What It Means If You Were Born Under A Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo Moons run their lives in a systematic way.

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We cannot escape our destiny, and our destiny is a result of where our cosmic forces were at the time of our birth. Like all the planetary placements in our natal chart, our Moon sign is an important part of who we are.

Because you are more than just your Sun sign or Rising sign. And that's especially true if you were born with the Moon in Virgo.

What Does It Mean To Be A Virgo Moon?

When we refer to our Moon sign, we are talking about where the Moon was in the sky at the time of our birth. And by location, we mean which constellation was rising in the sky, and where the Moon was according to that constellation.


If the constellation of Virgo was in the sky, right above you at the moment you were born, and the Moon was in place within that constellation, you are someone who has a Moon in Virgo.

Your Moon describes who you are inside, your moods, your thoughts, what bothers you, what you desire, what you dream of, and what you intuit.

We pay close attention to Moon signs because the Moon is close to the earth, and has definite and obvious influences on us down here. We have all felt it, and we all know it to be true.

In fact, the Moon might very well be our biggest influence as it is so close in proximity.


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Moon In Virgo Personality Traits & Characteristics

If you are someone with a Virgo Moon in your birth chart, you are someone who appreciates the little things. Details are important to you, almost to the point of obsession, which relates back to Virgo being an earth sign.

You run your life in a systematic way; you believe in organization and you get extremely nervous when things are not going according to plan. And that is because, as a Virgo Moon, a plan is important, and sticking to the plan is not only necessary for your mental health, it is an essential player in getting things done.


Traits that can be associated with a Virgo Moon are hypersensitivity and the need to please. You are someone who wants to help, but you are also highly suggestible and that can cause you to lose your independence, as people will take advantage of that trait.

You will keep a job for years and years, because structure and attendance is important to you; you are reliable, trustworthy and kind, though you are also naive and prone to following. You will take an order and execute it, even if you do not want to.

But there are other traits of people born with a Virgo Moon.

1. Perfectionist

It may be hard to live up to the standards a Virgo Moon sets before you, as they are high level and oftentimes unattainable.


Those with Virgo Moon in their chart will drive themselves and those around them crazy as they seek perfect results in a less than perfect world. They have high expectations that, when not satisfied, cause them to plummet in disappointment.

2. Analytical and Detail-oriented

When there is a Virgo Moon involved, bills are paid on time, and everything works as planned, because there is always a plan when it comes to the Virgo Moon.

They are not spontaneous people, nor do they like surprises. Everything must be planned and executed according to the data they receive in advance.

3. Deep-thinking

While they may not always come up with the ultimate answers, it will be the Virgo Moon who will plunge into profound thought.


They are ruminators who will overthink something into meaninglessness if left to their own device. Virgo Moon will torture themselves with negative thought as well, continuously searching their minds for rationale and reason.

4. Argumentative

The Virgo Moon comes with an ego, and that ego usually manifests when they disagree with you. Arguments ensue rapidly and elevate to uncanny levels when you fight with a Virgo Moon.

They do not even care if they are wrong, if they even admit to it, which they will not. Virgo Moon delights in nasty rapport, and they have a talent at insulting that not only stings but puts others off ever wanting to contradict them.

virgo moon sign traits


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Best Careers For Virgo Moon

Because someone with a Moon in Virgo is so structured, careers that promise steady income and attendance are what attracts you.

You like knowing that you can work for your security, as this is of utmost importance to you. You might find yourself very happy at a job where accounting is the number one task.

Numbers and names will always attract you; you will find happy work in administration and management. Because you are more of a follower than a leader, you do not automatically gravitate to positions of authority. Your nature is to do the job, get paid, and go home — happily.


You would also work well as a therapist, as you are keen on helping people sort out their problems. You are a natural listener and you want to help, so fields that require special care and consideration, like working with the elderly, would suit you well.

And while you are not the standard computer geek, you certainly have the capability to excel in tech if you put your mind to it.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

Your love life, as someone who has a Virgo Moon, is going to be geared towards finding trust, practicality and reality-based romance. You will find your best match in Capricorn, as they are very down to earth and realistic.

No matter what your Sun sign is, your Moon sign is what rules you in love and romance.


Sexually speaking, your best match is with someone who has a Taurus Moon, though that relationship may end up strictly sexual, and without the emotional tie you need for that sense of security.

The good news is that you can find exactly what you want in a mate that has a Cancer Moon, as they are all about the home, security and sexy sex.

