Libra Compatibility: Most And Least Compatible Signs

They're not just social butterflies, but social justice warriors as well.

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Libras are one of the most popular zodiac signs in astrology. They’re like the head cheerleader in high school who didn't have to be nice but was, or the star football player who did drama — super-outgoing, down to earth, and non-judgmental.

Finding a zodiac sign to match with a Libra isn't a struggle, but making this match last requires more focus.

One of the most noticeable Libra traits is charisma. The Libra personality might be extremely flirty, but they take love and trust seriously.


The truth is, they don’t love being by themselves and would much rather be at a party than home alone. However, they do have their more introspective moments, and definitely need to decompress from time to time.

Libras need to be liked, which can shape their actions and leave them vulnerable to others. Their own needs can get overlooked when they’re too focused on what other people will think about them.

They tend to be somewhat indecisive, but once they make a decision they stick with it, even if they sometimes regret the choice they made.

There is no one who hates injustice more than Libra, and there is no better advocate for those who have been treated unfairly. You want a Libra on your side, even if it’s annoying when they’re able to see and understand the opposing views as well.


But in terms of zodiac compatibility, how does this social butterfly get along with the other zodiac signs?

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Libra's most compatible signs

Libra's most compatible signs are Aries, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces. 

Air signs often attract air signs, so Gemini and Aquarius will find themselves pulled to Libra, and vice versa. Plenty of communication and space between air signs makes them feel valued and loved.


Geminis share the kind of lust for life that can make a Libra feel like their relationship will last forever. Their bond certainly runs at a soul level.

There is also a natural pull between Aries and Libra. These two provide a lot of balance to one another. There is enough passion and balance between these two to make a long-lasting but exciting bond.

However, Libra might just be their own soulmate. Fellow Libras will gladly find the kind of balance needed to order the scales and keep things equal. Neither zodiac sign will push the other's buttons or get tired of the other's need to make careful decisions.

Libra's least compatible signs

Libra's least compatible signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.


Try as they might see eye to eye, Cancers and Libras just aren't meant to be.

Cancers need closeness and constant assurance. Libras want space and equality with their partner; Cancer wants to stay in while Libra needs to socialize and have fun.

Scorpios are another contemptuous match for Libra. Scorpios often manipulate their partners, pulling them in and pushing them away just as quickly. Libra will easily feel taken advantage of and won't appreciate the imbalance of power.

Libra compatibility with all zodiac signs

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Libra and Aries compatibility

Love: Although in many ways Libra and Aries are opposites — Libras are more relationship-centered and Aries more self-centered — but still go together well.

The Libra/Aries relationships tend to last. Libra encourages Aries to develop their sensitive side, while Aries can help motivate Libra to get up and achieve their goals. Both signs can be competitive and have no problems going up against each other.

Sex: They have a lot of sexual chemistry which also binds them together.

They have much to give and learn from each other. As a fire sign, Aries is known for being passionate and daring in the bedroom. They can take control, which is important for Libra, who sometimes struggles to dominate.


Long-term relationships and marriage: When it comes to long-term relationships, these two can work, but it will take some effort on both sides.

Libras are gracious and are sometimes taken aback when Aries gets in a confrontational and argumentative mood, which can lead to tension if things aren't resolved quickly. Libras take too long to make decisions because they think things out so thoroughly, whereas Aries tend to impulsively take action.

This might be exciting in the beginning, but when it comes to marriage, it can help to be on the same side. When their relationship is good, it's amazing, but if it's not, their breakups can be brutal.

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Libra and Taurus compatibility

Love: Venus, the planet of love, rules both of these signs.

While they're not the most straightforward match, they do bring out some of the best qualities of this planetary ruler through their expression of love. Taurus tends to be sensual with their love while Libra is all about spreading love to everyone.

Libra can be flirty and Taurus tends to be jealous, so there can be some conflicts there. What's good about a union between these two is if Taurus gets stubborn, Libra is able to use their diplomatic skills to smooth over any negativity.

