Libra Man And Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Don't get your hopes up for a lasting relationship.

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It's hard to get along with a Libra, no matter what zodiac sign you are. And it's even harder to get along with a Scorpio, man or woman.

So, how does a Libra man and Scorpio woman coupling fare? In just about every department, this duo ranks poorly. But does that stop them from trying? Never. Not these two. They'll fight for the right to be as unhappy as they choose to be.

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We might even go as far as to say that this couple is just not destined for longevity and happiness. They're human, so they'll give it the ol' college try, but they'll spend the majority of the love affair doubting the intentions of the other.

Being highly paranoid, both signs simply won't be able to take the other seriously and will spend much of the time acting condescending to them.

Still, it might be worth a go, as no sign is completely made up of the traits of a sun sign. Hopefully, there's a little Cancer softness in one of them, or some Sagittarius direction in the mix. If not, these two — the Libra man and the Scorpio woman — will basically tear each other apart.


Let's explore the zodiac compatibility of the Libra Man and the Scorpio Woman.

Their elements: The Libra man is an air element, and the Scorpio woman is water

Air and water: sounds like these two can't be in the same place at the same time, and it shows. Much like their element, these two signs often want the same things, yet their natural sense of opposition often times ruins any efforts they put in.

But let's get it clear: these two signs do not put much effort into each other, so what happens, happens, and neither sign will do much about it.

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How compatible are these zodiac signs in love and intimacy?

Well, we can all have fairly good sex by the second or third round, and so can these two.


They can both save their big, sexy tricks for round three, and then, when their personalities start to take center stage, suddenly the desire for sex and intimacy between both of them will dwindle to nothingness. Can they get along? Sure, but not for long.

Scorpio is demanding, and Libra is elusive, and neither one goes about their life in a fair way to the other. The Libra man is so passive-aggressive that the Scorpio woman will be driven out of her skull shortly after the sex has gone sour. She will have no patience with her Libra lover — ever.

Do the Libra man and Scorpio woman share the same values?

She has values, and he values only himself. He cares not for commitment, though he'll lie with exceptional ease, just to avoid being harassed by her.

And she will harass him. She will demand loyalty, honesty, a family, transparency, and he will agree to everything on her list. He won't believe in anything she believes in, but he'll go along for the ride, just to avoid having to hear her mouth.


The Libra man is interested in his things, not in his human relationships. She values relationship, and if she bets on him, she will lose it all.

How does each zodiac sign express emotion?

The Libra man is capable of falling in love. It's a place where he allows himself to have a few fantasies, before breaking whomever's heart is there to break.

He falls in love so that he can have sex, and that is all. He has no attachment to any lover, and she catches on to that one fast.

She's confrontative and direct; she wants upfront honesty and bases her emotional life on facts. This is something she'll never get from her Libra man: honesty.

He loves the idea of her being in love with him and will work that angle as long as he can, before she eventually rises up against him and tosses him out her door.


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Is trust a priority in this relationship?

Zip, zilch, zero. It's almost not worth getting into. In other words, not for one slim second do these two trust each other.

She will spend the entire time doubting his loyalty, suspicious of every move he makes, and he, in return, will spend his entire time secretly thinking she's a moron, and telling his friends about it.

One of his truly awful habits is talking to his male buddies; the Libra man is the one who shows off about the sex he's had, and if using her to make his friend's laugh is something he's found to work, then he'll do it again and again.


One may question the Scorpio woman, but there's no question about the Libra man: he's a cheat, a liar, and he will go behind the Scorpio woman's back for anything he pleases.

How do a Libra man and Scorpio woman communicate?

The Scorpio woman is good at communicating; she's direct and says what's on her mind, and she's also good at expressing herself clearly. There's no gray area in her speech; she tells it like she sees it.

He, on the other hand, prides himself in being a great communicator. This is the first of the great lies, in fact. He's a secret keeper. He's very interested in all her communications, and he thinks she's stupid enough to not notice that he does very little sharing. She notices, she's just not bolting out the door just yet, but she will.


Libra is the secret-keeper, so communication is not big on their list.

This zodiac sign coupling should walk away before it gets too awful.

Yes, these two signs can get along, but that's basically all they have: a small chance.

In just about every category, they will battle or disagree. Scorpio will like the battle, and Libra will be bored by it. Scorpio is the sign Libra always wished it could be, but could never come close to.

That dynamic sets up the way these two can never really be in a romantic relationships that stands the test of time.

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