Why Are Cancers So Moody?

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Why Are Cancers So Moody?

Those born between June 21st — July 22nd fall under the sign of The Crab. Their keyword is "I feel" and as a water sign who rules the astrology of house and family, their intuitive nature is emotional.

Known in astrology as the sign of the hidden Christ, Cancers feel emotions so intensely, it can be hard for the rest of us to understand.

Why are Cancers so moody?

Cancers are ruled by the Moon. The Moon is forever changing.

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It pulls on the Earth and controls the ebb and tide of the oceans. It's no wonder that a person born under this zodiac sign might come across as moodier than others. It's how this sign expresses their personality traits.

Think of Arianna Grande, a famous Cancer zodiac sign who is known for her passion and emotion. Some might call her moody when looking at her ever-changing life.

Sun, Moon or rising Cancer zodiac signs are tenacious, imaginative, loyal, and sympathetic. It can be hard to process how moody, pessimistic, and manipulative they can be.

Let’s breakdown the astrology behind this notoriously temperamental sign. Maybe the stars have a reason why this sign is so mercurial.

Here is why Cancer is so moody, per astrology.

1. Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Cancers are ruled by the Moon, and as the Moon changes so may the emotions of this sign.

Cancer are kind, giving, and sympathetic. They are always ready to be there for friends, family, lovers, and even strangers. They know what others need and are available to help out.

These positive traits hide a Cancer's emotional volatility. This tendency towards big emotions leads to a Cancer becoming overly sensitive when criticized, or when things don’t go their way.

Crabs will brood and indulge in self-pity if they feel wronged. They definitely won’t forget if you crossed them, and are likely to think about it all day long.

2. Cancer is a water sign who is receptive.

Cancers are prone to negativity because they pick up on what's going on around them.

When a Cancer is in a bad mood, they are really in a bad mood, but it can be the collective energy in which they are exposed to at any given time.

A Cancer’s emotional nature can take a pessimistic turn if they are not in a good space, which is why they need their me-time. Cancer's archetype is the Crab, and the Crab carries its house with it everywhere.

Just like a Crab turns inward, a person with a Cancer sign must too. Why? Cancers care so deeply and are able to empathize with pain and suffering, almost to the extent that they take these feelings on as they’re own.

3. Their ruling planet, the Moon, waxes and wanes.

They have a hard time controlling their emotions and are prone to mood swings — the waxing and waning of the moon impacts this greatly. They will not speak up if they are feeling particularly bad — this is their defense mechanism.

Much like a real crab, they allow their shell to protect them from outside forces which they fear will cause them harm.

The Moon rules the past, so Cancers also carry scars from the past — they will remember and reopen their wounds when they are in their brooding phase.

While they try to avoid letting the world know how sensitive they are, they do lash out when negative emotions enter their space.

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3. The Moon releases and withholds each month, so does Cancer.

Think a Cancer sign is secretive and suspicious? It may be that they were born under a New Moon. A New Moon takes in its energy because it's going to make something good happen. Cancer is a Cardinal water sign, so emotional energy reserves are important to their creative process.

An interesting aspect of the Cancerian personality is their ability to be secretive — and suspicious, but everyone knows it's important to keep your moves to yourself at times.

Cancers can keep important secrets, it’s in their nature. But all of this can lead those who know them to think something is hiding. When they retreat you may misunderstand their recharging time is something negative.

4. Cancers are so moody because they are naturally introverted.

They hide their inner workings to protect themselves, but they are of the belief that others are hiding from things from them to cause them harm.

Cancers want you to believe in their best aspects, but behind the scenes, they are always questioning your and their own intentions.

This negative side comes from many different places; mainly, Cancers carry a fear of rejection, which leads them to sometimes destructive behavior.

4. They try too hard to people-please.

They come across as manipulative when they adapt to the people around them.

Cancers are adept at figuring out intentions and situations, and sometimes this is to their own demise.

The Moon gives them an uncanny psychic ability to sense what's going on in others, but this also an emotional sticking point in relationships.

While you think they are manipulating a situation in their favor, it's actually their way of trying to please you.

5. Cancers feel things deeply.

A sea of emotions, they can crash like the waves against a rocky ledge. Cancers hate confrontation, so if they want their way or feel their needs aren’t being met, they may resort to emotionally controlling a situation until their outcome is met.

A Cancer who has been hurt many times can become distrustful of others and their own secretive nature allows them to act in this way without much regard for the circumstances.

Cancer is just looking to be loved and supported, though they may go about it in the wrong way.

5. Cancer rules the mass consciousness.

Think that a Cancer has a vindictive streak, check what's going on around them.

Cancers can be very vindictive, especially if matters of the heart are involved, but often they are conduits of the world around them. So if there's hate in the world, a Cancer feels it. When this happens they need love from their family and friends to support them.

Cancers who have been hurt too many times are always on edge, waiting for the other shoe to drop, so when it inevitably does, they are in the wings waiting, already plotting to self protect.

Cancer is moody sure, but they are also loving, and passionate — not to mention incredibly loyal.

They throw themselves into a relationship with everything they have, and if they are friends with you, they will be there for you no matter what. They won’t judge you. Cancers can be moody, but don’t write them off!

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