Why Pisces Is So Sensitive

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Why Pisces Is So Sensitive

Pisces is such a soft-hearted soul. As the last sign of the zodiac circle in astrology, the people who are born under this sign are carrying the weight of every one of their zodiac friends.

If you are a fellow Piscean or you know someone who is, you may notice sometimes it seems as though you don't have a good read on them or you the Pisces feel like no one truly understands.

Why is Pisces so sensitive?

Pisces is the most developed water zodiac sign in astrology, and her heart is rooted in love.

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Pisces is a water sign with their ruling planet being Neptune, which just so happens to be the name of the Roman god who is the ruler of the ocean.

Being a water sign in astrology means two things: you are very emotional about people/things you love and care about, and you have a passion for all things artsy.

Needless to say, of course, any zodiac sign can possess these certain qualities, but Pisceans are the origins of emotions and expressing their deepest feelings.

One of their greatest yet troubling characteristics is that when they are faced with difficult scenarios, Pisces' tend to use their big imagination and escape from reality to their own inner world.

Instead of facing their battles head-on, they tend to resist the idea of having to deal with everything.

Sometimes being a Pisces zodiac sign means wanting to be yourself in any situation but feeling like an introvert.

Because of how adventurous your spirit is, being a bit introverted clashes with that exact quality, and even more so when you meet new people in a new setting.

No one likes feeling misunderstood especially when your emotions tend to overflow from time to time.

That's just the way you are, and will always be Pisces!

If you have ever wondered why our Pisceans are super sensitive, we have come up with a few reasons as to why they are the most misjudged sign of them all!

Here's why the zodiac sign, Pisces is so sensitive, according to astrology:

1. Pisces are so sensitive because they want to help everyone.

Having a Pisces in your life should be a requirement for the perfect friendship/relationship!

They will always try their best to make sure you know they are present and will offer a helping hand.

This can be a downfall, however, because Pisces' will spend so much time worrying about their friend's and family's problems, they forget to take care of themselves and their own sanity.

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2. Pisces is sensitive because they can read the room — well.

There is no denying that a Pisces' intuition is the keenest of all the zodiac signs.

Just by a quick five-minute conversation, they'll know where your true intentions lay.

Sometimes this can be very overwhelming and mixed for a Pisces, though.

They will always know when someone is not as true as they say they are, and this might lead to a Pisces closing themself off from the outside world.

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3. Pisces sensitivity causes them to be givers.

A Pisces has the most giving and compassionate soul that the world has seen.

When someone is in need, you can bet that they will be one of the first people on the scene offering a lending hand.

This is a blessing and a curse; when a Pisces gives too much of themselves to people, what are they left with?

The weight of everyone else's problems and the overriding thought of feeling like they need to do more to help everyone.

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4. Pisces is often called an escape artist because their feelings are so intense.

Everyone dazes off into LaLaLand every now and then, but a Pisces knows that this reality is nothing but a mirror that can be altered.

If a Pisces is faced with troubling challenges, their first instinct will not be to face it, but they will run for the hills the first chance they get!

A true Pisces will never face their toughest battles the first day it appears; they'll procrastinate and allow their emotions to overflow until they crack under pressure.

This can lead to feeling extremely anxious and not knowing what will happen from waiting so long to resolve the dilemma.

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