The Body Part Each Zodiac Sign Rules, According To Astrology

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Just when you thought that astrology could only play so large of a role in your life, it turns out that it’s physical, too.

That’s right — medical astrology is a thing, and there are specific zodiac body parts associated with each sign.

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The functions of different body parts apparently parallel how they function on ourselves according to specific planetary alignments at specific times. In other words, your ruling body part is not only most impactful to your daily life, but it also reflects key characteristics from our zodiac sign.

These ruling parts go in order by zodiac sign and down the body from head to toe. 

While you do have a ruling body part for your Sun Sign (dominant sign), it is worth checking your Ascending (how others see you), Midheaven (ambition and career), and Moon (emotional nature) signs to further understand precisely how each part, in some sense, shape your identity and other health implications from your ruling body parts and other parts of your chart.

To calculate your chart, you will need your birth date, time, and place.

Now, it’s worth noting that what is said is not limited to just that. Also, every sign deals with anxiety and mental disorders; however, this article discusses how your sign’s characteristics have a role in such.

Variations in charts and circumstances also shape us, and there are also health implications that are quite basic for every zodiac. However, these each affect every sign differently based on their characteristics.

What Zodiac Sign Rules Each Body Part

Aries (March 21-April 19): Face, head, brain

Gee, Aries, we get it — the stars have predestined you to be first in everything. Your ruling body parts are the face, head, and brain. It’s no surprise to see you as one who wants to be in front or at the top. You’re the so-called alpha of any group, and this literally makes you the “face” at times.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you always win or that you’re always one to put yourself in the middle of everything. If you’re the more reserved Aries, however, that noggin of yours doesn’t stop you from seeking out leadership positions or other rewarding opportunities to advance your agenda.

Hard work is mostly mental, and your ruling brain allows you to push forward in everything that you do — even the little things. As a leader or likable figure, your three ruling counterparts show your ability to not only think and act on matters, but also to take into consideration what you see, hear, or feel, including a strong intuition. This, in turn, usually brings you success in multiple areas of life.

Arians are notable for their athletic abilities and are likely strong and/or fit. In most cases, Arians are health cautious and even embrace the more natural things in life.

Ruled by the face, most Aries prefer the natural, simple look. For women, you likely prefer subtle makeup and hair.

According to good ole’ medical astrology, you’re one who is more prone to headaches, migraines, moodiness, agitation, high stress, anxiety, and/or physical injuries. Some Arians exhibit OCD or refined organization; meanwhile, it’s more likely you are quite unorganized and potentially have some attention deficits.

You sometimes juggle a lot at once instead of taking it step-by-step — directing your pressure to your brain as your mind is constantly going. Therefore, your hormone levels are likely higher, and your head hurts more. With higher hormones from stress, you become more prone to skin blemishes of all sorts.

Also the ruler of the face, it’s likely that you clench your jaw when in deep thought or in stressful situations which can create soreness of the mouth.

Mostly, Aries, you have a talent for being able to handle so much. Your ruling brain, however, will at times convince you that you’re ready for more than you can take on physically or you are sometimes not as mentally prepared as you anticipated.

When you can’t rise to others’ or your own expectations, you stress yourself out and can even overthink things. This is where we can see your temperament, or if you’re a more reserved Aries it can include withdrawal. You either try to overcompensate to make up lost ground, or you can be quite over-demanding.

You are one of the top strongest signs since you take on so much physically and mentally.

Regardless of the pros or cons, Aries, your ruling body part is one of the most essential in our daily functioning, and we can definitely say the same about you! After all, we can all use an Aries in our lives.

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Taurus (April 20-May 20): Throat, larynx, ears

Though limited, the neck is capable of practical movements such as nodding, head turning, or rolling.

Meanwhile, the throat is the connective passageway that transports food to the digestive tract and sound from the respiratory tract. Both organs have limited functions that are yet extremely important to basic bodily functions.

The ears are also fixed in place, but they serve an important role in transporting sounds to the brain.

Symbolically, Taurus, this represents your practicality and importance as a team player and even leader.

With your ears as a ruling body part, you have a finer ear for good music — which is why we commonly see some Tauruses taking over the aux cord, enjoying louder music, or getting down on the dance floor.

Sportswise? Dance, cheer, cross country, track, baseball, and football are a likely possible Taurus sport because they do well in anything with noise, larger team effort, and/or rhythm to the music. School spirit or football games? Taurus, that’s probably you screaming in the stands.

You’re fun yet hard-working, and you have the ability to balance a wide range of simple tasks that have a larger purpose.

