The Karmic Lesson You're Here To Learn, Based On Your Moon Sign

Our soul in this lifetime is continuing the lessons from the past.

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The natal chart opens us up to the theories of past lives that can be viewed through the Lunar Nodes, the Moon sign, and other placements.

TikToker Love Lomasi brings up the theory of Moon signs and past lives based on Judy Hall’s book, “Past Life Astrology.” The Tiktoker provides clues and insight into our potential past lives. The Moon represents our childhood but the emotional needs we have now can be linked to what we may have experienced and learned in a past incarnation.


Based on this theory, it seems like our soul in this lifetime is continuing the lessons from the past to give us tools for the present and future.

Each Moon sign's karmic lesson

Aries Moon: balance independence and interdependence

According to Lomasi, those with an Aries moon “come into this world with a soul that has a very strong sense of self and a strong ego." She explains that an Aries moon represents someone who was "a pioneer, a crusader, an advocate for the disinherited" in as past life, explaining that "in your present life, you may have done heroic gestures on behalf of your mom, partner, or even the collective because you have the emotional strength to conquer this, to do this."


Aries moons are pioneers and can be viewed as magnanimous leaders who want to help others. Because they are ruled by Mars, they can feel pretty unstoppable but also they can become protectors for their family and the people that they care about. This is the position of someone determined to guide others with kindness if they have evolved and have abandoned selfish tendencies. Aries moons need to give up some of their power and control, so balance is indeed essential when it comes to their independent nature as mentioned above.

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Taurus Moon: establish inner self-security

Lomasi explains that Taurus moons “may have an overwhelming emotional need for security," which often manifests as searching for "security in the material world. This is because, "In your past life, you may have come from a family that placed a lot of value on wealth or outer status symbols." Taurus is a sign that values security and they will seek it through their career or through seeking partners that have common goals with them. Because this is a fixed sign, they will be hyper-focused on achieving one goal, even if the path can feel daunting, exhausting and can make them miserable.

However, when the Taurus moon has had enough, they will be able to move on. It will be tough for them, but they can break free, especially if they have some cardinal or mutable placements in their natal chart. The Taurus moon needs to learn how to trust themselves so this can open them up to more control and freedom to do what makes them happy.


Gemini Moon: share feelings openly 

”You come into this world with a soul that is forever young at heart," Lomasi explains. "Emotions are fleeting, quickly rationalized and you might prefer to discuss your feelings rather than actually experience them," likely stemming from past lives in which "they may have felt alienated from feeling because they may have experienced a deeply traumatic emotional event." 

One of the most misunderstood Moon signs, Gemini moons are hard to understand because they are so hard to read. Lomasi discusses how these Moons need to rationalize emotions, which can be viewed as their Achilles' heel since it exposes a very vulnerable side that Gemini moons prefer to hide. But, because this is a Moon ruled by Mercury, it could also mean that their aloofness can be linked to their need to unearth the true meaning of emotions.

Geminis are represented by twins, so they can give the world enough information where they think they know them, but there is always that other side that they keep hidden and are constantly trying to explore.

Cancer Moon: accept help without feeling guilt

According to Lomasi, Cancer moons ”enter this lifetime as a natural caretaker and protector." Despite this moon sign's "unsurpassed capacity to nurture others,” they often have a difficult time requesting and accepting help. The Moon is in domicile in Cancer for a reason and it is because of how selfless the Moon in this sign is. In a prior incarnation, the native with a Cancer moon probably avoided their emotions and in this lifetime, they can feel it the best because they have understood the consequences of not feeling them at all. This is part of the Saturnian/Moon dynamic, picking up the energy of what we lack and focusing on it in this lifetime.


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Leo Moon: humility

“You may have an overwhelming emotional need to feel special, to be admired, to be looked up to," Lomasi says. While "the soul of a Leo moon might have excessive pride and an inflated sense of self-importance," ultimately the Leo moon should aim "to seek empowerment for all rather than power over everyone.” This is a sign that needs to develop more of a humanitarian side to showcase their magnanimous auras. Although it is good that they nourish their ego and put themselves first, they need to understand how sharing their light with others, as well as their fiery optimism with the world can help them evolve and move away from being hyper-focused on themselves now and then.

