1st House Astrology: A Guide To The House Of The Self

Your natal first chart placements influence the way you see yourself.

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The natal chart is comprised of 12 houses, each one connected to an aspect of your life. The 1st house in astrology is known as the house of the self.

With time, you begin to feel the effect of the transits on each of your houses. Transiting and natal planets in these houses add a different influence to the topics of the house. Aspects can also create a new flow and dynamic in your life. With each house, you learn more about your evolving environment.


What is the 1st house in astrology?

The first house represents who you are and what drives and pushes you. The first house is ruled by Mars while its zodiac sign ruler is Aries.

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The 1st house is where your Ascendant sign is located, which is a powerful placement because it is the starting point of your journey to self-discovery. With the first house you understand your self-esteem, what gives you confidence, what brings you down, what motivates you, and more.


It is also the place where self-sabotage can happen, especially if there are malefic planets like Saturn, Pluto, or Mars in the same house. Planets impact your Ascendant since they can add a new dimension to your personality.

Through the first house, we not only understand ourselves but how our ego development will impact our relationships with others since the seventh house is right on the other side of our Ascendant, a mirror reflecting who we are. 

Planetary transits in the 1st house

When planets transit the first house, it can have quite an impact on the native. The benefic planets, like Jupiter and Venus, will be more pleasant than a Pluto or Saturn transit. However, depending on your chart ruler, the transits could be easier or tougher to manage. The longer the transits last, the greater the impact they can have on us. Knowing how to channel the energies of each of the transiting planets can help us along the way.


Pluto transiting the 1st house

A Pluto transit to the first house is life-changing and transformative. It takes Pluto 12 years to change signs.

During this transit, a lot is discovered and learned by the native. You shed parts of your old self and embrace the new version. Drastic changes in fashion and overall looks happen during this time.

Pluto can give the native a bit of Scorpio’s energy shrouded in mystery and intensity.

Neptune transiting the 1st house

Neptune transits can make things hazy since you will not be as confident in yourself during this time. You might feel more of a need to be with others and some betrayals from those you trust can happen. With Neptune transits, you must learn to focus and use logic even if it is challenging.


Neptune transits in the first house last 13.5 years, so there is much growth and understanding on the native’s part after the planet moves to the second house.

Uranus transiting the 1st house

Uranus transits to the first can feel unstable and erratic. Lasting 7 years in a sign, it is a planet that brings upsets and quick changes.

Similar to lightning, Uranus comes and goes and will shake things up with a bang. During a Uranus transit, you will feel more confident to take some risks and are more inclined to step out of your comfort zone.

Uranus transits are not negative; however, they will make people feel uneasy, especially if earth signs. Air and Fire might enjoy the excitement that this planet brings into their lives. 


Saturn transiting the 1st house

Saturn transits can bring a period of self-reflection and depression. You get to know yourself better after Saturn’s 2.5-year transit through the first house. With this transit, you learn to be more responsible and have a new outlook on life.

Saturn teaches us about strength and perseverance, which is why it can be tough. After this transit, you will evolve into a new version of yourself, officially entering adulthood. Saturn transits happen every 29.5 years. Popularly known as your Saturn return, this transit shapes your late 20s and 30s.

Jupiter transiting the 1st house

Jupiter transits last about a year in a sign. The expansive energy of Jupiter will allow many of us to feel optimistic during this time.

This is a transit that can bring many positive changes. There is a tendency to overindulge and focus on having fun. As long as everything is done in moderation, this period can prompt good spiritual awareness and growth for the native.


Mars transiting the 1st house

Mars transits will make you more intense and aggressive. It normally takes Mars forty days to transit one sign. You'll feel this transit every two years and it will lead you to feel way more inspired, driven, and angry. Mars could make you more emotional during these transits, making it feel like a roller coaster ride.

Adjusting and learning to channel your energy during this time will prove to be imperative because there is a tendency to lash out and overreact if you cannot control your temper.

Venus transiting the 1st house

Venus transits make you feel more romantic and in love with yourself. It takes 23 days for Venus to change signs. Your creative energy feels enhanced during this time. You appreciate your sense of style and can find joy in the finer things.

There is also a tendency to splurge when Venus transits the first house. Since this transit also impacts your 7th house, you will have more appreciation for your romantic partner, and if single, the desire to be in a relationship can increase.


Mercury transiting the 1st house

Mercury transits will make you more communicative. It is a transit that focuses on how you think and approach our day-to-day life. Like Venus, Mercury transits last 23 days (unless a pesky retrograde happens).

Opening up is not an issue with this transit. Your confidence is increased here as well and you could feel more equipped to face those draining tasks that need a great amount of brainpower. 

Moon transiting the 1st house

Moon transits happen every 30 days and you usually feel a lot more emotional during your lunar return.

During this time, lasting a few days, you are more in tune with your emotions. Whatever conflicts now will be enhanced based on how we feel. Relationships with feminine figures could be much easier to manage and positive depending on the aspects.


Sun transiting the 1st house

Sun transits happen once a year and last 30 days in the first house. It is an energizing period focused on creating new important chapters.

This period could feel like having another birthday if the Ascendant sign is different from your Sun. The native feels illumination and is motivated to set new intentions.

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Natal planets in the 1st house

Natal planets in the first house will shape you and might make you seem less like your rising sign. 

Pluto in the 1st house

Having Pluto in the first house will make the native reliable, and trustworthy but guarded. This is a position that makes the natives more like detectives, constantly analyzing and researching. They do want to succeed in the world since their Midheaven sign is ruled by the Sun. This is a sign that will not give up or back down.