Along with the neck includes the vocal cords, esophagus, and tonsils. An underrated characteristic of Taurus is their ability to communicate and work well with others.

As the neck is limited to its movements, Taurus can sometimes be stubborn and set in their way. However, what almost every Taurus has in common is that they’ll try not to do any more than they have to because simplicity is a trait of yours.

While Tauruses are typically laid back, they mostly stick to their zone of familiarity. You (kind of) focus on priorities first, then fun and socialization later.

It’s common to see Taurus as popular and open to new people and things. You’re a vocal person, and you also have a great ability to listen. The sociable, outgoing side of Taurus is quite friendly and upbeat. On the other hand, the more reserved side of Taurus consists of one who is shier and calmer. Then, some Tauruses go back and forth between the two — much how air and food do through the throat.

Taurus, your health implications include more proneness to a sore throat, tonsillitis, or likely anything pertaining to your throat. Headaches, tiredness, higher stress, and moodiness are evident when you wear yourself out trying to enjoy both sides of work and fun. Neck and back stiffness and soreness are also common — more specifically when you’re stressed — since you tend to place direct pressure on your neck—which eventually affects the back.

A sign who embraces physicality, you likely result in physical relief first. In most cases, Taurus is in decent shape and does take some health precautions. However, you are by nature more indulgent.

With higher stress, Tauruses are more prone to severe anxiety and/or depressive states because you are also one who avoids problems instead of confronting them. This may result in you needing physical pleasure to offset any negative emotion, and this may pose a range of health issues when prolonged.

Taurus, your ruling body part is complex, but so are you. That’s okay, because once we figure out our Taurus friend — we can’t help but love them.

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Gemini (May 21-June 20): Arms, shoulders, lungs, ribs, hands

A complex mix of ruling parts symbolizes the complexity of a Gemini.

The arms, shoulders, and hands work independently yet simultaneously with one another. Then, the lungs serve one of the most important bodily functions — breathing. Meanwhile, the ribs are used to protect this organ. All are critical in breathing and flexible movement that creates bodily harmony.

Gemini, your complexity is overall a great thing because much like your ruling parts, you have a larger and more important purpose.

The hands and arms make things easier to grasp, and this indicates your keen intellect and effective approach to getting what you want. Also, you’re likely one who is really into different gestures while you communicate with others — oh, and you probably don’t notice it either.

It’s common to see people of your sign as athletes or singers since your ruling lungs and ribs allow you to have a stronger upper body than most signs. Common sports played by Gemini usually require multiple movements that your multifaceted nature can handle. This includes but is not limited to cheerleading, baseball, football, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, dance, softball, or MMA.

The more outgoing side of Gemini is known for being sociable and energetic and eager to explore new opportunities.

As arms, hands, and shoulders have tendencies to complete different tasks and are used for a variety of purposes, you are one who enjoys change and multitasking. Even when your body slows down, your mind does not.

Gemini, you are also internally connected and affixed to yourself, much how the lungs and ribs are. The more reserved side of Gemini tends to focus inward and on themselves, though this is generally an air sign tendency. While many misinterpret both sides as unemotional, detached, or selfish, you actually do care — especially about things and people that mean a lot to you. You’re likely a hugger or can be touchy, which can also connect to your flirty side coming out.

However, you are more prone to respiratory infections, congestion, asthma, and mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, attention deficits, OCD, or bipolar disorder. A healthier Gemini is less prone to illness period, but every Gemini has a hyperactive brain that is constantly thinking. Also, your tendency in attempting multiple things makes it more common for ADHD since your mind is naturally hyperactive.

Gemini has two sides: you can be scatterbrained, but sometimes you can also be a little perfectionist. Then, your tendency to direct your energy inward can cause more stress for you. This only worsens as your non-confrontational nature makes you avoid or dismiss problems, which in turn worsen. This can sometimes lead to overthinking, anxiety, and more proneness to situational depression.

Gemini is often misunderstood. However, this sign is actually quite gifted in multiple areas. You seem to have the best ruling parts. You have it going on, to say the least, Gemini.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22): Stomach, diaphragm, breasts

Cancer, it’s no surprise that your ruling parts are the ones that represent femininity, extraction, and facilitation. (Note: Cancer men, this doesn’t by any means make you feminine nor is that statement intended to emasculate you.)

The stomach is responsible for breaking down food and extracting nutrients that eventually pass into the intestines. The diaphragm, on the contrary, is the muscle that facilitates respiration. The breasts are the female reproductive organ that produces milk that provides nutrients to an infant.