Virgo Moon: let go of perfectionism

Virgo tends to self-criticize the most and will not see their worth or value because they can be stubborn. As Lomasi explains, this is because “You come into this lifetime as a natural problem solver and a healer. In your past life, you were dedicated to service, so you enter into this life with a strong urge to be truly altruistic and serve humankind." They are their worst critics and need to learn to let go and focus on the positive sides and not the negative. Virgo moons can be quite powerful when they get out of their head and learn to live freely without micromanaging themselves to kingdom come. They need to focus on the present, not live in the past, and continue to dream big for the future.

Libra Moon: look inward for wholeness

Libra moons "enter this lifetime as a natural diplomat," explains Lomasi, entering into this life as someone used to "accommodating for other people’s needs." Because they are the sister sign of Aries, they need to channel some of that independent nature because there is so much more to Libra than romance. Libra moons can be very empowered and thrive when they learn to value and put themselves first. The beauty shines through when they know how to be in the spotlight and prioritize doing what they love and share this with others.


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Scorpio Moon: learn how to trust others

"Resentment and abandonment are all part of this person’s soul’s history, which might result in a person that is deeply mistrustful, somebody that harbors resentment and finds it hard to forgive," says Lomasi. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio moons know what it means to go through several transformations. It is a powerful placement in a chart because it makes the natives very good at seeing through people’s intentions. This placement may have experienced betrayal in a past incarnation, so they can be detectives when they want to know about someone. They may have experienced rebuilding aspects of themselves to become victorious.

Lomasi notes that this Moon sign must be open to learning about forgiveness. When they are open to forgiving and letting go, this can allow them to heal and flourish, especially in their relationships.

Sagittarius Moon: be more cognizant of emotions

Sagittarius moons "enter this lifetime as a perpetual wanderer, you value freedom over everything, and that includes emotional freedom," says Lomasi. In turn, the native "may enter this lifetime with a restless and uncommitted spirit, especially towards emotions." The Moon here is ruled by Jupiter and will focus on their freedom because having that independence allows them to learn more and to do what they love. As a fire sign, they have no problem acknowledging and letting others know what they feel when they are pushed to the edge. However, developing romantic relationships is something that the Sagittarius moon needs to work on because they will have to be open to being vulnerable with their partner as well as showing transparency.


Capricorn Moon: recognize that occasional mistakes are OK

“This is a Moon sign that carries the world on its shoulders," says Lomasi. "In your past life, you may have experienced failure and you might be trying to overcompensate in your present life…you see failure as an emotional disaster." This can make the Capricorn moon a little selfish at times as they may not want to burden themselves with everyone else’s problems. However, they are on the path to victory and will do what it takes to get there because they have a fear of not being the best or being viewed as the second best.

Capricorn is represented by the 10th house in the natal chart, the house of achievement and success, so subconsciously they want victory and it tastes sweeter when others can see them triumph. Winning is important for them and can give them the emotional nourishment they crave.

Aquarius Moon: overcome commitment issues

The Aquarius moon has "the soul of a rebel," describes Lomasi, who says that "you might have been a very cold, unresponsive, unstable, and even unpredictable person, so carrying those energies into your present life might make you susceptible to feeling emotionally isolated." While Aquarius moons can be quite emotional and intuitive, because they are an air sign, people might misinterpret this.


Aquarius Moon can be very social and very communicative, however, their beauty shines through in one one-on-one relationships. They need to learn how to be more trusting of others, similar to Scorpios because they may be apprehensive about taking things to the next level. However, this is a very friendly air sign that thrives with good friendships. A good friend circle can make them feel at home and friends will become family to them.

Pisces Moon: set and enforce boundaries

The Pisces moon is highly emotional and needs to learn to "develop boundaries so that you are not constantly swept away by your emotions and other people’s emotions," explains Lomasi. The Pisces moon's extremely caring and forgiving nature may allow them to remain close to toxic people, so they need to be more aware of who they let in their circles. 

However, Pisces is a sign that knows no bounds because in a past incarnation, they probably lived by the rules and in this lifetime they can express themselves and feel truly free. They are not afraid to feel their emotions which fuels their romantic side. When they learn to honor their boundaries, they may draw in someone worthy they can “merge” with.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.