Sex: These two are gentle lovers and value security in the bedroom. Neither will push the other too far out of their comfort zone nor will they be hesitant about satisfying each other's needs.


That said, Taurus will need to learn to open up and be more communicative about their desires since Libra won't be making any decisions on their behalf.

Long-term relationships and marriage: In some cases, when Libra and Taurus come together, they're like two halves of a whole. If they take their time and don't rush into anything, they can have a lasting relationship.

Both Libra and Taurus have a deep appreciation for the finer things in life, sensual pleasures, and security in a relationship. They love to go out to the theater, a restaurant, or an art gallery, but can also be content having a quiet evening at home.

This means they need not worry about their relationship burning out too quickly. Just keep the communication flowing and jealousy under control.


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Libra and Gemini compatibility

Love: Libra and Gemini make great friends, and having that friendship makes a strong foundation for a romantic relationship. Who doesn't want to fall in love with their best friend?

These two Air signs are on the same wavelength, and they love to go out and have fun together. Exciting date nights and spontaneous trips will certainly keep love alive here.

But these two aren't the most open with their emotions, which can stunt their bond if they don't learn to have some cheesy, romantic nights in, too.

Sex: When Libras and Geminis are together, there is an incredible energy between them that can be electrifying during sex, so long as they can stop talking for long enough to get the deed done.


Keeping the spark alive in the bedroom might be a struggle at times. Gemini is the kind of person who wants to try something new every week. While this makes for a great fling, intimacy and sensuality will need to be valued over experimentation in the long run.

Long-term relationships and marriage: Marriage takes teamwork. Emphasis on "work."

Decision-making isn't either of their strong points, but they're better at it when they do it together. In fact, compared to some other unions, Libra tends to feel less pressured to make a decision when with Gemini.

One of the issues that a Libra/Gemini alliance might have is regarding money: Libras are freer about spending it, and Gemini is more careful with it. Money is often a stressor for many couples, but if Libra and Gemini use their great communication skills and discuss their feelings, any serious trouble could be avoided.


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Libra and Cancer compatibility

Love: The Libra/Cancer relationship can be difficult because they have trouble understanding one another.

Libra doesn't see why Cancer is so emotional and has to express and dissect all of their emotions; Cancer doesn't get why Libra isn't more forthcoming with their feelings.

Finding common ground is a battle for these two, so finding love can be an entire war.

Libras look at the big picture and Cancers are more myopic, so they tend to see things from completely different perspectives.

Sex: Surprisingly, these two don't have a bad time under the sheets. In fact, it might be the one area they agree on.


Both signs want to please their sexual partner, which means everyone wins. They're both gentle yet forthcoming. No one holds back.

Long-term relationships and marriage: They both love the arts and family and can bond over that, but, at some point, Libra will do something (usually inadvertently) to anger Cancer.

Cancer wants to mate for life and build a solid home. They can be emotional and overbearing, at times starving Libra of the element they need most: Air.

Once Libra realizes they're on Cancer's bad side, they won't want to discuss the problem in a way that Cancer will find satisfying. This means Libra isn't always expressing their true opinions, which can be detrimental in relationships if problems begin to build up.


Yes, arguments can be resolved quickly to make a relationship survive, but unless things are really worked out, their relationship will never be the same.

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Libra and Leo compatibility

Love: Libras and Leos get along great.

Libras admire Leo's leadership qualities and how they're able to captivate others. Both signs like to be the center of attention, though Libra will allow Leo to take centerstage. Leos tend to be a very good influence on Libras, especially with their optimism, loyalty, and their willingness to help others.

Sometimes, Libra can find the energy level of Leos exhausting, but Leo will encourage Libra to push past their tiredness and keep going.


Leo also has much to learn from Libra — how to be less aggressive but still get your needs met, how to see things from other perspectives, and how to not take certain things too seriously.

Sex: Leo exudes confidence and self-assurance, which is something Libras love.

For these two, the chase is just as important as the reward, so there are probably lots of hoops to be jumped through before they have sex. Leo is unapologetically passionate and affectionate, leaving Libra feeling appreciated and valued in bed.

