Aries Moon Sign Meaning, Traits & Characteristics

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Aries Moon Sign Meaning, Traits & Characteristics

Many of us are aware of our Sun (or zodiac) sign, but our Moon sign is just as important in learning the hidden meaning of why we act and love the way we do. Such is the case with the Aries Moon placement.

By knowing these secrets, we not only use them to our advantage, but we’re also aware of what we might need to adjust or reflect on — not only to be the people we want to be, but to live the lives we desire as well.

What is a Moon sign?

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While the Sun transits signs every month or so, the Moon transits signs approximately every three days.

So, our Moon sign, according to our birth chart, is simply the sign that the Moon was in at the time of our birth. But in astrology, these two mean very different things.

Our Sun sign represents and describes our ego or external self — how we move within the world and how we appear to others (even if that’s not who we truly are). Like the quote says, “The Sun sees our body while the Moon sees our soul.”

Our Moon sign represents who we truly are. Our Moon sign defines the self we are when no one else is around, but it also signifies our emotional world, or the part of us that makes up our truth.

What are the Aries Moon traits?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is a fire sign, which means there is a lot of ambition and drive associated with this sign. Aries is also fiercely independent; a place of power for this sign is also a quality that those who have this alignment have to be mindful of, because it can lead to self-isolation.

This fire sign was the God of War, which means that having a secret temper or even feisty streak is usually part of this Moon personality. However, Aries doesn’t get mad for no reason, but likely because they feel that their freedom and independence is being compromised, or they are being held back, resulting in them unable to be themselves.

A deep need to blaze their own trail is part of the dynamic of the Aries Moon, meaning this is a sign that doesn’t mind not receiving the external validation from others; they’re on the right track or doing a good job.

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To moderate these energies in a healthy way, it’s beneficial to be involved in something where leadership and take-charge attitude can have a positive outlet. Whether through a career, social activities, or even in your downtime, feeling like they have control over their lives is important for this sign.

If they can feel in control or in charge in their careers, they are less likely to take that stance in relationships. If they feel understood by those close to them, they are more likely to have an open mind with others.

While the Aries Moon sign has an extreme motivation to move forward and act in their lives, they do have to be weary of being impulsive and not clearly thinking everything through beforehand.

This doesn’t mean they are wrong for what direction they want to take in their lives, only that it’s always of benefit to think on it before actually deciding.

What is the best career for an Aries Moon?

This sign has an excellent sense of business and usually tends to be good with money, although they do have to be watchful of overspending on a whim.

They tend to be drawn to executive or managerial roles, and are great at delegating projects and getting things done. They like a challenge and will be drawn to new projects or last-ditch efforts, even accomplishing the impossible.

And watch out if you tell an Aries Moon they can’t do something, because it’s entirely likely they’ll end up doing just that, except better!

If not drawn to a supervisor position, Aries Moons also do great being self-employed or starting their own business. This is because they are able to break down big projects into more manageable tasks, and not give up until their goal has been accomplished.

Rarely does this sign give up because something feels too difficult or because it will take too long; if anything, that’s only more fuel for their ambitious fires.

What is the Aries Moon love compatibility?

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Aries Moon in love gets what they want — period. However, it’s often through gifts or sex rather than emotions.

If this sign is with a partner that understands they express themselves best physically, it’s likely they will have a long and successful partnership. If they are with a more emotionally needy Moon sign, such as Cancer, it’s likely a problematic area that might end up being responsible for splitting them up.

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Known more for their logic and action rather than sentiment, this isn’t a Moon sign that dishes out romance in large bundles, even if they secretly feel inclined to do so.

In many ways, they prefer to show their feelings rather than talking about them, but they do it in a very Aries way, meaning it’s usually big and bold. Think: popping the question on the big screen at an NBA game, or all-night love-making after a big fight.

This Moon sign doesn’t do anything halfway, and for the partner who prefers actions to talk, they will mesh perfectly.

While Aries often always gets the person they are after, they tend to bring this same energy into compromise in relationships, and often can be a “my way or the highway” type of partner.

It’s important to be mindful of this energy, whether you're an Aries Moon or your partner is, because there is no winning an argument with this Moon sign, especially since they tend to avoid highly emotional situations altogether, resulting in them just walking or avoiding these feelings to begin with.

Best Love Match for Aries Moon: Taurus Moon

Worst Love Match for Aries Moon: Cancer Moon

Even with the potential for difficulties, this is one of the more passionate Moon signs.

For the partner that is attracted to their high energy and ambition towards living an amazing life, they will never be able to get enough.

With anything, it’s all about balance, which is also a lesson for an Aries Moon. Yes, it’s good to go after what you want, but make sure you give what you want a chance to catch you first.

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