The Ultimate Libra Compatibility Guide — And If Your Zodiac Sign Is A Match For The Balanced 'Scales'

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The Ultimate Libra Compatibility Guide — And If Your Zodiac Sign Is A Match For The Balanced 'Scales'
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When it comes down to it, zodiac compatibility can make or break your relationships. Dating seems harder than ever these days, so understanding your zodiac sign can help you avoid disaster, and gain insight into what you need for a healthy relationship.

And when it comes to the Libra sign, they're as charming as they are clever.

But as hard as you may try, it's hard for them to find the right person. If you have the Libra zodiac sign, the good news is that you have many suitors vying for your attention. The bad news? You tend to attract all the wrong kinds of guys.

When it comes to Libra compatibility, it's hard for them to settle on anything, and even more so when it comes to their ideal lover.

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For Libras, you just want a person who can match your intelligence and can be just a social as you are.

The biggest problem is that Libras are so indecisive. You have a habit of listening to others' lousy dating advice and letting them change your mind on a guy that may actually be perfect for you. 

Libras are expert lovers, giving a burst of energy to whoever they decide to romance. You'll teach your lucky love about the art of compromise and balance. Libras make people feel special and have a way with words. But you'll have to get into her close circle of friends if you truly want to get to know her.

If you have a certain Libra in your life and are curious about your compatibility, this guide is perfect for you. It will help you understand the Libra personality, their personality traits, and if you stand a chance with them.

Which zodiac signs are most and least compatibile with Libra?

Libra's perfect matches are Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius. These love matches have the gift of gab and love socializing just as much as their Libra lover. Libra needs someone always to keep things interesting.

On the other hand, Cancer and Virgo have traits that will send Libra running. Cancer and Libra have zero sexual chemistry and there's trouble communicating, while Virgo just can't keep up with energetic Libra. Most times, these two can't understand each other.

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What does Libra need in a relationship?

Libra needs someone who isn't a hothead.

They need peace above anything else and hate getting into heating arguments, especially if it's with someone they're close to. They need someone who is calm, rational, and clear-headed in most any situation. If you can't give Libra peace, don't bother chasing them. 

What does the Libra sign bring to a relationship?

Libra is a social butterfly and will make any occasion a blast.

If you need someone to pull you out of your shell, Libra has you covered. She's a master of speech, and there's no problem she can't solve with her incredible diplomacy. 

Where is Libra most likely to find love?

Libra has the best chance of finding love at a party they're hosting, a social event, or local bar.

You're more likely to meet someone when you're in your comfort zone. Of course, while you're out partying with friends, you do run a risk of finding yourself getting stuck with one-night stands. But if you make the effort get to know the person, a relationship may bloom.

But not everywhere is a love match for a Libra. The worst place to meet someone is in your workplace.

It may seem like a great idea to date someone that you work with (you'll automatically see them every day, after all), but this has the potential to blow up in your face. If things go south, you'll have to see and hear about what your ex is up to daily. Your relationship issues could be carried over to work for all to see, and they could try to sabotage your career out of spite. 

When is the best time for a Libra personality to find love?

The best time to look for love is when you feel a strong connection with someone.

You could be riding a bus and strike up a random conversation with a stranger. You can't quite put your finger on it, but you vibe well with this person. They're giving you positive energy, and they can keep up an interesting conversation. You should go for it if you feel it's right for you. 

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What makes Libra so irresistible?

Libra is flamboyant and knows just what to say to make you smile.

They're always fun to be around and can make any dull event, fun. It's impossible to resist Libra's laid-back charm. She's the socialite who's able to talk her way out of anything.

But sadly, Libra sometimes ruins her chances at love.

Libra can be a little too rational for her own good. She can almost seem cut off from her emotions, making her appear emotional distance. A partner could feel unloved if Libra doesn't learn how to balance her feelings.

How can Libra's partner make her happy in a relationship?

Libra needs a person who can keep them balanced when the world gets crazy.

She needs a person that she really trusts to keep her grounded. A person who can navigate social situations with as much ease as she does.

Think before you speak and you'll sweep Libra off her feet. Libra needs a person to appreciate how incredible they are and who will respect them and their needs. 

How do you make Libra fall in love?

You have to be the person that has the patience for the Libra's indecisiveness.

Be the guy that has an exciting life outside of her. Have different hobbies and give her the time she needs to breathe mentally. If you do that, your relationship will be stronger and you two will always have new adventures to tell each other about. 

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