What Men Want In A Woman, Based On His Moon Sign

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What Men Want In A Woman According To Their Moon Sign

We're all familiar with zodiac signs, but we may not be as familiar with moon signs. The zodiac, or sun sign, isn't the only astrological sign that can help us determine who we are and want we want in love and life.

What is a moon sign?

For a little background, moon signs reach deeper than our zodiac signs. They go into our unconscious personalities — or, in other words, our emotional development.

While our zodiac signs help us establish our personality traits, a moon sign actually explains what we do and why we do it. 

Since moon signs give us more extensive information than zodiac signs do, they can actually be more accurate than a zodiac sign. It's also important to note that your sun sign may not always be the same as your moon sign.

For example, if you're a Taurus, that doesn't mean that your moon sign will also be Taurus. But iif you're unsure what your moon sign might be, you can use a birth chart calculator to find out what your sign is.

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Similar to our zodiac signs, our moon signs aren't just good for finding out more about ourselves. They can also help us out in our love lives; specifically, what men want in a woman.

Since moon signs dig further into who we are, they can be an even better gauge of our zodiac compatibility than sun signs. They can help us to understand what kind of people we're attracted to and what kind of person we usually fall head over heels for. 

Once you find out what your moon sign is, you'll want to know who will be compatible with it, and you'll also be curious to know what your partner's or crush's moon sign wants from a relationship.

Here's what men want in a woman, according to his moon sign.

Aries Moon

An Aries moon sign is known for being very self-confident, ambitious, and determined. They're incredibly passionate and crave excitement.

A man with this moon sign will instantly be drawn to independent, strong women. He wants (and will even welcome) someone who challenges him.

Although he's notoriously strong-willed, his Aries moon sign reveals that he really likes a take-charge woman and definitely wouldn't mind his girl taking the reigns in the relationship whenever she wants.

Taurus Moon

Taurus moon feels best when they're secure and in a steady routine. They're drawn to people who can make them feel this way, and who are also seeking stability and security in a relationship.

Although a man with this sign may be stubborn and routine-oriented, don't mistake these characteristics as being unemotional. This sign actually loves romance and is very affectionate. They'll always fall hard for a hopeless romantic who shares the same vision of wanting a long-term partnership.

They're attracted to women who want commitment like they do. And once this sign is committed to a relationship, you can expect it to be a happily ever after type of situation.

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Gemini Moon

If he's a talker, then he's probably a Gemini moon sign! 

This sign is a sucker for those that can intellectually stimulate them. A Gemini moon sign is naturally sociable and fun-loving, but they're also very deep thinkers.

Guys falling under this sign are attracted to a woman with a great imagination and creative mind. They are drawn to conversationalists, and love a woman whose ready to voice her own opinion and keep the conversation going sometimes for hours.

Cancer Moon

Cancer moon is sensitive and very aware of their own feelings. They're caretakers with a protective nature. They tend to be drawn to women who have a prominent innocent side.

A man with this moon sign likes to take on the role of "protector" in a relationship. This is why he's usually attracted to a wide-eyed type of innocence. He enjoys making his girl feel safe and loved at all times.

Leo Moon

This moon sign sure likes a dignified, self-confident woman.

A Leo moon sign will always be attracted to the glitz and glamour of the spotlight. They'll fall hard for a charismatic woman who dresses and acts like she's the star of the show.

He considers his love to be his queen and the light of his life. He'll be head over heels for a woman who is always on point, whether it's her fashion sense, her ability to command a room with her powerful presence, or her unmatchable humor. 

Virgo Moon

This moon sign tends to be shy and often times intimidated by new relationships.

He won't dive in like some other signs. He'll want to test the waters first and make sure he can trust someone with his heart. 

He's not into PDA or overly affectionate people. Instead, he's drawn to a woman whose patient and likes to take things slow. Once a man under this sign opens up and gets to know his girl better, he'll be ready to give the relationship his all.

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Libra Moon

Men who fall under this moon sign are total relationship people.

They absolutely hate being alone. They're into high school sweetheart type romances.

He likes to be in a committed relationship at a young age, so, naturally, he's drawn to women who want nothing to do with casual couplings and prefer a stable partnership where they can settle down.

As natural charmers, a man with a Libra moon sign will, in turn, be immediately attracted to an intelligent woman with a charming smile. 

Scorpio Moon

This is the most intense sign and people with this moon sign will crave that same intensity in all parts of their lives, including relationships.

These men aren't wasting any time, and they definitely aren't looking to waste a woman's time, either. Once they find a smart, sophisticated woman who shares their passion for life, they'll sweep them right off their feet.

A Scorpio moon sign has zero time for casual encounters — they're in it for that lifelong, unwavering devotion.

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Although men in this sign may appear to be the dominant one in a relationship, a deeper look into their moon sign reveals that it's quite the opposite. It doesn't take much time for this sign to become wrapped around their love's finger.

Sagittarius Moon

The kind of woman a Sagittarius moon sign usually falls hard for is free-spirited and adventurous. He doesn't mind a little healthy competition and is drawn to women with a strong spontaneous side.

These guys are also captivated by women who share their same passion for wanderlust. They like a woman who keeps them on their toes.

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Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon is known for being cool and composed on the outside, and the exact opposite on the inside.

They tend to internalize their emotions and it can take them a very long time to open up to love. This sign is grounded in their realism and it can often lead to them being a little rigid in all parts of their lives, even relationships.

This is why Capricorn moon usually goes for a woman with a carefree, fun streak. It's an "opposites attract" kind of deal for this sign. 

Aquarius Moon

This sign forges its own path.

As highly independent individuals, Aquarius moon values their freedom to be who they are and do whatever they want to do more than anything. He'll fall hard for a woman who shares his same independent streak.

He likes to have a partner who understands the importance of spending time apart and having their own separate lives and dreams. It only makes your time together that much more special.

He's smitten with a woman who loves nature just as much as he does. A woman who likes to go on long hikes and camping trips is a match made in heaven for an Aquarius moon guy.

Pisces Moon

There's no moon sign more romantic than Pisces. It doesn't take long at all for men under this sign to fall hard and fast for a woman who shares their same dreamy-eyed outlook on life and love.

They're compassionate, warm-hearted people who care about all forms of life, so these guys tend to be very attracted to women who are animal-lovers. They appreciate a woman who's passionate about both human and animal rights.

She also shares all of his romantic fantasies, no matter how big or small.

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