What Makes A Cancer Mad?

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What Makes A Cancer Mad?

I'm a Cancer zodiac sign, so I know how emotional we can get. If those feelings involve hurt, then a Cancer will get mad.

Emotion and feeling is core to our complex personality. We wear our hearts on our sleeve, which makes it easy to tell when a Cancer is mad, happy, and sad.

It’s not our fault that we feel everything so deeply! That’s just how we are, according to astrology.

You can tell when a Cancer is in a good or bad mood because there’s honestly a drastic difference in the way Cancers present themselves to the world based on how they feel at that moment. 

What makes a Cancer mad?

If someone starts saying something about a Cancer or spreading lies about them, we will take it to heart.

Prying into our personal lives will never be taken kindly. Don’t mess with Cancers, especially when it’s something personal.

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You can tell when a Cancer is upset or in their feelings because they will cry. And they cry when happy, sad, and when angry.

I know that I cry sometimes for no reason; if others are crying; I will try and comfort them and end up crying as well. And sometimes, what hurts them will make me feel angry.

When Cancer is mad, you will know by the way that we act, and being hurt can make a Cancer feel frustrated about what's going on.

We tend to ignore the ones who have hurt us and hide in our shell to feel upset and comprehend our feelings so we don’t hurt anyone while being upset. 

A Cancer's anger doesn’t just mean they are angry, it means we have feelings of sadness, betrayal, and discomfort from something you did that deeply hurt us. 

Cancers often have issues surrounding the expression of our anger and we can feel ashamed and feel like we shouldn’t express an “ugly” emotion. 

I know one thing. Cancers are emotionally intelligent. They can pick up clues from body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

That being said, as easily as Cancers can do that, the easier we can express our own feelings through those things. 

So many emotions go into what makes a Cancer angry. 

Here's what makes a Cancer get mad, per astrology:

1. Talking trash behind our back.

I think anyone wouldn’t like someone talking trash about you behind your back, but when someone is doing that to a Cancer they will actually get really mad.

Especially if you used to be a close friend spreading lies to others to try and ruin a Cancer's life, a Cancer is never and will never forgive you for that. 

2. Prying into our private life.

Cancers are very strategic and thoughtful about who they let into their lives and once a Cancer cares deeply about someone that they let into their life, they will guard and protect that person.

Therefore, if someone is trying to meddle with your relationship with someone you now consider family and a close friend, you will stand up and fight them off. Don’t even try it!

3. Fake people.

Cancers take every relationship personally and if you aren’t going to get deep with a Cancer they can tell and they know when someone is being fake with them.

Cancers don’t like people who are fake and act differently around other people because we like getting to know the real you and not a stupid persona.

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4. Betrayal.

If you ever hurt a Cancer or go behind their back in any way and insult them, they won’t forgive you.

Some things cross the line because of how emotional we are, and how little our trust circle is.

If you think that you are going to get away with betraying a Cancer beware because they will find out, and you won’t have a relationship with them anyone because they will cut you off. 

5. Being taken advantage of. 

Cancers take a while to let someone in and once they have they care deeply about you and want to know more about you.

If you are using them in any way for attention (because they love to ask questions and get emotional with you) or using them in any way, a Cancer will get upset and mad at you because you took advantage of their trust and feelings for you. 

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