Long-term relationships and marriage: Like any couple, these two will have their ups and downs, but at the end of the day, Libra and Leo are very good for each other.


Leo might need their ego stroked a lot, but this is only because, deep down, they're not always as confident as they seem. This levels the playing field and can make an equal partnership, which is all Libra has ever wanted in life.

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Libra and Virgo compatibility

Love: Libra and Virgo get along pretty well, as long as earth sign Virgo doesn't end up doing all the work in the relationship, while Libra enjoys the benefits.

Libra admires Virgo's smarts, compassion, and ability to master anything they put their mind to.

The problem is that Virgo is much more fastidious than Libra. Libra may not understand or even recognize the importance Virgo puts on doing things like putting things back in their place, making the bed in the morning, or keeping the house clean, and that could lead to conflict.


Libra also doesn't do well with criticism and Virgos can be highly critical at times. But Virgo will always be there when Libra needs them, and that is huge in Libra's book.

Sex: Virgo isn't a great lover of surprises, nor do they seek to try new things. While this might seem like it leads to a boring sex life, this isn't always the case.

Virgo wants to serve and please others, so let them take the reigns from time to time. Libra can learn a lot from Virgo's willingness to impress. In turn, Libras can find out exactly what Virgo wants through communication so everyone is satisfied.

Long-term relationships and marriage: For Virgo, there is always room for improvement, so marriage will be a work in progress.


While this might feel like being scrutinized constantly, Libra should learn to appreciate Virgo's willingness to work together. After all, it's better for someone to be always working on the relationship than to be not trying at all.

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Libra and Libra compatibility

Love: Ask a Libra which is the best sign of the Zodiac and they'll tell you it's Libra! It's not just because it's their sign, it's because they probably have a lot of Libras in their lives.

Libras understand each other. Of course, not all Libras are the same, but to varying degrees, they have many of the same personality characteristics. Libra isn't going to start a fight over nothing, nor is Libra going to hurt someone for sport. Libras get each other and they genuinely like each other.


Sex: In a lot of sexual relationships, communication is an undervalued virtue, but not with these two.

Two Libras are able to tell each other exactly what they want from one another. They both want balance so they can take turns giving and receiving affection. While getting to the bedroom might be a struggle because of their lack of initiative or dominance, once they're there, things run smoothly.

Long-term relationships and marriage: Libras are well-balanced and want to be in relationships, so clearly, if both signs are Libra, they're going to do whatever they can to make their relationship last. Neither will ever want to unbalance the scales.

That said, the challenge here might be falling into procrastination or inaction. Every now and then, these two will have to push the other into decisions in order to keep their relationship moving.


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Libra and Scorpio compatibility

Love: The Libra/Scorpio combination is tricky. They both need a well-balanced and secure relationship.

Scorpio tends to be a bit of a brooder, which will cause Libra to try to distract them from it. Scorpios tend to get jealous and may not understand Libra's need to flirt just to keep in practice.

Then, there are the lying issues. Libra thinks nothing of an occasional white lie, especially if it will help avoid conflict later on, but Scorpio can't accept lies of any kind. Scorpio's intensity and need to control may make Libra act out in strange, irrational ways.


Sex: Passionate Scorpios have a way of hooking people in through intimacy, even if their emotional connection is lacking.

Scorpio is great at finding out exactly what you want and providing it, which means Libra won't have to make any decisions they hate to make. That said, the power balance can be off here since Scorpio wants to be in control. Remember that good sexual chemistry isn't always good love chemistry.

Long-term relationships and marriage: Ultimately, Libra may need more freedom and independence than Scorpio is willing to give them, but for a while, their relationship will be incredibly passionate. These two might find things getting a little stale as their marriage progresses.

Libra will want to go out and meet people and experience new things which will spark Scorpio's jealous tendencies. Scorpio will likely have mood swings that Libra can't keep up with.


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Libra and Sagittarius compatibility

Love: Libra and Sagittarius make better friends than they do life partners.

