Why Are Pisces So Hard To Date?

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Why Are Pisces So Hard To Date?

Pisces are hard to date, in case you didn't know.

Pisces is known for a lot of things, but something that is often overlooked is how difficult they can be in relationships.

Why are Pisces so hard to date?

Pisces are so hard to date because they constantly care more about you than themselves.

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And, it's hard to date someone who is more concerned with your needs than their own.

No one is perfect in relationships, as a matter of fact, but Pisces can sometimes bring out the worst in us, which is another reason why they are so impossible to date.

We all have strengths and weaknesses that are unique to our personalities, but when dating a Pisces, you realize how tough specific ones are when in love.

Pisces, specifically, hard to date and their overloving nature is the main reason why.

For many of us, we look to our zodiac sign to distinguish why we are the way that we are, and to do so with Pisces is helpful when you're trying date one.

Here's why Pisces are so hard to date, per astrology:

Pisces zodiac signs are cooperative but, this can be seen as a weakness in relationships.

Pisces is always willing to help the people they love and give a lot of themselves quickly.

They do not find it hard to trust and are looking for long-lasting, intimate relationships that can withstand any obstacle.

That said, they will stop at nothing to form a deep connection with their partner.

Pisces don’t always have the energy needed to be so kind and giving to their partner.

Pisces's giving nature can spiral into victimhood.

Although they do want to help, it can begin to feel like a burden to date a Pisces.

I’m sure everyone, not just Pisces, knows what this feels like — when you are giving too much of yourself that you become irritable and sad.

We’re not meant to focus on others first and ourselves last all the time.

It won’t take long before Pisces is feeling sorry for themselves and begins to spiral in a downward motion.

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Sometimes this will put them in a depressive mood that even they don’t know how to get out of.

It’s exceptionally hard to date a Pisces zodiac sign because you may become accustomed to their generosity and kindness.

Nevertheless, it can start to put a strain on their life which in turn will impact the relationship you hold with them.

Now, you’re in a position of trying to force them to focus on themselves before you.

But as we’ve discussed, this is not in their nature.

There’s a potentially strong emotional toll that you may experience while dating a Pisces zodiac sign.

Another characteristic of Pisces that can be hard to understand is that of their expressive disposition.

They are very comfortable opening up about their emotions.

While this is an admirable trait and can hint towards a healthy mind, it can be a lot to take in as their partner.

Pisces zodiac signs find it difficult to keep things bottled up.

As a result, they may expect their partner to be as open as they are.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to talk about your feelings, dating a Pisces might be very challenging.

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That said, Pisces don't handle criticism well. They do not respond well to any sort of lashing out at them.

There’s a chance that they take your not wanting to open up to them as a criticism of their character.

Likewise, Pisces won’t like it if you point out their flaws that are potentially damaging the relationship, such as their need to please.

It’s best to tread lightly when having an honest conversation with Pisces.

Their sensitive nature can be too much for some people.

Despite the reasons why Pisces is so hard to date, they are one of the most romantic zodiac signs.

If you ever date a Pisces, you won’t ever have to worry about them cheating on you.

They hold loyalty to high regard, not just in romantic relationships but also in platonic relationships.

Their ability to unconditionally love their partner and be forgiving in times of trouble is something to be respected.

Since they are so passionate, Pisces places an emphasis on physical intimacy as a way to express their emotions.

This will provide them with security in the relationship and their partner.

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They will probably be the first person to notice when something is bothering you.

Take advantage of this skill and allow yourself to open up to them.

In the grand scheme of things, Pisces just want to be trusted in the same way that they trust you.

Their expressive emotion should not be disregarded but rather celebrated because not all people have the courage to do the same.

Pisces always wants to help others.

Pisces will shower you with love and attention and you won't find a more loyal partner, friend, or family member.

Although Pisces is so hard to date at times, their loyalty and commitment do not go unnoticed.

When someone gives advice, a Pisces may not take it into consideration, instead, they can assume it’s an insult.

But the negative side to Pisces is balanced out by their caring and generous nature.

To date, a Pisces is to find someone who will bring out the best in you (and the worst). Pisces may be hard to date, but worth it.

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