What It Means If You Were Born Under A Capricorn Moon

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Pragmatic and measured, those with their Moon in Capricorn are some of the most emotionally secure people you can meet.

They crave physical intimacy and thrive on close emotional bonds with romantic and platonic partners. These bonds need to be long-lasting to satisfy a Capricorn Moon Sign.

Whether it’s romantic or business-related, a Capricorn Moon loves setting goals and having something to work towards. But that's not all this Moon sign represents, so if you have your Moon in the sign of Capricorn, there's much more at play.

What Does It Mean To Be A Capricorn Moon?

When considering your zodiac personality, it is important to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising signs, as well as the other planetary placements in your birth chart, to make up a more in-depth portrait of your personality.

With your Sun sign and Moon sign combined, you're able to get a better picture of your core traits. But where your Sun sign represents your ego, sense of self and the core of who you are, your Moon sign indicates your inner self.

Just like the Moon itself, it is the part of yourself that you often keep in the shadows, hidden from the world. Your Moon sign reveals your emotional reaction and needs, explaining why you feel the way you do.

If you are a Capricorn Moon, when you were born, the Moon was traveling through the Capricorn zodiac sign.

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Capricorn is an Earth sign, pertaining to the practical, tangible elements of life. But Capricorn is also a cardinal sign, which means they usually have strong initiative and are full of action. In Capricorn, this refers to their drive and ambition.

Capricorn Moons are never overly emotional, preferring to keep their heads down to the ground and work hard to achieve their goals.

Those born with a Capricorn Moon sign feel emotionally secure, and as a Capricorn Moon, you will not rush into situations and relationships until you can be confident that it will serve you.

Moon In Capricorn Personality Traits & Characteristics

Emotionally reserved Capricorn is one of the most interesting Moon signs to analyze, as everything about them defies what we usually think of in Moon signs. Their emotional reactions are barely expressed, if at all, making them hard to pin down.

Here are some of the traits and characteristics you might associate with a Capricorn Moon.

1. Ambitious

Capricorn Moons goal-oriented and driven by ambition. They usually have a hard time relaxing or kicking back, fearing downtime inhibits their ability to achieve their goals.

They are practical in setting short-term plans that are part of a bigger picture, but they never stop at the little wins. Because of this, their time is precious.

They take their time warming up to others and need assurance that someone is worthy of their time through meaningful actions. Often, they choose companionship based off of how driven others appear to them.

This is a rather pragmatic approach to love, but it certainly helps form long-lasting relationships of equals.

2. Grounded

Capricorn Moons yearn for stability, often building homely bases in which they can cocoon. They need a lot of alone time in order to remain centered and balanced.

They might be ambitious but they are never up in the clouds. Capricorn Moons thrive when they are at one with the Earth. If they are feeling emotionally imbalanced, time in nature, skipping barefoot through grass, can quickly reconnect them with their strong sense of self.

As a sensual Moon sign, they feel best when all of their senses are engaged.

3. Self-sufficient

With high-standards and endless goals, Capricorn Moons find it hard to let people in. They are capable and strong, and don’t need to rely on anyone.

This independence can cross easily into isolation if Capricorn Moon isn’t careful. Weighed down by the endless responsibilities they take on, Capricorn Moons could benefit from letting people in a bit more often and letting others carry part of the load.

4. Controlling

Since Capricorn Moons are so focused on their goals, they often have a bad habit of coming off as a control freak or being judgmental.

Capricorn Moon has a tendency to dismiss the opinions and capabilities of others quickly, believing no one is as thorough or hard-working as them. But secretly, this is only because Capricorn Moon needs a lot of reassurance to learn to let go slightly.

Capricorn is opposite to Cancer, the Moon’s home sign, on the Zodiac wheel, meaning the Moon is in detriment in Capricorn. Capricorn Moons could benefit from learning to reassure themselves and seek enjoyment from collaborating with others.

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Best Careers For Capricorn Moon

Because of a Capricorn Moon's disposition of being patient, determined, and organized, they thrive in environments that bring them a sense of stability and financial security.

