Aquarius Moon Sign Traits + Best Zodiac Love Compatibility

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Aquarius Moon Sign Meaning, Traits & Characteristics

When we think of the zodiac, we think of our horoscope, and the only information we use is our "sign." Our signs are also known as our Sun signs, and these Sun signs are a general umbrella that covers the entire gamut of possibility when it comes to our personalities and traits.

But while our Sun signs refer to the day and year we were born, we are influenced by the entire cosmos, including our Moon sign. Each planet and celestial body has a place in our astrological chart, and for those with an Aquarius Moon, your personality may differ from your Sun sign.

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What an Aquarius Moon Sign Means

The Moon sign is literally about where the Moon was at the time and place of your birth. If you were born in New York City in 1984, then the Moon was shining somewhere in the sky at the time of your birth, and its influence on you depends on all of these statistics.

The Moon is what underlies your emotions and desires. Being that the Moon is the closest celestial object to the Earth, we are all under its spell, so to speak. Every person on earth has a Moon sign, and depending on our Sun sign, its effects range in difference.

No one escapes the power of the Moon, and it is due to the Moon's influence that we have things like intuition, sensitivity and emotional depth.

Moon in Aquarius: Characteristics and Personality Traits

When your Moon is in Aquarius, basically everything you know about yourself as an Aquarius is heightened and intensified. Aquarius is already a very deep, moody sign, and the influence of the Moon here makes your Sun sign seem like Aquarius on steroids.

1. Aquarius Moons are deep thinkers.

As an Aquarius Moon, you are a deep thinker — so much so, that you tend to get lost in thought. People think of you as a worry wart, spending way too much time overthinking things until they make very little sense to you.

It is not such a bad thing, however, as when you are left to figure things out on your own, in private, you are usually able to come up with the perfect solution for whatever problem comes your way.

2. Aquarius Moons are compassionate.

The placement of the Moon in Aquarius also gives you incredible compassion. You are the person who will "take a bullet" for the one you love, and you will be the first person to stand up for the rights of another.

You can be very caring when you want to be, though it may not read that way to others at first, because you are also a quiet person who keeps their emotions to themself.

3. Aquarius Moons are assertive.

If you have an Aquarius Moon, you know what you want and you believe in your choices. You will uphold what you believe in, no matter how farfetched others may find your decisions.

You have never been one to fall to the opinions of others, and if you have an opinion on something or someone, you don't hold back. Your instincts are pure survival mechanisms, and you are not about to let yourself be trampled on.

You assert yourself with confidence; you never back down.

4. Aquarius Moons are independent.

If you have something in mind and you are an Aquarius Moon, you will attain what you go after. You do not mind doing it alone, and being alone never bothered you.

In some ways, you prefer solitude, and independence is your calling card. Those around you will notice that you only march to your own drum, and they accept this about you.

You move as a free agent through the world, depending only upon your own intuition for guidance.

Best Career For Aquarius Moon

With this kind of ability to come up with solutions, Aquarius Moons will be well suited in a career that needs thinkers and problem-solvers. An Aquarius Moon would work well in tech, writing codes, and working in business scenarios where problems arise that need quick solutions.

Being that you are also someone who thinks too much, you would make a great writer, and that is a world that opens its doors to you as well. The kind of writing would depend on your passion, and don't be surprised if that passion consists of a desire to write code, essays or grants.

In other words, you are a natural content writer, and you could write almost anything if you put your mind to it.

You are also a person who would do well in risky situations, so work that involves finances and investments might grab you. You are cautious but curious, and you have the guts to take risks.

You would find success in the stock market, in bank work, in all financial fields. And if you are already a creative, being an Aquarius Moon will most assuredly affect your art in a positive and original way.

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Aquarius Moon Love Compatibility

In love, an Aquarius Moon is someone who wants to choose. You have no interest whatsoever in anything conventional; you are a free bird and there is no one on this earth who can control you or make you choose to do something you simply refuse to do.

