What It Means If You Were Born Under A Taurus Moon

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People with a Taurus Moon are some of the most consistent and loyal people you’ll ever meet. With your Taurus Moon ruling your emotions, you're the expert at keeping things cool, calm, and collected.

Those with their Moon in Taurus have extremely high EQs (emotional intelligence) and can be a rock for the ones they love.

Stable Taurus Moons have the power to mediate and bring balance in all individuals born under this sign, particularly in instances where Sun signs and Rising signs conflict.

Don’t neglect having a Taurus Moon sign — it could be the key to bringing calm within your being!

What Does It Mean To Be A Taurus Moon?

The placement of the Moon in your birth chart determines your inner self; it describes your instinctive or emotional energies. Your Sun sign, which is often all we think of when we consider the zodiac signs, only explains the qualities you’re learning to develop and project.

Moon signs, on the other hand, explain all that you already are, even if you don’t realize it yourself.

If Taurus is your Moon sign, that means the Moon was traveling through Taurus when you were born.

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Your Moon sign shapes your soul, your reactions, and what you need to feel emotionally secure. A Moon sign controls what goes on below the surface of your personality, and could even influence how strongly your Sun sign is expressed.

When we think of two seemingly different people who share a zodiac sign, it's helpful to look at their Moon signs to explain their differences.

Moon In Taurus Personality Traits & Characteristics

As an earth sign, Taurus relates heavily to the tangible aspects of life. Taurus Moon is not one to get caught up in emotions, nor will they be swept away by spiritual exploits.

Taurus is also a fixed sign, meaning they thrive on routine and consistency. They find security in knowing where they stand and being able to see predictable outcomes for all that they do.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus and the 2nd house, meaning it's stable and full of joy, bringing abundance to all born under a Taurus Moon.

1. Emotionally secure

This stability and abundance bring high measures of self-worth to the Taurus Moon, which allows them to feel safe in their emotions.

They thrive when they feel physically secure, with all of their physical needs satisfied.

Taurus Moons are not overtly materialistic or obsessed with possession, but they do treasure living with material comforts. Life is there to be enjoyed, and they hate how having to worry about money or security can impede feeling safe in their emotions.

2. Nurturing

Taurus Moon is great at nurturing others, and they feel nurtured through physical touch or gifts that appeal to the senses.

Thanks to this earthly sign, they don’t shy away from physical affection; their affections are strong, deep and unwavering. Others admire their gentle nature and reliability, and the way they feel emotionally secure, allowing them to persevere in all relationships they enter.

With emotional reactions fixed on solid ground, Taurus Moon is able to deal with challenges without becoming volatile or having extreme emotional reactions.

3. Stubborn

As much as consistency is a trait to be admired, Taurus Moon's devotion to all that is safe and familiar sometimes inhibits them from evolving or experiencing change.

When others try to push Taurus Moon out of their comfort zone, they're likely to dig their heels in. This can cause them to get caught in emotional ruts and inhibit their growth.

Sometimes, it can help Taurus Moon to open up and get a fresh perspective, even if they still want to return to their usual ways.

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Best Careers For Taurus Moon

Because of earthly influences, Taurus Moons are known to be incredibly reliable, practical, organized, and stable. Their coworkers and superiors can depend on them to complete tasks in a timely manner, and follow orders.

Taurus Moons work well in both teams and independently, and are sticklers for organization and structure. But though they are orderly, Taurus Moons are friendly and adapt well to any social situations in the workplace.

Taurus Moons would do well in careers related to business, finance and design, including banking, real estate, legal or law careers, as well as jobs in architecture or corporate environments. Other possible careers include working in the music or food industry, or running their own business.

As employees, Taurus Moons can come off as working too slowly due to their detail-oriented nature; as such, they don't like to micromanaged or rushed.

What comes off as stubbornness is actually Taurus Moon just trying to get their work done, but they need to learn to be more approachable, take initiative to begin projects instead of following orders, and not lash out when they feel underappreciated.