Sun in the 1st house

The natives with this placement will always feel prepared and energized to seize the day. They will trust their sense of optimism because they have such a strong sense of confidence. Even if they are facing setbacks, they know they can bounce back. The Sun keeps them motivated and balanced.

Moon in the 1st house

Natives with this placement have caring hearts. Their friends and family see them as a pillar because they help others rise when in need. Moon in the 1st will know the emotional needs of the people around them because they possess emotional intelligence. 

Mercury in the 1st house

These people are not afraid to speak their minds. It is the placement of the writers and researchers. Mercury wants to uncover truths and learn more. Their favorite place will be staying in a library and uncovering new topics.

Mercury in the 1st native can command a room and fearlessly lead others. Many people admire their intelligence. 


Mars in the 1st house

This Mars placement feels like they are on top of the world. It's a good placement for the planet since it makes the natives ambitious and powerful. It is the placement of the adventurer and the ones that are into fitness.

Expect these natives to focus on their health and prioritize winning. They do not like to be second because they want the crown. Those with this placement are highly competitive and do not back down.

Venus in the 1st house

Venus in the first house is a natural beauty and the most charming person in social situations. Here the native is not afraid to be the center of attention since they enjoy it.

Similar to the Sun, the native develops solid self-esteem as they get older and appreciate who they are. They know how to keep the peace when there is a conflict between others and will not be afraid to defend themselves if they need to.


Jupiter in the 1st house

When Jupiter is in the first, people with this placement will have a passion for exploring and learning. Here we will see someone that enjoys traveling to different parts of the world and meeting new people.

Libraries are a fun place for them since they can connect with history. Being able to explore and learn from different cultures keeps them engaged and interested. 

Saturn in the 1st house

In the 1st, natal Saturn in the first house is hardworking, driven, and ready to excel. Natives with this placement have a plan and know how to make their dreams a reality.

Saturn teaches these people patience and fortitude. They are analytical, prepared, and intelligent. Their journey might be rough when young, but as they age, things get easier and more exciting since their hard work begins to pay off.


Uranus in the 1st house

People with this placement are otherworldly, different, and non-conformist. They can handle changes since they will experience transitions throughout their lives. Those with this placement are known to be intelligent because of their different perspectives.

At times they can be incredibly misunderstood. Some might even suggest that their appearance is also constantly transforming. 

Neptune in the 1st house

The native here has a dreamy and Venusian vibe enhanced by the mysteries of Neptune. It is easy for the natives to draw unwanted attention because they can mesmerize others.

Here we see the placement of the visionaries and the dreamers. Those with this placement are drawn to the arts and music because they have a natural talent for both.


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Zodiac signs in the first house

The zodiac sign in the first house of your natal chart is your Ascendant, also known as your Rising sign. 

Aries Rising

Those with an Aries rising sign might feel that their purpose is to succeed and they are not afraid to take on challenges. Mars is their ruler and they are empowered in situations that are not in favor of them succeeding. They are here to develop their ego and find the strength to leave their mark in the world.


Taurus Rising

Taurus Risings are ruled by Venus making them beautiful with a natural ability to attract many people into their lives. Taurus Risings enjoy comfort, peace, and pleasure. They are driven when they are passionate about a cause and are not pressured by others. There is a focus for them to build their dreams at their own pace.

Gemini Rising

A Rising sign that is not afraid to share its vision with the world. Gemini Risings are ruled by Mercury, making them eloquent and charming. They are able to learn a little about everything. These are the students that want to learn and master it all.

Cancer Rising

Cancer Risings are ruled by the Moon. This is an emotionally intelligent sign that is here to help those around them. They provide excellent emotional support to others, while also building their empire. Strong, brave, and caring, those with this Rising sign are not afraid to use love to help others.

Leo Rising

The Leo Rising is ruled by the Sun, so they are naturally radiant. They are here to explore their identity, gain more confidence and perhaps teach others how to be more confident. It is a sign that is compassionate, helpful, and understanding. They love to spread love and receive it. When challenged they will let others know who is the boss.


Virgo Rising

While they can accomplish a lot, the Virgo Rising might be their own worst enemies. They can be extremely critical of themselves, even when they have amassed a lot of success. Trusting themselves and understanding the value of self-love will be able to help them reach new heights.

Libra Rising

Another Venus-ruled Rising sign that is constantly surrounded by many people because of its charm and excellent social networking skills. The connections that Libra Rising makes will allow them to help others. It is a sign that is invested in making social changes. Libras will also be very focused on preserving their reputation.

Scorpio Rising

One of the most mysterious Rising signs, Scorpio just knows how to make everyone pay attention to them. The Scorpio Rising is a great researcher and hard worker. They will always be evolving and transforming. Learning how to let go and move forward will help them embrace their confident side.

Sagittarius Rising

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius Rising is the teacher and adventurer of the zodiac. This is a Rising sign that will have the natives focus on their ever-evolving philosophy. The archer is here to explore and create. The more they learn, the more inclined they will be to teach.


Capricorn Rising

Those with Capricorn Rising are meticulous, prepared, and driven. Saturn-ruled signs are mature and know how to get things done. There isn’t an obstacle that can stop the Capricorn Rising because they will always know and figure out a way to overcome it.

Aquarius Rising

A sign that is prepared to make changes and leave its mark. Aquarius embraces their individuality and uses their uniqueness to break barriers. Aquarius Risings are here to disturb the order and create something new that will help society. Here we see people leaders, visionaries, and the ones who fight for the underdog.

Pisces Rising

Similar to Neptune in the 1st, the native will have alluring qualities that draw others. The Jupiter-ruled rising will be on a journey to learn more about the world and themselves. They have fantastic imaginations and can make great writers if they find the time to focus. With time they learn how to define who they are and show the world how fearless they can be.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.