.”

38. Steve Carell

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Birthday: August 16, 1962

Whether it’s playing Michael Scott on The Office, or his hilarious role in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Carell never fails to make us laugh. His other acting roles include Despicable Me, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The Big Short, Little Miss Sunshine, Bruce Almighty, and Date Night.

39. Terry Crews

Birthday: July 30, 1968

Crews has played both serious and funny roles, best known for starring in Everybody Hates Chris, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and White Chicks. In addition to his work on-screen, he played in the NFL for the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, and Washington Redskins.

40. Mila Kunis

Birthday: August 14, 1983

Yes, she’s married to her former on-screen boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, after meeting on That ‘70’s Show, but Kunis has lent her voice to Family Guy, playing Meg Griffin. Her other credits include Friends with Benefits, Black Swan, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Bad Moms.

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41 & 42. Cole & Dylan Sprouse

Birthday: August 4, 1992

While Cole and Dylan Sprouse starred together in the Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and Suite Life on Deck, they’ve both had different careers. Cole currently stars in Riverdale as Jughead, while Dylan has taken a backseat to acting and opened up a Meadery in Brooklyn.

43. Edward Norton

Birthday: August 18, 1969

Whether it’s his excellent acting from movies like Fight Club, American History X, or Birdman, we all know Edward Norton for his on-screen talent, as well as his environmentalist work. His other credits include Moonrise Kingdom, The Illusionist, The Painted Veil, and The Bourne Legacy.

44. Mick Jagger

Birthday: July 26, 1943

The lead singer and frontman of The Rolling Stones was made for the spotlight! His energy as a performer and the longevity of his career prove that Mick Jagger truly is a Leo powerhouse. And though he’s well into his 70s, he’ll continue to rock for years to come.

45. Martha Stewart


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Birthday: August 3, 1941

Want to whip up a delicious meal, or buy the softest bedding you’ve ever slept on? You can thank Martha Stewart for that! With a net worth of $628 million, and a long time friend of Snoop Dogg, she will forever be a household name.

46. Ben Affleck

Birthday: August 15, 1972

Affleck has starred in some of the most memorable films, including Pearl Harbor, Gone Girl, Daredevil, Armageddon, The Accountant, Argo, and Good Will Hunting. He’s also a writer and producer, and wrote Gone Baby Gone, Live By Night, and the upcoming The Last Duel.

47. Jason Momoa

Birthday: August 1, 1979

While Momoa is perhaps most recognizable as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, he also currently plays Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe movies. His other credits include Stargate Atlantis, See, and Frontier.

48. Angela Bassett

Birthday: August 16, 1958

Talk about a powerful Leo woman! This powerhouse of talent has given us amazing performances in Malcolm X, Notorious, Black Panther, Meet the Browns, What’s Love Got to Do with It, Boyz n the Hood, and, of course, How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

49. John Stamos

Birthday: August 19, 1963

This hunky Greek god made us swoon as Uncle Jesse on Full House and Blackie Parrish on General Hospital, but his other roles include ER, Fuller House, YOU, and Grandfathered. Stamos has also starred in the play The Best Man, and the musical revival of Bye Bye Birdie.

50. Kristen Wiig

Photo: Getty

Birthday: August 22, 1973

This funny lady got our attention on Saturday Night Live for her characters Gilly, Dooneese, and the Target Lady, but has also made us cry with laughter in films like Bridesmaids, Whip It, Adventureland, Despicable Me, Ghostbusters, and Downsizing. Fun fact: she’s also danced to Sia’s “Chandelier” at the 2015 Grammys!

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