Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best BFFs, Ranked

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BFFs are everything you need in a friend. When someone is your best friend, they take on a lot of friend jobs: they’re there for you when you’re broken-hearted, when you need to let off steam, or when you just want to chill.

Your best friend has a shared history with you, so much so that they understand what's going on under the surface without you having to explain everything.

What separates a tried and true best friend from other friends is their how they care for you, even when you mess up big time. They're always there for you, even if it’s not convenient for them. They make your friendship a priority.

What zodiac signs make good friends?

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Using astrology as a guide, it's clear that you need to treasure and appreciate your best friend. Not everyone is lucky enough to have one. So, here are the zodiac sign pairings who make the best friends, and why their bond can't be broken.

1. Cancer & Sagittarius

No one cares more about their friends than Cancer. They're extremely faithful and they give without expecting anything in return.

They're wired to be loving and protective. Besides always coming through for their friends and always being there, Cancers show the depth of their caring in creative and unexpected ways. It's not surprising that Cancers have incredibly long-lasting friendships.

Both Cancer and Sagittarius like to share their secrets and their deepest philosophical theories. Sagittarians help Cancers get out their shell, try new things, and meet new people.

2. Gemini & Capricorn

Gemini might get the details wrong when they're meeting a friend for coffee or a meal, but once they get there, they give their friend their undivided attention. Geminis aren't just caring, they know exactly what to say to make you feel better, and they give excellent advice.

This zodiac sign is extremely supportive, and when one is your bestie, you'll really feel as if someone has your back. On top of all that, Geminis are fun to hang out with and can make any experience better.

Capricorns are good for Geminis because they help ground them. Both signs are supportive, loyal, and fun.

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3. Capricorn & Sagittarius

There is no friend more loyal and dependable than Capricorn. They're the best friend, the parent, and caregiver wrapped up into one person.

Capricorns are patient when their friends screw up, and they will do anything they can to fix the situation. They're wise beyond their years and have the biggest hearts.

Capricorns take friendship very seriously and they don't go into it lightly. Once you're friends with Capricorn, it takes a lot for them to let you go.

Sagittarius is a good friendship match with Capricorn because they add some excitement and pizzazz. Sagittarians encourage Capricorns to break out of their comfort zone and see what fun things life has to offer.

4. Taurus & Pisces

Taurus are incredible friends. If their friend confides in them, there's no way Taurus is breaking that confidence. If their friend needs them, they're there for them.

There's no other person who is as solid a friend as Taurus. A Taurus bestie will look out for their friend until the end of time and will never betray them.

Pisces are incredibly kind-hearted and would never try to harm another person, which is exactly the kind of friend Taurus needs. Taurus are honorable and won't take advantage of Pisces.

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5. Pisces & Cancer

Pisces and Cancer make great best friends because of how caring, compassionate, and kind they are.

They both make their friends feel special for having a friend like Pisces. They're selfless to the extreme, and while they can be very intuitive about other people, they may have difficulty with what they're feeling.

Pisces are creative gift-givers and it's not unlikely for them to find the perfect gift. Cancers are the truest of true-blue friends, which is exactly what Pisces need as they can sometimes fall prey to those people who don't have their best interest at heart.

6. Virgo & Gemini

Virgos make for great BFFs because they're extremely reliable and trustworthy. They generally don't sacrifice their friend for their own gain.

Virgo will do whatever they can to help their friend and make things right. They're the fixers of the broken, and they tend to know all the answers. Virgos are there when their friends need them.

While Gemini may not be as reliable as Virgo, they're their match intellectually. Geminis help Virgos to loosen up and see the big picture. It's almost impossible to have fun if you're too busy focusing on the small details to enjoy it. 

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7. Leo & Taurus

Leos are the most optimistic, energetic, and fun friend around. They're very loyal, helpful, and caring, so it makes sense that when choosing a bestie, Leos often go with Taurus.

When a Leo is your BFF, you feel special, especially since Leos usually have a lot of people who want to be their friend. Leo besties will always come through for their friends, and will prove their love for them again and again.

When Leo and Taurus say best friends forever, they mean it — unless their friend does something that seems disloyal or shady. Both of these signs really enjoy nice things and luxury items, so it's not surprising they enjoy retail therapy together.

8. Libra & Leo

Libras make good besties — they're fair, romantic, and tactful. However, Libras can get resentful, especially if they feel like someone is disrespecting them or not being loyal.

Instead of confronting problems in the relationship head-on, Libras tend to stew about it until there's an inappropriate blow-up. When Libra loses their cool, they're a terrible friend. Luckily, they tend to get over things quickly and will want to make up, but they can be somewhat volatile.

Leos and Libras make great friends because they're both able to see past each other's differences and have a good time together. Leos and Libras make each other laugh constantly.

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9. Scorpio & Aries

Scorpios are intense — one moment they're the best friend you could ever want, and the next not so much. If Scorpio thinks they've been betrayed or lied to, they can get scarily wrathful.

This is why they get along so well with blunt Aries. Scorpios are powerful, especially ones who think that they've been made a fool of and who want revenge. As long as everything is cool, Scorpio is a great friend, but when it's not, watch out because things can get ugly.

Aries help get Scorpio out of their heads, and encourage them to go out and do things rather than brood.

10. Aries & Libra

Aries wants to be the best BFF in the land. They're competitive about everything even when it comes to friendship.

Aries means well, but they can be hypersensitive and take things the wrong way. Aries are a prime example of someone who can dish it out but can't take it. They tend to say things without thinking, but if someone does that to them, they can get confrontational in a negative way.

This is why Libra is such a good friend for them. Libra works hard to keep the peace and would never want to rile Aries up. Aries don't hold on to animosity for very long, so if you can just ride it out after a fight, they'll soon be back to their fun selves. 

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11. Aquarius & Scorpio

Aquarius make for good friends because they genuinely like people, and are interesting and creative. However, heavy-duty emotions are extremely difficult for Aquarius to handle, and one of their bestie duties is to be there for their BFF when they're emotional.

Aquarians like to have lots of friends, and Scorpios prefer just having a few close friends, but for whatever reason, these are two zodiac signs who make a good friendship match. Both are willing to put their energy into making a friendship last.

12. Sagittarius & Sagittarius

Sagittarius are good friends and they make lasting friendships very easily. They can be quick to proclaim that someone is their BFF, but you have to wonder if that means the same to them as to everybody else.

Sagittarius don't enjoy complicated friendships, and when those friendships start to have difficulties, they get uncomfortable. They'd rather a relationship be lighter and less deep. It isn't that they don't care, it's just that they get impatient.

Only other Sagittarians get why a Sagittarius is leary of restrictive friendships. They don't feel as if they have to follow any traditional rules of friendship. They may not see their friends for years, and when they do, they pick up where they left off.

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