You’re the nurturer of the zodiac; meanwhile, you’re also high on the list as a peacekeeping sign. Though introverted by nature, you are friendly, sociable, approachable, gentle, and caring. Aside from sociability, you are one who sticks to the same people and zone of familiarity; though you do enjoy an activity that breaks you out of your home-bodied shell.

You’re likely vocal. As the diaphragm aids in respiration and strengthens vocalization, it is common to see many under your sign as singers. More outgoing Cancers are usually louder and project their voices; though more reserved Cancers are shier and have softer voices.

Most Cancers are artistic or intellectual because of their high sense of creativity. Likely careers involve anything that involves taking care of others or bringing positive impacts such as nursing, teaching, outdoor recreation, travel, counseling, environmental science, biology, or anything in the medical or business/customer service fields.

Your sign is emotionally and spiritually intelligent, and you also have the water sign intuition that guides you through almost everything you do.

You appreciate the beautiful, natural things in life. Cancer women prefer natural makeup and style is likely chic and simple, yet you still have your own uniqueness. Cancer men also prefer simple and natural in their style and physical presence.

With others, you embrace genuine connections. Emotionally inclined, you are one who has an unusual sense of compassion for others. You naturally pick up emotional cues that most people overlook, and sometimes this repels you from interaction because you can sense authentic versus inauthentic people.

Much like the stomach, you absorb what is given to you. Your sign is more easily influenced by external factors, and this especially includes who you surround yourself and what you place in your body. Are you the friend who everyone confides in? It’s because you understand others on a level that most people can’t, and most people need someone like you.

Your optimism shines when you are in your best state such as when you eat right and stay hydrated. When you surround yourself with people who uplift you and inspire a positive lifestyle, you thrive.

However, this can pose issues to your health if you do not take proper care of both your body and mind because you absorb others’ emotions. Sometimes, you forget that you have your own needs to tend to and put others first.

Cancer, you can have a range of health issues depending on your specific situation. While some Cancers are more proactive with their health, it’s common that you put your focus on other matters aside from your health. In touch with yourself and your mind, sometimes you aren’t as mindful of your physical health as you should be. It’s likely you skip meals at times or eat something quick (and unhealthy) to get by, and this prolonged creates issues. If your diet is too bad, it’s likely that you experience any issues with stomach aches, acid reflux, bladder or urinary tract infections, digestive issues, or respiratory infections.

Like any other sign, you are prone to emotional problems and mental health issues such as severe anxiety, depression, attention deficits, migraines, and headaches. After all, you are prone to anxiety when dealing with an emotionally stressful situation; therefore making you more prone to anxiety or panic attacks.

Your ruling stomach represents how you are an absorber; therefore, depriving yourself of what is necessary for you weakens you as a whole… and this goes physically and mentally.

You are happiest when you are supplemented with positivity both internally and externally. You literally are what you eat, Cancer, so be good to yourself. Digest positivity and excrete negativity.

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Leo (July 23-August 22): Heart, back, spinal cord

It isn’t surprising to see that the majestic Lion rules the body parts of strength and emotion.

The heart is the center of physical and emotional life. Without it, blood wouldn’t be pumped to satisfy the needs of other organs. The back is essential in bodily support; meanwhile, this has help from the spinal cord which transmits neurological signals throughout the body to tell it what to do.

Symbolically, this represents Leo’s ability to lead, communicate, keep order, and have a larger-than-life persona while doing it.

Leos are versatile people who are anything from actors, musicians, athletes, intellects, or artists. Emotion and passion fuel Leo’s creativity and this is exactly why you are one who excels in whatever you’re good at. A Leo who doesn’t demonstrate leadership will likely pursue anything with expressing individuality. If they don’t lead others, they will lead themselves, as they are very independent.

Ruler of the heart, Leos are extremely passionate and thrive on emotion. Being so emotionally connected, you are likely to have much higher social and emotional intelligence. You are empathetic, humorous, confident, sociable, and caring. The sociability of a more outgoing Leo connects you to people of all backgrounds and types, and you have a natural ability to bring people together. Even the more reserved Leo has kindness and humor that can brighten anyone’s day, though they may not have so much of the flair for the public or larger social scenes.

However, you tend to be so emotionally driven to where you get ahead of yourself. You’re not a fighter, but you are a fighter for what you love.

Sometimes, you expect others to be as kind or mindful as you. When the opposite happens, Leo, you take disappointment quite personally. Meanwhile, your ego and pride allow you to let it roll off your back. Some Leos, however, are quite confrontational, temperamental, and aggressive when provoked.

