What It Means If You Were Born Under A Sagittarius Moon

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Sagittarius Moon is a glass half-full kind of person.

Those born with the Moon in Sagittarius know how to look for the best in all situations, even when life throws hurdles in their path. They embrace new challenges and are unafraid of change.

But they are not people who respond well to being tied down. Free-spirited Sagittarius Moon was made to roam freely, exploring new horizons wherever possible.

What Does It Mean To Be A Sagittarius Moon?

It is said that your Sun sign, the main sign we think of when we reflect on our zodiac sign, determine who we think we are and what we shine out to the world.

While our Sun sign influences our dominant personality traits, our Moon sign influences how we process our experiences and how we respond to our emotions. The Moon represents a person's inner personality traits, psychological reactions, and deepest emotional thoughts.

Moon signs are calculated based on your birth date and time. People born with a Sagittarius Moon in their birth chart means that when they were born, the position of the Moon was traveling through the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

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Moon In Sagittarius Personality Traits & Characteristics

Sagittarius Moon is honest and forthcoming with their emotions. As a fire sign, they are passionate and don’t hold back. Those with a Sagittarius Moon feel best when they can freely and openly express their optimism and idealism.

As a mutable sign, Sagittarius Moon is comfortable with adapting and is curious to see where life takes them. They are suckers for good conversations and great fun, making them vibrant friends and exciting lovers. Natural roamers, Lunar Sagittarians can be hard to pin down.

Here are some of the most common traits and characteristics associated with this mutable fire sign.

1. Curious

This lunar position implies a fascination with travel and all things exotic.

They need to be always in the mood, backpacking through foreign lands, or roaming around cities. If not, must at least be imagining or planning an upcoming trip; otherwise, they risk feeling stifled and restless.

When they are not on the road, Sagittarius Moon can seek fulfillment through learning and expanding their knowledge. Through study, this Moon sign feels like their world is expanding, opening endless possibilities for them to discover.

Sagittarius is the sign of the teacher, as well as the preacher, who always seeks out wisdom and truth. Their gift to others is their ability to explain the wide variety of perspectives and points of view that they have acquired through their endless educational exploits.

2. Sociable

This public, outgoing nature makes Sagittarius Moon an innately social sign. They are engaging, charismatic, happy-go-lucky, and masters of conversation.

Sagittarius Moon is constantly absorbing information from the people around them and always inspires others with their intellect and wit. They feel emotionally fulfilled when they can socialize in groups and safely ask questions.

True fire signs, they love being at the forefront of change, bringing their innovative ideas to fruition and focusing on the big picture.

3. Bombastic

Because Sagittarius is so driven in their views and plans, sometimes they can be a little bit preachy to their peers.

When you have studied and experienced as much as Sagittarius Moon has, it can be challenging to accept that you are not always right. Sagittarius Moons have a tendency to disregard conflicting views and often seek to push their opinions on to others.

This Moon sign should acknowledge that sometimes truth and what is right are nuanced, with space for many views.

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Best Careers For Sagittarius Moon

For those with a Sagittarius Moon in their natal chart, finding a career to fit your needs means choosing a path that is philosophical, spiritual, and based on helping others.

Their ideal careers may be in hospitality, social work, teaching, or counseling. Taking on jobs like these allow for Sagittarius Moons to expand their knowledge and thinking skills, socialize with individuals on a daily basis, and service others to their content.

But Sagittarius Moons would also find success in careers where they can create their own work schedule and express their creativity. That means selecting fields like journalism, entertainment, sales or travel.

Overall, ideal careers for Sagittarius Moon include being an entertainer, a sales representative, a travel agent or tour guide, a teacher, a social worker, or working in health care.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility

Jupiter, the planet of luck, rules Sagittarius, which means this Moon sign is always looking forward.

Not one to get tied down by a conventional relationship, Sagittarius needs a mate who will be just as independent as them, two travelers on parallel paths.

The fire signs in love are passionate without being overly clingy, so Sagittarius will get on well with other fire signs. Air signs are also favorable matches in matters of romance, but may require a little extra help coping with your fiery streak.

Sagittarius Moon with Aries Moon

Both of these signs crave freedom and a sense of individuality. Their relationship is one filled with spontaneity and high spirits.

As fire signs, Aries Moon and Sagittarius Moon are both able to adapt to change and complement each other's desires.

Sagittarius Moon with Taurus Moon

Sagittarius Moon wants to be right in the middle of the action and is always looking to the future in anticipation of change. Taurus Moon tends to be steadier, present, more reserved, and attached to all that is familiar and safe.

Taurus Moon may stifle Sagittarius Moon's enthusiasm for life, but typically these signs are both able to live-and-let-live so they may overcome differences.

Sagittarius Moon with Gemini Moon

These signs crave constant stimulation and are capable of great intellectual discussions when put together. Endlessly curious, these signs love to travel together and discover new things.

Gemini Moon is slightly less optimistic and bright than Sagittarius Moon, but this is an issue easily ignored.

Sagittarius Moon with Cancer Moon

Cancer Moons are deeply emotional, often moody at times. They have a yearning for closeness which, to independent Sagittarius Moon, can appear needy and overbearing.

Sagittarius Moon is likely to ignore Cancer Moon's needs or try to intellectualize them out of feeling down, which may appear patronizing.

Sagittarius Moon with Leo Moon

These signs reinforce each other's optimism and vitality for life. Much emotional harmony exists between the two, though Leo Moon is typically more steady than roaming Sagittarius.

Leo Moons also have a strong sense of pride and may be easily hurt by Sagittarius Moon's blunt comments and tactless jibes.

Sagittarius Moon with Virgo Moon

Virgo Moons like to play it safe while Sagittarius Moon tends to be more of a risk-taker. Virgo Moon will probably not appreciate Sagittarius Moon's insistence on spontaneity and their inability to plan ahead.

These small issues can create big problems if these two cannot agree on things.

Sagittarius Moon with Libra Moon

Both of these signs are bright and crave harmony. They enjoy socializing and easily mix with others.

Libra Moon does try to avoid conflict, which can leave opinionated Sagittarius Moon looking like the bad guy. Libra Moon also needs a constant companion and craves intimacy, which may clash with Sagittarius Moon's need for independence.

Sagittarius Moon with Scorpio Moon

Brooding, emotional Scorpio Moon is an exact opposite of optimistic Sagittarius Moon. This can be helpful if Scorpio Moon is in need of cheering up, but Sagittarius Moon's blunt nature might be too intrusive.

Scorpio Moons can also be possessive, which may leave Sagittarius Moon feeling trapped.

Sagittarius Moon with Sagittarius Moon

These two both understand each other on an emotional level that no other sign replicates.

They give each other space and reunite for adventures and fun whenever possible. Neither tries to control or command too much emotional attention from the other.

Sagittarius Moon with Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon takes a straight path. They are driven mainly by realistic career goals and have no time for idealistic dreams. They often veer more towards pessimism in their outlook. This can clash with Sagittarius Moon and their glass half-full mentality.

Sagittarius Moon wants to take detours on the path of life, often heading in completely different directions from Capricorn Moon.

Sagittarius Moon with Aquarius Moon

Both signs are independent and crave personal freedom, and are intolerant of controlling, possessive forces. The relationship between Sagittarius Moon and Aquarius Moon is light and fun, but may lack intimacy or emotional depth.

Sagittarius Moon with Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon and Sagittarius Moon are dreamers, in need of escape. But Pisces Moon tends to be passive, preferring to dream for dream's sake rather than to burst into action like Sagittarius Moon.

Pisces Moon is also sensitive and may not respond well to Sagittarius Moon's bombastic approach to life.

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