Capricorn Moons make ideal employees who are never late, complete their tasks in a timely manner, are quick learners, and work incredibly well independently.

Due to these traits, Capricorn Moons are best suited for careers in the corporate sector, administration, data analysis, as directors or CEOs, managerial positions, business, banking, designing, accounting, or even real estate.

They dedicate themselves fully to any job, but need a career that suits their stubborn and self-assured personality.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

This earthly sign isn’t the kind of Moon sign to be swept off their feet. Capricorn Moons want a stable relationship that will support their goals rather than send them on a different path.

Often, no one understands this Moon sign of the Zodiac better than — you guessed it — another Capricorn Moon. Once both of these signs open up and let one another in, they can have a powerful, lasting relationship.

Capricorn Moon with Aries Moon

Impulsive and quick-acting Aries Moon struggles to match with slow, careful Capricorn Moon. Aries Moon can teach Capricorn Moons how to be more spontaneous but, generally, these two signs have more conflicts than they have commonalities.

Capricorn Moon with Taurus Moon

These two practical beings make a great match. They value building homes and forming lasting connections. Both of these grounded individuals understand each other's needs, and offer security and comfort in times of need.

Taurus Moon does tend to be a little lazier than Capricorn Moon which may cause conflicts, but Taurus Moon just wants to enjoy life and can teach Capricorn Moon to do the same.

Capricorn Moon with Gemini Moon

Opposites attract! Mischievous Gemini Moon can teach Capricorn Moon to enjoy the lighter sides of life. Equally, Capricorn Moon can influence reckless Gemini Moon and encourage them to be more responsible.

Capricorn Moon with Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon’s emotionality and neediness often conflicts with Capricorn Moon’s emotional detachment. Capricorn Moon is tender at heart so they may be able to open up to nurturing Cancer Moon, but unless Cancer Moon can learn to be more independent, this unit might struggle.

Capricorn Moon with Leo Moon

While Capricorn Moon is reserved and downplays their emotions, Leo Moon makes a show out of everything and is lavish with their expressions.

Leo Moon typically craves more affection than Capricorn Moon is willing to give, but these two opposites can find balance. Leo Moon has the capacity to warm Capricorn Moon's icy heart.

Capricorn Moon with Virgo Moon

Both Capricorn Moon and Virgo Moon have a strong need for material security, and are careful and tactical in all that they do. They both value faithfulness and commitment, making for a strong bond.

It can be all work and no play for these two, but Capricorn Moon wouldn't have it any other way.

Capricorn Moon with Libra Moon

Libra Moon is looking for a mate to merge with, while Capricorn Moon tends to be more emotionally self-sufficient. Libra Moon wants constant communication which can be a struggle for reserved, private Capricorn Moon.

Capricorn Moon with Scorpio Moon

These signs are equally private and secretive, but for different reasons. Capricorn Moon doesn't have time for emotions, but Scorpio Moon, who is full of turbulent feelings, is brooding and harbors emotions for long periods of time.

These two signs struggle to open up to each other, often getting nowhere in their relationship. But they are both capable of great depth and intellectual conversation, they just need a little warming up.

Capricorn Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Spontaneous and optimistic, Sagittarius Moon often scares Capricorn Moon with their impulsive reactions and endless need to explore. Capricorn Moon finds Sagittarius Moon reckless and impulsive, but can also learn to be more optimistic and hopeful through this union.

Capricorn Moon with Capricorn Moon

Needless to say, these two have a lot in common. Two Capricorn Moons understand each other's need for space, and support one another in their ambitions. It may not be the most affectionate relationship, but this union is built to last.

Capricorn Moon with Aquarius Moon

These two are often at odds with one another. Aquarius Moon lives to defy the exact conventions and traditions that Capricorn Moon values. Aquarius Moon will never be domesticated while Capricorn Moon lives to build a home with someone.

Capricorn Moon with Pisces Moon

Capricorn Moon gives Pisces Moon great advice and emotional support but, often, only as friends. In relationships, Capricorn Moon finds Pisces Moon overly needy, and Pisces Moon finds themselves getting frustrated by Capricorn Moon's detachment.

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