Most Leos don’t have as many serious physical health issues. Most age well and are relatively healthy considering they may be cautious about their appearance. Also, you are extremely driven in your endeavors; therefore, you’re sharp and focused (when you actually put forth the effort, because we all know you can also be lazy).

For you, Leo, this may lead to backaches, neck cramps, lack of good posture, or anything related because you tend to exert your stress on your back or neck. However, you are more likely to experience mental health issues since your emotional capacity is one of the largest among all zodiacs. You are more prone to anxiety, high stress, depression, higher blood pressure, moodiness, etc. Much like Virgo, you may have OCD tendencies that stem from your anxieties; especially when it comes to how others view you or the situation.

Usually, Leos are decently organized or structured; however, you can be irresponsible and impulsive, which has stress-causing consequences. Your emotional nature can make you more reactive to certain situations; thus worsening the issues with your confrontational temper or unapologetic mouth. If more reserved, you can be more passive-aggressive and much harder to read. Therefore, people, including yourself, struggle to figure out where their issues stem from.

Self-awareness is everything for you, Leo. Alongside with Gemini and Virgo, you are by far the most misunderstood zodiac. Once gaining an understanding of you, Leo, we find that you are one that is authentic and inspiring. After all, we can count on Leo, the sun itself, to bring sunshine into our lives.

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Virgo (August 23-September 22): Pancreas, intestines

The intestines are responsible for absorbing and transporting nutrients after the stomach breaks them down. Meanwhile, the pancreas regulates blood sugars and produces enzymes that aid in digestion. Virgo, you are one who is a worker, helper, and leader in one. Internally and externally, you are one who functions on collective effort, much how the intestines and pancreas do.

Needy? Not at all; you’re just aware that you can’t provide or be everything for everyone. You believe you have your place in life while others have theirs, and this typically makes you tolerant and accepting.

You’re a unique character that is often misunderstood — you know, kind of like how people think the intestines only move food when they’re more complex than that. Your strong sense of individuality allows you to be a leader because despite what people are misled to believe — you’re actually organized and success driven. Most Virgos, however, are misread because you usually have reserved mannerisms.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Virgos can’t be sociable, upbeat, and fun — because if there’s nothing to worry about, you’re golden.

Physically, it is likely that you have your own decent health routine because your ruling part does rely on nutrients and adequate exercise to properly function. The pancreas regulates blood sugar, and this functions properly with the right food and exercise. You’re likely naturally active as you feel unproductive unless you're involved in something (including sports).

On the negative side, a lack of care for your health may result in you to have higher anxiety that also leads to more severe cases of situational depression and social anxiety. After all, your ruling part is your “gut,” and a lack of nutrients deprives your brain of the energy necessary for chemistry balance. When your brain doesn’t operate how it should, your physical health is directly impacted. With your ruling parts, you are more prone to anxiety, depression, blood disorders, vitamin deficiencies, OCD, attention disorders, eating irregularities, mood disorders, migraines, and/or anything related.

Virgos are typically versatile characters whose interests can range anything from athletics, music, art, extensive studies, business, or anything unlisted here. Whatever it may be, you are one who excels because you extract substance of what (or who) has your interest. You’re a deep thinker, and your analytic and intuitive nature is detail-oriented — much like how your ruling body part has meticulous yet critical functions. It is this that allows you to lead and also be a source of encouragement for others.

This can also lead to different mental problems when you overthink yourself into perfectionist tendencies. If you’re more reserved, it’s likely that you become “scatterbrained” and forgetful about things that are necessary. You’re known for your overthinking, so calm your mind, meditate, and get your nutrients.

After all, Virgo, good health does surface the more pleasant, optimistic, driven, and inspirational side of you that doesn’t go unnoticed in the long run.

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Libra (September 23-October 22): Kidneys, skin, lumbar region

Libra, you are the scales, and your ruling body part is the scales of your body. The kidneys are responsible for removing toxins and waste from the body and produce urine to do so.

Symbolically, the kidneys removing waste from our bodies show your role as one who can separate positive and negative to achieve a middle ground. Of all the zodiac signs, you are by far the most realistic sign. You’re known as the “mediator” of the zodiacs because you are one who has this distinct ability to filter information to reach a resolution. While this is a great trait, this can sometimes be because you are more logically inclined than emotional.

