Pros And Cons Of Two Libras Dating

Libra-Libra compatibility reveals how two of the same zodiac sign get along in life.

Last updated on Apr 14, 2023

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“Opposites attract” is a common phrase in the dating world. It inspires daters to venture off and date people who are their opposites in hopes of finding love.

But do these opposites really stay together? At first, your differences will make the relationship feel refreshing and exciting. After a while, though, the very differences that attracted you to your significant other may start to drive a wedge between you. Some differences are good, but polar opposites seldom last because of a lack of commonalities to keep them connected. What really dictates the longevity of a relationship is the connection, communication, and ability to compromise.


Libra's best zodiac compatibility is generally considered to be Gemini. These opposites stimulate each other intellectually. They both can have those tough conversations with one another. The two air signs have differences, but it’s their commonalities that make them a great match, in addition to their ability to compensate for the other’s shortcomings.

That doesn’t mean all Libras should pair off with a Gemini, however. In fact, a Libra could just as easily find love in the arms of another Libra. After all, no one understands a Libra better than another Libra, right?

Libra-Libra compatibility

The mutual understanding they have for one another could be the very reason they’re attracted to each other. The Libran pair can have a long-lasting relationship if they’re willing to put in a little extra effort.


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Libra-Libra love compatibility

In order to feel balanced in a relationship, Libras will only date their equal. They don’t have to be equal in regard to socio-economical class, but rather, of the same level of intellect and ambition. This makes a Libra couple a great match when it comes to long-term relationships. Libras take love and commitment seriously, so they’ll both be in the relationship for the long haul. They’ll exhaust every option before even thinking about breaking up. 

Blinded by love, a Libra couple will forget to budget and save for the future. Since Libras are ruled by Venus, they have a desire for beautiful things. They’ll spend their checks on lavish dates and gifts to spoil their significant other, which may lead to financial issues that spiral out of control.


Two Libras in a relationship may also come across problems with misunderstanding each other's motives. If Libra’s partner does something out of the ordinary, they’ll immediately begin to overthink and wonder what they did wrong. It’s very important to Libra to find ways to keep the relationship balanced and improving; in doing so, they can find problems that aren’t really there and make it a big deal.

Overall, however, Libra and Libra love compatibility is high as these two provide a great balance for each other as they're both agreeable and in favor of avoiding conflict.

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Libra-Libra sexual compatibility

A Libra-Libra couple will understand each other's quirks, including all things related to the bedroom. While some people get infuriated by the thought of their significant other flirting with other people (which is totally understandable), Libras will understand their Libra partner's flirty personality. In fact, seeing their partner turn the charm up a notch may even turn each other on. 


As air signs, Libras like experimenting in the bedroom. Sex with a Libra is never a dull time, so you can only imagine the magic that happens between two Libras behind closed doors. As people pleasers, you can bet that each Libra is eager to please the other at all times, including in bed.

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Libra-Libra friendship compatibility

Represented by the symbol of the Scales, Libras are a balanced zodiac sign indicative of their good judgment and affinity for teamwork. This good judgment leads to the maintenance of an honest and pure-hearted friend group. Where Libra is typically rather indecisive, in a Libra-Libra friendship, the two share so many similar traits and passions that, while they may take a while to decide what they want to do together next, there aren't any objections once that decision is made. Fortunately, their indecision doesn’t keep them from giving great advice to one another.

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Libra-Libra communication compatibility

Libras want to become one with their partner, so communication and quality time is very important to them. For them, it's the only way to truly get to know someone and form a strong bond. 

Where they might come into some trouble is when it's time to enforce boundaries in the relationship. Libras always want to keep a likable persona, so they avoid saying “no” at all costs. In order to prevent confrontation, Libras will sometimes keep their emotions to themselves. They never want to make their partner feel bad and think that if they avoid something long enough it will go away. That means there will be a lot of unresolved issues and arguments if they don’t speak up.

It’s also really hard for Libra to be open and honest about their ugly truths. It stems from their desire to always be perceived as positive.


Ultimately, though, Libras value harmony and peace above all else, and their ability to communicate respectfully to one another will help them overcome any potential issues.

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