Unfortunately, at some point, Sagittarius will say something tactless that will hurt Libra's feelings and cause Libra to want to distance themselves emotionally from Sagittarius. Sagittarius, sensing tension, will probably decide to take off for parts unknown.

The good thing is that Libra and Sagittarius share a love of laughter, of exploring new places, and are seekers of wisdom and understanding.

Libra may feel that Sagittarius is too self-centered, and Sagittarius may feel that Libra is too superficial.


Sex: Sagittarius is as adventurous and daring in bed as they are out. While this is exciting, Libra does prefer a more gentle kind of love. Sagittarius is anything but subtle, and at times finds Libras boring in bed.

Long-term relationships and marriage: Sagittarius needs a certain amount of freedom in their relationship, and while Libra can appreciate that, they still need some measure of security. This imbalance doesn't lend itself well to marriage.

Libras are all about long-term relationships, and Sagittarius not as much. It's not that no Sagittarius wants to settle down, but it's definitely not at the top of their list. Any conflict between the two won't be worked out, and the relationship will disintegrate.

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Libra and Capricorn compatibility

Love: Libra and Capricorn may not have obvious compatibility — one is a little more work-driven and inflexible, while the other is more unrestrained and lazier — but together they're able to combine their strengths and weaknesses and form a good partnership.

Libras are able to help Capricorn loosen up, and take more time to relax and have fun.

Sex: While Libra might be showing Capricorn a good time outside of the bedroom, during sex the roles are reversed.

In fact, initially, Libra might be somewhat taken aback by how intense Capricorn is in the bedroom. Things might take some getting used to but, in time, these two can find their rhythm.


Long-term relationships and marriage: Capricorn helps Libra to focus and create long-range goals. When Libra sees Capricorn's determination and discipline, it motivates them to cultivate those qualities as well. This means a long-term relationship will be full of attainable short-term goals that keep these two on track.

It's not all work and no play, though; Libras help Capricorn to see the brighter side of life, and Capricorns help Libras to be more realistic.

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Libra and Aquarius compatibility

Love: Both Libra and Aquarius are air signs, so it's not surprising that they're very compatible.


They're both intelligent, creative, and care deeply about humanitarian causes. Both like people, but Aquarians are better at accepting people for who they are, quirks and all.

Conversations flow easily between these two signs, as long as it doesn't get overly emotional on Libra's side. Aquarians tend not to be comfortable with any kind of emotional outburst.

Aquarius may not be as romantic as Libra would like, but Libra is okay with letting Aquarius know what it is they want from them romantically.

Sex: Sex is somewhere Aquarius can let loose and be expressive. Since words of romance aren't their strong point, expressions of physical love can allow them to be more forthcoming. They will also be impressed by Libra's ability to give and spread love, which is a quality Aquarius values.


Long-term relationships and marriage: These two signs have enough in common to create a bond, and enough differences to keep them interested in each other.

They both love to share and are happy to operate as one strong union working to better each other. These two will likely be setting up their own charity or fostering children together.

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Libra and Pisces compatibility

Love: Libra and Pisces not only make great romantic partners, but they also make great friends. They're both artists at heart, want to be loved, and are very sensitive.

When Pisces get lost in a fantasy world, Libra respects that it's part of their process. Both Libra and Pisces have huge hearts and would help anyone who needs them.


However, Libra can sometimes be emotionally manipulative and may do things like stop talking to Pisces if they feel Pisces isn't giving them enough attention. If Pisces gets hurt, and neither one makes to opening gesture to talk about what's wrong, there will be problems.

If their relationship is worth saving, Libra will get over their distaste for confrontation and the two of them can talk things over.

Sex: Pisces love to show love, so it won't be long before they're leading Libra to the bedroom. There is lots of give and take in this bond, but sensitive Pisces isn't one for games.

Libra will have to practice honesty and transparency so everyone is getting what they want out of this union.


Long-term relationships and marriage: The connection between Libra and Pisces is extremely strong and will help them to survive any challenges their relationship might face.

No matter how hard you love a Pisces, they'll want more. But they'll also give the same in return, making Libra feel valued. Love will not burn out between these two.

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