As kidneys serve as a filter, they are also responsible for taking fluids of different bodily functions and creating body equilibrium. Libra, you are one who upholds peace at mostly all costs; thus you are mostly honest, open-minded, and approachable. Kidneys balance the lower back, and it’s no kidding why many Libras are more blessed in the back region… or have the potential to, considering some Libras can be quite lazy.

Kidneys also produce Vitamin D which is essential for mood balance, and this can go two ways with you. First, Vitamin D does have a role in melanin and serotonin production as Libras similarly create good “vibes” because you were born to strive for balance.

In connection to this, Libras — both male and female — have a flair for beauty and physicality. With females, it’s common to see a Libra woman’s interests lie in makeup, beauty, hair, pageantry, fitness/athletics, modeling, or anything artistic which allows the expression of any beauty form. For males, it’s mostly fitness, athletics, and other artistic art forms and expressions.

Since physicality is strongly connected to balanced self-esteem, Libras usually make it a priority. A common physical trait is that many Libras tend to have healthier skin than many because their mental balance slows aging and blemish outbreaks.

However, the negative side is that you may be considered at times either superficial, vain, needy, or emotionally aloof. Most Libras are emotional underneath the surface; however, as an air sign, they are ones to close off their emotions. In contrast to other signs, this is likely due to your own philosophy that your emotions are not for others to deal with. You’re good at being accountable for yourself, but sometimes you forget that you need a mentor just as you are one to others.

Usually, Libras are decent at taking care of physical health, though these issues differ from person to person. On the other hand, your issues tend to be more impactful to your mental health than anything when you don’t deal with the issue at hand or become lazy in maintaining your health, which opens any possibilities to health issues.

However, your sign is commonly more prone to anxiety, situational depression, moodiness, fluctuating blood pressure, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, etc. Since the kidneys provide balance, a lack thereof can offset chemical balances in your mind. This is why it’s also common to see Libras meditate or enjoy alone time for self-rejuvenation.

Every other sign has way bigger issues and health implications to deal with. Libra, you make it look so easy. Teach us your ways.

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Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Nose, reproductive system colon, blood, urethra, bladder

Don’t get it twisted, Scorpio. Most assume when they hear this that you are the more sexually driven sign. Sure, you’re a romantic, passionate, loving, strong, and exceptionally loyal sign. However, your ruling parts mean more than what they seem.

The reproductive system consists of the genitals that are responsible for the conception and reproduction of life. Meanwhile, the urethra is a tube that connects the genitals to the bladder to allow excretion. The nose is the part we use most for respiration and sensualize smell. Lastly, blood is essential to all life as it is the fuel to all bodily functions.

Similarly, Scorpios represent creation and transformation. You are what many consider the “mysterious” sign, yet this is simply your ability to lead by intuition, and this is something others cannot figure out about you. However, your ruling reproductive system also represents how you believe that love is ultimately the creator of all life, and without love, there is no life.

On the more outgoing side, your sign is sociable, friendly, warming, and commanding. As a creator, you are a born leader. As a transformer, you are a hard worker. Even the more reserved Scorpios, though shier and less vocal, are strategic thinkers even in group settings.

You can adapt like no other sign, and both outgoing and reserved sides are highly observant of their surroundings. Also, you have a distinct charm that draws people to you. You’re highly likable despite the injustice that rumors about your sign have, Scorpio.

The issues happen when you send the wrong signals or people misinterpret you as deceptive or self-consumed. However, this is actually far from your best side. People who are close to you understand this too well. People who stick around see how you are extremely reliable, caring, and generous. You likely have an overwhelmingly large heart that you are defensive over, and anyone who hurts you will see this side that no one wants to mess with. You’re picky about who gets to see these sides, though.

Much like Libra, you are very poised, and mostly all Scorpios have a reserved demeanor even if they are more sociable. People under this sign understand commitment quite well, and that is why they are usually involved in leadership, athletics, or anything that they take an interest in (considering they are quite versatile).

Style-wise, you are likely sharply dressed and have a taste for more expensive things. Career-wise, you choose something that not only allows you to help others but also one that involves work and commitment. This can include medical field occupations such as nursing, therapy, doctor, pathologist, etc. Aside from this, other common fields include anything with design, business management, law, politics, or anything with organization.

Much like how the reproductive system represents creation and transformation, you are one who is literally lifelong. You seek lifelong friends, relationships, and bonds because you thrive on love. You crave security, and love on all different levels provides you with this. The blood fuels life, and you are often a source of encouragement and motivation to others.

Your sign does take pride in their physical appearance not only for impressions but also because it boosts your confidence. Scorpios are decent to good about maintaining their health.