You will attract someone of like-minded interests or no one at all, and you are quite happy to be alone if you can't find the right person.

You don't place restrictions on your partners; you allow them their own space to grow and live their lives. You have no set standards or hurdles for your partner to jump over; you have no ideals in romance.

You simply demand one thing: the right to be yourself, as you are, with no input on how you live your life.

Your mind loves to wander, and you often turn to fantasy, which shows up in your imaginative love life. As an intimate partner, you are always up to experiment, and if you do settle in with a partner who admires your independence as much as you love having it, you will have a very exciting life in the bedroom.

Aquarius Moon with Aries Moon

There is a great chance of a good relationship between these two, as they both value a good argument and great discussion.

Both Moon signs are intellectual, and crave deep, challenging conversation, which they will both provide easily. Never a dull moment between these two Moon signs.

Aquarius Moon with Taurus Moon

You will be attracted to the madness and play that is the Taurus Moon, but you will find them too much after a while. You crave a meaningful relationship, but you won't allow yourself to find it in a Taurus Moon, as they are simply beasts to you.

Aquarius Moon with Cancer Moon

You may want to dominate this Cancer Moon, as they will come off as weak and needy to you. This may be attractive at first, but you will grow bored with Cancer's lack of shared interest.

You may share a cup of coffee and semi-interesting conversation, but after that, you know it can go no further.

Aquarius Moon with Gemini Moon

There is a very good chance you will find the Gemini Moon alluring, until you realize that all they are doing is judging and condemning you.

Gemini won't be able to help themselves around you, and they will try to make you feel like you are less than you are, which really won't make a very good impression on you after a while.

Aquarius Moon with Leo Moon

You may find that any kind of relationship with a Leo Moon will be one you can learn from. Leo Moons are fearless and you want that trait for your very own.

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You will feel good about Leo Moon's reaction to you, as they are equally ready to be impressed. They will like you, and you will like them more.

Aquarius Moon with Virgo Moon

When these two Moon signs get together, it is for gossip and treachery.

The compatibility here is about embracing the darkness; the Virgo Moon will bring out the worst in you, and vice versa. You will have a happy relationship together as long as being nasty is part of the greater plan.

Aquarius Moon with Libra Moon

The sex will be good but the relationship will be boring. This combo can only work if it is kept physical.

You won't be able to tolerate the Libra Moon's wishy washy, non-committal behavior. You will want straight answers and you will never get them with the Libra Moon.

Aquarius Moon with Scorpio Moon

It is pure sexual attraction here, though you will want to watch yourself because the Scorpio Moon has a tendency to eat people up and spit them out.

Are you strong enough to handle the wild moods of the Scorpio Moon? It is possible as they will find you to be the perfect sucker. Think twice before taking this coupling seriously.

Aquarius Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon will find you magnetic and interesting if you are an Aquarius Moon. You will enjoy their attention, and you will admire the things you have in common with them: fantasy, independence, originality.

You won't, however, be able to stand Sagittarius' loyalty or honesty, and there is a promise here of hurt feelings and ruined friendships.

Aquarius Moon with Capricorn Moon

You are both pragmatic enough to get along swimmingly, and this duo can go the distance if both parties put in the effort.

Capricorn is completely into honoring your need for your own space, and you will be thrilled with their work ethic as it keeps them out of your hair. It is a win-win, this Moon coupling.

Aquarius Moon with Aquarius Moon

It is a match made in heaven, as long as your Sun signs aren't too opposed. The Aquarius Moon you both have in common is very strong; it will allow you to see into the other person, which, in turn, will bring you new compassionate insights.

It is nice to have someone who is just like you, and you will appreciate yourself more when you are in the company of one just like you.

Aquarius Moon with Pisces Moon

As an Aquarius Moon, you have a built-in sensitivity and the drive for fairness and equality. You will admire the soft thoughtfulness of the Pisces Moon, and they, in turn, will respect your mind as they will perceive you as very smart.

This intellectual, caring relationship starts with trust and true friendship, and can go any way you want, if you want.

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