Why Are Aries So Impulsive?

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Why Are Aries So Impulsive?

Aries are so impulsive. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is confident and courageous in everything they do.

The presence of Aries marks the start of something energetic and even turbulent. They take action as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

Why are Aries so impulsive?

Aries always look for dynamic, speed, and competition.

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Aries, represented by the ram, leads with their head and they lean forward for speed and focus.

Their head-first approach represents how Aries tend to be brave and rarely afraid of trial and risk.

Famous athletes who were born with the Aries zodiac sign include Mo Farah. Robert Downey, Jr. and Jennifer Garner are also quick Aries personalities.

But why is Aries so impulsive?

According to astrology, Aries is quick to move because of these personality traits:

Aries is a leader.

Aries are impulsive because of their ruling planet and element.

The sign’s ruling planet is Mars and its element is fire. The combination of the two makes Aries one of the most active zodiac signs. Due to this, it’s in their nature to take action, sometimes without properly thinking it through.

The Ram’s natural liking for inspiration, impulsivity, and assertiveness are kindled in the fire element.

The constellation of Aries was named after the ram of Aries in the story, The Golden Fleece.

Aries, usually spelled Ares, is the Greek God of War and was highly impulsive.

King Athamas of Boeotia had remarried after his first wife had died; his new wife didn’t like her new step-children, a set of twins.

The new wife came up with an intricate to get rid of the twins, which included convincing the people of Boeotia to sacrifice the twins to the gods.

The first wife who had died begged the gods, from the spirit world, to save her kids.

The gods sent the golden ram of Aries, a creature that could fly, and the twins flew away out of harm’s way on the ram’s back. One of the twins didn’t survive the trip as they fell into and died in the sea.

The remaining twin sacrificed the ram and presented the golden fleece to his host as a sign of gratitude to the gods. The host put the fleece in the Grove of Aries and had a dragon serpent to guard it.

Regarding the constellation of Aries, it’s said to be that of the sacred golden ram. Which is why the zodiac sign is represented by a ram.

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Aries is so impulsive because they love to win.

Their competitive nature and impulsivity are closely related.

The courage of an Aries comes from the Mars and fire element combination.

Due to the combination of Mars and fire energy, Aries is one of the most active signs of the zodiac.

For Aries, it’s natural to take action without much of a thought of the consequences. Their courage comes from this and it can sometimes be rather unreasonable.

Mars is the god of war. Aries is ruled by Mars.

The god of war was a lover, devoted father and a warrior, but he was so impulsive and had an unhealthy thirst for blood.

He was very unlikeable to his impulse and his love of war. Due to this love of war, he lived amongst the tribe of Thrace who was known for their constant battling with other tribes.

Aries was always at odds with his sister Athena, who was the goddess of warfare, strategy, and wisdom. Athena was a strategist and she’d rather bargain for peace to end a war than bloodshed.

Aries was also a lover of Aphrodite, who was the lover of his half-brother Hephaistos.

He didn’t like the fact that Aphrodite had other lovers, even though he had other lovers, as he wanted to be number one in her world.

He ended up killing one of Aphrodite’s lovers in a jealous rage.

As mentioned before, Aries tend to be headstrong and they tend to balance speed and focus. Aries have a youthful strength and energy and they can finish something quickly before people realize something has been done.

The courage of Aries has its origin in the flying ram from the story of The Golden Fleece. As the flying ram had done in the story, Aries is ready to be the hero and save everyone that needs help.

The word “fear” doesn’t exist for Aries. They are usually ready to get out of their comfort zone, especially if they know the result. Aries see challenges as hidden opportunities and excitement.

Aries are so impulsive because they get bored easily.

Spontaneity is their middle name.

Aries doesn’t want to stop and think through something, because they might end up not doing it due to overthinking.

They are never boring nor are they ever bored as they always find new ways to challenge themselves and everyone around them.

Aries tend to have a rebellious attitude, which allows them to do things their way without thinking about it.

Spontaneity also ties into their impatience. They don’t like waiting for things to happen and they react at the same moment when they see things not moving.

Aries listen to their heart and go where it tells them to. They live in the moment and they don’t cry over the past or obsess over the future.

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