Scorpio women commonly are known for their hips, love handles, and everything surrounding them. Some say this is from a high sex drive, but that isn’t necessarily true. Very feminine, women of this sign are lucky to be blessed in the chest, behind, or even both. Scorpio men, along with women, have more defined pelvic areas. Detail-oriented and dedicated, you don’t usually let yourself go that badly.

However, your sign is more prone to blood disorders, diabetes, urinary tract infections, abdominal cramps, frequent urination, migraines, and other related issues. Also, you overthink a lot, and for a good reason. As I said, you are about creation and transformation. The intuitive and mentally strong person you are, your deep thinking is what guides you through life.

Mentally, you struggle with balancing anxiety, intuition, and your emotions; therefore, you’re more prone to severe anxiety that often leads to depression or other related problems. On the other hand, your water sign characteristic of self-healing is what keeps you strong, and in this aspect, you are very independent and strong.

Scorpio, you sure hold yourself back a lot to be as strong of a person you are. You have everything in the world going for you. Think less and act more.

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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Hips, thighs, liver, sciatic nerve

The hips and thighs work in conjunction with one another for basic lower body movements, including walking, running, jumping, kicking, etc. Also, the liver is a metabolizer for different substances that pass through the digestive system. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve that connects nerves to the lower body.

Sagittarius, your ruling parts represent your spontaneous and flighty nature so perfectly. Likely energetic by nature, you love to move from place to place, experience the new and are constantly moving on impulse. Even on the more reserved side, you love mental exploration and expressing your creativity or intellect.

With that being said, you also have a strong sense of integrity and self-virtue. You have a life philosophy you adhere to, and no one can change that about you. You’re mentally strong, and this is how you remain afloat through good times and bad.

Of all signs, you are one who embraces freedom, takes risks, and loves the adrenaline rush that comes from it. Nerves are interconnected, and your ruling sciatic nerve connects the lower spine which is ultimately connected to the brain. Overall, you are a strong dynamic of intellect, passion, and physicality.

Sagittarius, you are the athletic sign. Though this doesn’t mean that you play sports, you still have some natural athleticism to you. Sports that require speed, strategy, and/or strength such as (but not limited to) cheerleading, dance, football, baseball/softball, soccer, powerlifting, track/cross country, or a form of mixed martial arts are ideal for you. Meanwhile, it is common to see this sign involved in matters that require great strength yet stimulates change such as bodybuilding, fitness, and especially the military.

Essentially, you are a hybrid of fire and air sign traits; therefore, you are one who is not as overbearing or confrontational. Though you are usually blunt and outspoken, you tend to be emotionally aloof as well. This doesn’t make you unemotional and careless, but your freedom comes at the expense of no one. If people don’t like it, then that’s their issue (in your eyes). It is worth adding that your nature is typically friendly and humorous. On the other hand, your carefree spontaneity or strong mentality/personality sometimes rub others the wrong way.

It is likely you have experienced at least one surgery or operation of some form that resulted from an injury (either sports-related or from a bad decision one night). Also, you likely don’t get sick often. When you do, it is common illnesses that you fight off.

While anyone, including your sign, gets anxiety or other mental health issues, Sagittarius is able to minimize them much easier than any other sign. Most people under this sign age exceptionally well and look more youthful even when older due to their endurability to stress.

Your ruling parts dominate the lower body which is opposite to the mind. Meanwhile, the sciatic nerve still connects to the brain. This makes for a dynamic duo of your keen intellect and strength.

Since you’re the least emotional fire sign, you can think about issues more logically rather than emotionally. Being stubborn, you refuse to change what may need adjustment, yet you believe otherwise. This includes your own flaws that you overlook when you create tunnel vision. This is when you experience prolonged anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues that came from you avoiding issues and remedying them, to begin with.

Your biggest downfall is your ability to be constructive towards others, yet sometimes it takes you a little longer to get there for yourself. Sometimes, people give you a hard time while forgetting why you know these mistakes so well; you’ve been there.

Sagittarius, you are far ahead of everyone else once you get through your bumps in the road, and this makes you highly inspirational and respectable.

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Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Teeth, bones, knees, skin

Before food can travel through the esophagus, down into the digestive system, and out through the excretory system, it must go through the mouth to be processed and broken down. The teeth are responsible for this. Meanwhile, the bones, skin, and knees are what holds the body up and together.

In a sense, we can view Capricorn as the one who has the organization and practicality to hold anything together — including themselves.

