What It Means If You Were Born Under A Libra Moon

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The Libra Moon sign is one that requires harmony and balance in all aspects of life.

Libra Moon is a diplomatic peacemaker who makes a great friend and supportive partner. Those with their Moon in Libra can always see two sides of a situation and strive to be impartial mediators in conflicts.

They are happiest when in a balanced partnership, whether that is a romantic entanglement, a close friendship, or a business relationship. Libra Moons are the ultimate “people person,” adapting their own nature to best match others.

What Does It Mean To Be A Libra Moon?

While Sun signs dictate our outward personality and how we express ourselves, and are what we typically refer to as the zodiac signs or astrology signs, our Moon signs are responsible for our internalized emotional responses, psychological reactions, and spiritual needs.

Your Moon sign is determined by the exact placement of the Moon at the time of your birth, making it significantly more specific to you than your Sun sign.

While your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are known as the "big three" of your birth chart, if you find that you don’t resonate deeply with your Sun sign, it is possible that your Moon sign, or even Rising sign, is more dominant.

Libra Moons were born at a time when the Moon was situated in Libra.

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As this is a cardinal sign, Libra Moons have an innate need to act, which can usually be seen in their efforts to achieve mediation in conflict. With the Scales of Justice as the symbol of Libra, this sign needs to weigh up the pros and cons in all scenarios.

In addition, Libra is an air sign. This element governs communication, and all things surrounding socialization and relationships with others. This means Libra Moons feel emotionally fulfilled when they can connect with the world around them and build a balanced rapport with others.

Moon in Libra Personality Traits & Characteristics

Unlike other Moon signs, who disguise their emotions behind a lunar darkness, those who were born with the Moon in Libra tend to be outward with their emotional desires, mainly because they are adaptable and easily alter their wants to suit the needs of others.

1. Balanced

Libra Moons are driven by their strong sense of justice and don't rely on passive-aggressive tendencies. They feel unfulfilled and uneasy in situations where they perceive a lack of fairness. They often feel compelled to resolve conflicts and restore justice.

Ruled by Venus, Libra is an expert when it comes to dealing with and spending time with people. Libra Moons are able to charm and bring out the best in others. People place their trust easily in the hands of Libra Moons.

2. Orderly

For Libra Moon, balance is more than just an emotional state. They also thrive in ordered, harmonious physical environments.

They are masters of design, have incredible natural design skills, and make great architects or interior designers. They search for spaces that are symmetrical, neat, and Zen.

When Libra Moon is feeling unbalanced or frazzled, it can help to relax in tidy, minimalist environments and order their thoughts.

3. Sociable

This Venus-ruled Air sign is at their best when they are in the company of others. Not one to sit and dwell on their deepest, darkest emotional reactions, Libra Moons much prefer to communicate with others and live a light-hearted life.

They are reliable friends and partners who will bend over backward to keep a relationship alive and make their partner feel safe. Emotional satisfaction for Libra Moon comes from a strong, harmonious partnership with others.

4. Passive

Where Libra Moons struggle is in knowing when to put themselves first over their relationships. They occasionally overemphasize the importance of a relationship and forget that they are doing just fine on their own.

In an endless attempt to keep the peace, Libra Moons will put their need to please people over their personal desires. They fear that being open with their emotions will cause others to dislike them.

This is a double-edged sword, as it means their needs are never met and others feel they are hiding their true feelings. Libra Moons can truly flourish once they learn to open up.

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Best Careers For Libra Moon

Because Libra Moons are experts in balance and harmony, are great at strategizing, and are the ultimate "people person," they work best in fields where those traits can flourish.

As employees, Libra Moons work well in collaborative efforts, can act as diplomats to mediate situations, and are both rational and diligent.

Great careers for Libra Moons include working in human resources, architecture, sales, counseling, events, customer service, and consultation. But they are also best suited for jobs in advocacy, law, brokering, tourism, entertainment, theater or cinema, and business.

While they make model employees, Libra Moons must be sure to beware of putting too much importance on working in teams, being indecisive when making decisions, and unintentionally causing workplace conflicts from nitpicking.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

They might be quiet about it, but Libra Moons are die-hard romantics at heart. They are always in search of the yin to their yang, the perfect person to complement and balance their needs.

Libra Moon with Aries Moon

Libra Moon is in search of a codependent union, while Aries Moon tends to be more self-reliant. Libra might find themselves simply going along with what Aries Moon says to appease them, but this will result in Libra Moon feeling emotionally unfulfilled in the long run.

Libra Moon with Taurus Moon

These signs share a need for harmony and will avoid conflict where possible.

Taurus Moon will need to open up more in order to satisfy Libra Moon, who loves communication. If conflict does arise, Libra Moon will have to make sure to stand their ground and not give into stubborn Taurus Moon at the expense of their own needs.

Libra Moon with Gemini Moon

Both Gemini Moon and Libra Moon are rational and reasonable, so they won't find themselves in highly emotional conflicts.

They are happy to talk out their needs but do have a tendency to ignore the darker sides of life. If ignored, these feelings can fester and worsen.

Libra Moon with Cancer Moon

These two will do all they can to accommodate each other, which can be a positive so long as it doesn't mean no one is saying how they really feel. Libra Moon may grow tired of Cancer Moon's constant need to nurture — you want a partner, not a parent!

Libra Moon with Leo Moon

Leo Moon can be overly concerned with "me" rather than "us," which is off-putting for a Libra Moon. That said, Leo Moon is loyal, optimistic, and respects Libra Moon's ability to mediate and create harmony.

They both love romance and Leo Moon will shower Libra Moon with all the affection they deserve.

Libra Moon with Virgo Moon

It's not that these signs aren't a match, there's just something missing. Virgo Moon and Libra Moon are more likely to respond rationally than emotionally, which can be good or bad, depending on the situation. It can be a bond that lacks affection.

These signs are too focused on achieving the perfect relationship to realize there's no such thing.

Libra Moon with Libra Moon

It goes without saying that two Libra Moons will have one of the most harmonious bonds in relationship history. Above all, these two want to be together, and will bend over backward to stay together.

Indecisiveness can be an issue in this union — everything from picking a restaurant to deciding when to settle down.

Libra Moon with Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon has a whole world of emotions under the surface, which can be overwhelming for a rational Libra Moon. Scorpio Moon is intense and is likely to brew more conflict than Libra Moon might be able to bear.

Libra Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Both of these signs are good-natured and glass half-full types. They enjoy socializing and balance each other well.

Sagittarius Moon can be quite blunt and opinionated, which can oppose Libra Moon, who prefers not to take sides. Sagittarius Moon is also extremely independent and can leave Libra Moon feeling lonely in this relationship.

Libra Moon with Capricorn Moon

Libra Moon tends to be dependent on friends and romantic partners, while Capricorn Moon is more self-sufficient emotionally.

Often afraid of neediness, dependency, and emotional vulnerability, Capricorn Moon will have trouble letting in Libra Moon. Capricorn Moon throws themselves wholeheartedly into work while Libra Moon searches for more balance.

Libra Moon with Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon is another independent Moon sign, so this relationship might take some time to get off the ground. That said, these two both flourish in lighthearted relationships, and enjoy sharing intellectual ideas and good conversation.

Libra Moon with Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon tends to go over the top with everything from generosity and kindness, to weeping periods of emotional sadness. This can be a learning curve for Libra Moon who wants consistency and balance.

However, these two share an innate desire to have peace, love and harmony. Should their relationship flourish, it will be non-combative and will rarely have conflict.

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