You will find that one of your best bonds will be with Scorpio, Sun or Moon signs. You are back-to-back on the Zodiac line, and that automatically creates a commonality. Scorpio will keep you on your toes and make you think, something you love doing.

Your best bet in romance is with Scorpio, though you will more than likely find yourself most attracted to Taurus, as they have the most in common with you.


Virgo Moon with Aries Moon

This may not be the best match for friends or for lovers, as the Virgo Moon will only pick apart the Aries Moon until the Aries Moon goes out of their mind. Virgo Moon will want to taunt the Aries Moon to break them down, and the Aries Moon will grow bored with them instantly.

Virgo Moon with Taurus Moon

Not a terrible match, due to the fact that Taurus Moon can handle the nit-picky nature of the Virgo Moon by ignoring them.

Virgo Moon will realize that they need to back off the insults because the Taurus Moon just is not having any of it. Once the insults are out of the way, they can enjoy a very respectful relationship.

Virgo Moon with Gemini Moon

Virgo Moon will feel the need to save and heal the troubled and constantly nervous Gemini Moon... until they realize that the Gemini Moon is hopelessly attached to their ways and will never open to the opinion or guidance of another.


Gemini Moon makes Virgo Moon look like a saint, and Virgo Moon is no such thing. It will be the Virgo Moon who runs fast from this match up.

Virgo Moon with Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon will bring out the best in the Virgo Moon, and where the two of them are not always in agreement, they tend to complement each other and allow the other to have a say in the matter.

Both signs are intense and opinionated, but there is a natural respect that occurs between them. Great friendships are formed when Virgo Moons and Cancer Moons get together.

Virgo Moon with Leo Moon

These two will be charmed by each other for a while, thinking they are oh-so-cute and darling... until Virgo unilaterally decides that Leo is an insufferable bore and must be discarded.


Leo Moon will never take the Virgo Moon seriously, and what might start off as a flirtation will end up in a total shut down.

Virgo Moon with Virgo Moon

When Virgo Moon recognizes another Virgo Moon, it is the beginning of the end for that duo.

At first, it will be all agreement and "You are just like me!" Soon after, it will degrade into, "I thought of that first" and, "Oh, I guess you think you are the only one who could come up with that..."

The arguments between two Virgo Moons will be enough for both parties to walk away.

Virgo Moon with Libra Moon

This coupling will definitely start out sexually, and rapidly deteriorate into Virgo Moon bossing around the Libra Moon, which will create silent resentment in Libra Moon, a thing that will blow up when Libra Moon can no longer take it.


The sex will be good, but the bossiness coming from the Virgo Moon will eventually end the relationship, as Libra Moon's passive-aggressive nature will make sure it is over.

Virgo Moon with Scorpio Moon

If battling and arguing over plans is what makes for a great situation, these two are made in the shade. Both Scorpio Moon and Virgo Moon are aggressive and rebellious; they inspire each other to do and say the nastiest things possible.

They both enjoy the dark side of their personalities and, together, they work very well, in the way of witches who jointly agree on throwing deadly things into a fiery cauldron.


Virgo Moon with Sagittarius Moon

You never know with anything Sagittarius, and that is the big surprise here: Virgo and Sagittarius Moon are capable of an amazing friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Virgo Moon naturally respects Sagittarius Moon's need for independence; in fact, they look to the Sagittarius Moon for inspiration. Sagittarius Moon is a muse to the Virgo Moon, and together they make an inspired couple.

Virgo Moon with Capricorn Moon

These two make for a very good couple, as long as the relationship is based on friendship and not romance. They both have a ton in common; both are very hard workers who are amazingly detail-oriented.

This goes well in friendship as they can help each other out. But in romance, Capricorn Moon and Virgo Moon will tear each other apart; the low blows will be too frequent to want to maintain.


Virgo Moon with Aquarius Moon

There is very little chance that Virgo Moon will be able to tolerate the lifestyle choices of the Aquarius Moon, simply because Aquarius is way too independent.

They really like being on their own, while Virgo is a much needier Moon sign. The neediness of the Virgo Moon will chase the Aquarius Moon away. Let's hope these two have strong compatibility in their Sun signs.

Virgo Moon with Pisces Moon

This coupling is not too shabby. The Pisces Moon personality really appeals to the Virgo Moon.

While Virgo always gets blamed for being "the b****," Virgo has a side to them that is compassionate and understanding, and the Pisces Moon really brings that side out.


Pisces brings out the better nature in Virgo and, in turn, they complement each other, because Pisces really stands to benefit from Virgo's more aggressive traits.

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