Capricorn, you are one of the top leading figures of the zodiac. You’re dignified, organized, and versatile. You can be seen doing anything from sports, art, to even business. The bones are strong and steady. In any area, you are one who ensures that everything operates smoothly and accordingly much like the bones do for the body.

Meanwhile, the skin is the largest external organ. It covers everything, and you are one who needs to be reassured of stability and coverage of all areas to thrive.

The skin doesn’t move and serves a large yet simple purpose. You are one to have “thick skin” as you are disciplined and logical rather than emotional. As the skin is as external as it gets and the bones as internal as it gets, this describes you emotionally. You are emotional to the core, but this is masked by physicality — which is an Earth sign tendency. You are realistic, analytical, practical, and detail-oriented. Of all zodiac signs, you are of a conservative nature that focuses on the preservation of energy and preservation of time.

Much like your fellow Earth signs, simplicity is virtual for you. Your philosophy revolves around the idea that there is such thing as too much and too little that create deficiencies or surpluses. Meanwhile, you aim to avoid that. You’re very hardworking, and you don’t allow anything to get in your way… to include mundane tasks or people who serve no purpose in your life. Some find it harsh; you find it necessary.

Your sign is mostly reserved; though the outgoing side is more upbeat, kind, open-minded, and approachable. The most positive side of Capricorn masters internalizing and externalizing emotions; not just one or the other.

Physically, most Capricorns are known to have nice, strong teeth. You’re likely a perfectionist in a sense, and you are one who is all about first impressions and connections. Therefore, your smile is everything for you.

Although you stress yourself out, you likely have clearer skin, and blemishes are small and sporadic. Both Capricorn men and women favor the natural side, and it’s common to see women under these signs wear minimal makeup. While teeth are mostly healthy, you are one to exert pressure and clench your jaw when stressed or focused. This can result in headaches, mouth soreness, and even migraines in worse situations.

As a hard worker, you likely are one who gets tired more easily and requires more rejuvenation to properly function. Also, bone injuries, arthritis, and joint problems are more common in this sign than any other sign.

Most Capricorns are fairly reasonable with their health habits; however, your emotional aloofness comes off as cold to others. Unlike your fellow Earth signs, you likely struggle the most in surfacing and rationalizing your emotions. While many under your sign learn quickly how to let others in and shut negative people out, some Capricorns can also be quite pessimistic.

You likely have an issue with internalizing information and not finding a healthy outlet for it. Much like Sagittarius, Capricorns don’t get as severe mental health issues, depression, or anxiety because of their smaller emotional capacity; though they do still get it at times. Even more emotional Capricorns have perseverance telling them it will pass; however, those who are more distant are insidious about their negative emotions.

Capricorn, sometimes we wish we didn’t care as much as you don’t. You ain’t time for all that, and I respect it.

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Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Ankles, lower legs, circulatory system

The circulatory system recycles oxygen throughout different organs for blood circulation throughout the body; meanwhile, the ankles make walking and other critical movements easier. The lower legs hold most of your body weight, and this represents your compassionate and humanitarian nature.

You are a person that every kind of person needs and one who is strong yet flexible. Your easygoing approach to everything makes you highly likable among your peers. You’re a helper more than a worker, but you are also a natural-born leader.

Unlike fire and earth signs, your leadership doesn’t typically come from the desire to control and be the best. Instead, you have a clear understanding of what certain situations need and how to satisfy them. You’re known for being a problem solver and are skilled in keeping harmony.

Aquarians commonly have strong and well-defined calves and legs; both male and female. You’re either involved on campus or something of your interests. Meanwhile, Aquarian athletes are commonly but not limited to dance, cheerleading, football, track, cross country, or gymnastics. More reserved Aquarians are likely intellectually or artistically inclined; maybe even both. However, is also common to see Aquarius have sprained ankles, knee injuries and tears, and lower back pain or injury because of the stress that your ruling parts exert on the knees, lower back, and ankles.

Much how the body needs blood circulated, the world needs and thrives off you and your creative ideas. The more outgoing Aquarius is sociable yet flighty. Seemingly, the ankles have little responsibility. Sometimes, this can be the mindset of an Aquarius; therefore, they put their fun and carefree side on the surface. You sometimes forgot how much you can contribute and prioritize the wrong things — much like how we forget the importance of our ankles.

Meanwhile, the more reserved Aquarius is a lot like Gemini in the sense that you direct your mental energy inward. You’re known for your creative and intellectual abilities, but even you tend to either underestimate or hide them. You exemplify an extroverted introvert, and this balance of the two is what brings you great success– especially when you are considered the “underdog.”