Taurus Moon Sign Compatibility

Taurus Moon is a dependable, secure lover. They love to plan for the future and want a relationship that will last a lifetime.

However, they often lock horns with people who crave independence, making them a possessive partner when their need for control gets the better of them.

Taurus Moon with Aries Moon

It might take some determination to make this union work, but it’s definitely not impossible. Both parties will have to relent their egos somewhat.

Aries Moon must grow to understand Taurus Moon’s need for security, while Taurus Moon should respect Aries Moon's independence.

Taurus Moon with Taurus Moon

These signs have a shared outlook on life and approach relationships in a similar way, making for a devoted bond. They’ll enjoy time in nature, enjoying what the Earth has to offer.

However, as two equally stubborn individuals, two Taurus Moons are likely to run into irreconcilable conflict unless they learn to listen to one another.

Taurus Moon with Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon's need for constant stimulation may turn off Taurus Moons, who are slaves to routine. That, coupled with Gemini Moon's constant mind-changing, can inhibit this union from working.

In spite of their differences, these two do complement one another. Gemini Moon could learn a lot from Taurus Moon’s stability, while Taurus Moon can follow Gemini Moon's lead a bit to find more excitement in life.

Taurus Moon with Cancer Moon

Both of these signs are in search of security and peace of mind so they can unite in this journey. Cancer Moon needs the emotional stability that Taurus Moon possesses, while Taurus Moon can take some of Cancer Moon’s physical comforts into their own life.

Things can be a bit lackluster in this relationship once these needs are fulfilled. Both signs could probably benefit from some spontaneity to keep the spark alive.

Taurus Moon with Leo Moon

These two strong-minded individuals are likely to get locked in battle when conflict arises. Leo Moon can get easily bored when forced to play along with Taurus Moon’s status quo.

Something will have to give in order to make this work!

Taurus Moon with Virgo Moon

Favoring order and stability in life, these two signs are a match made in heaven. They are each others' rock and make for amazing best friends as well as devoted lovers.

Both earth signs, Virgo Moon and Taurus Moon enjoy building a solid foundation and having a lasting connection together.

Taurus Moon with Libra Moon

Balance and harmony thrive within this union. Neither party will ever rock the boat or go out of their way to make conflict.

Where they might struggle is in communication. Libra Moon likes to talk things out and discuss all aspects of life, whereas Taurus Moon struggles to dwell on anything that isn’t tangible and material.

Once Taurus Moon learns to communicate better, this partnership can flourish.

Taurus Moon with Scorpio Moon

These two are both chasing the same strong, deep connection but have completely different approaches.

Taurus Moon’s possessiveness can clash with Scorpio Moon's secrecy and suspicious nature. Once these two realize they’re on the same side and relent some of their fear, things can prosper.

Taurus Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon’s spontaneity and curiosity can leave them feeling oppressed when in a relationship with possessive Taurus Moon.

This union does best when both parties recognize their need for individuality within a relationship. Neither should depend wholeheartedly on their other for an emotional fulfillment they could find in themselves.

Taurus Moon with Capricorn Moon

Taurus Moon and Capricorn Moon have the same priorities in life: home, stability, routine, and career. When they unite, they can form a bond that could last a lifetime.

Taurus Moon with Aquarius Moon

This couple will likely find themselves at odds, pulled in two different emotional directions.

Aquarius Moon lives with their head in the clouds and Taurus Moon sometimes lives with their head in the sand. Taurus Moon fears the exact kind of constant change that Aquarius Moon loves.

If they can make things work, these two could teach each other a thing or two about the balance between freedom and stability.

Taurus Moon with Pisces Moon

These two emotional Moons complement each other well.

Taurus Moon loves being there for people, and Pisces Moon will thrive off the sentimental and warm support provided. Emotional Pisces Moon can harness some of Taurus Moon’s stability, while encouraging this bull to lean into more of the dream-like aspects of life.

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