You sometimes are unsure of how to use your problem-solving skills on yourself or what you got yourself into. You’re great — fantastic actually — at communicating, mediating, and settling conflicts between other people…. but not for yourself. Much like your fellow air signs, you are more prone to mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, tiredness, or depression. This stems from when you don’t effectively deal with issues and allow them to become more severe.

Of all zodiac signs, Aquarius, you are the least confrontational. You can sometimes be misread as unemotional, distant, careless, and detached. Your carefree actions may upset others, and most of the time, your intentions are harmless. Those who do confront you make you uncomfortable, and you are one to remove yourself from the situation before dealing with it. Ironic how your ruling lower legs can help you escape any situation, right?

As they say, you’ll never meet one Aquarius who is the same as another. You’re a random body part, but it’s critical to daily tasks.

Aquarius, this is you; you feel overlooked since you’re so different, yet it’s your differences that make you stronger and more inspirational.

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Pisces (February 19-March 20): Feet, toes

Ironic how your ruling part is the feet and toes; meanwhile, you’re the free spirit of the zodiac, Pisces.

They call you a dreamer, and this is not an overused saying for you. The feet are what hold the entire body up and help with mobility. Meanwhile, the toes assist in other movements such as jumping, leg raising, and are also capable of their own independent movements. The feet are vital to daily functions, and people sometimes forget their significance since they are far from our normal field of perception.

Now, I’m not saying people feel this way about you, Pisces. However, Pisces do get injustice regarding zodiac reputation because of their more reserved yet emotional demeanor, though they may not necessarily have a reserved personality.

In actuality, your sign possesses talent unlike no other. The downside to this is that your zodiac has more subtle characteristics that discourage you from taking charge of your own desires and dreams.

You won’t find a Pisces that is exactly the same as one another — or any person for that matter. You are a different character, to say the least. You are the creative zodiac sign who can connect with others and yourself on a spiritual level. Then, you can express this in a creative form in a way no one can. This is why you are one who typically takes an interest in arts of any form, including music/singing, painting, writing, etc.

Also, it’s quite common to see your sign as athletes. With the feet and toes as your ruling part, sports that your sign likely to engage in, including (but not limited to) cheerleading, basketball, gymnastics, swim, dance, track, baseball, softball, soccer, and football because foot movement is critical in each.

Meanwhile, your feet symbolize your desire to expand your physical and mental boundaries, which is why most Pisces love travel and new experiences. Career-wise, your sign can be anything from the medical or entertainment fields such as performers, musicians, artists, nurses, public relations, business, hospitality, photography, and so forth.

Energy from the ground is transferred through the feet and to the mind, and this represents your desire to fulfill new experiences and be in touch with everything around you. I wouldn’t call you a “tree hugger” like the Pisces stereotype depicts, but you are much like Cancer in the sense that you care about environmental protection and nature itself. Pisces women prefer little to no makeup, and both men and women’s style is typically simple yet different per person.

You have a strong sixth sense that is intuitive and spiritual, and this connects to your introverted nature. You shield your emotions, but you are considerably needy when you are close to someone. You are a little more reserved about sharing, but you are also one who is fully willing to provide others with kindness and generosity especially if you are close to them. You’re a great friend, partner, family member, and you excel at anything where your heart lies.

Let’s be real, it’s hard for any of us to find feet attractive. Physically, it’s strange yet common how many Pisces have better-looking feet than many. Meanwhile, you athletes commonly get stinky feet. It’s likely your lower legs are considerably strong and that you have more built calves. At some point in your life, you’ve likely at least some form of sprain, fracture, or injury to your ankle, foot, or knee.

As energy from the ground does affect you, rough weather conditions open you to common illnesses such as colds, congestion, fever, and so on. Migraines, headaches, attention deficits, or moodiness are common since you are an overthinker and a hard worker.

Much like every sign, you are also prone to mental health issues with anxiety and depression since you’re non-confrontational. You sometimes either get defensive or petty, and you often take things personally. People don’t understand this, then neither deal with the issue. Then you dwell on it.

However, the plus sign about you versus any other zodiac is your ability to self-heal and work towards mental harmony. You can let people go who hurt you, and you always have your mind to keep you driven forward.

Pisces, you’re the underdog who people question if you’ll be famous because you’re so talented. Keep being the amazing person you are because this world couldn’t stand without you…. literally.

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Nikki Halsted is a modern astrologer and social scientist with 8 years of study. 

This article was originally published at Thought Catalog. Reprinted with permission from the author.