The 5 Most Difficult Moon Signs

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In astrology, the Moon represents your emotional self, the most authentic part of you — but it is not always easy to navigate.  

Your Moon sign influences how you feel about yourself, life, and even those that you are in a relationship with.  

But it also influences what you do with those emotions as well.  

The Moon is at home in Cancer, which means other signs, especially those that are more aggressive or independent, may feel more challenged in this placement.  



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Being able to navigate your Moon sign means that you can harness the best possible parts of its placement, regardless of sign, but also overcome and navigate the challenges it presents.  

Having a difficult Moon sign can actually make it more difficult to create the relationships you desire because you will not always be acting in a consistent way to be able to enable that to occur.  

Knowing if you have a difficult Moon Sign can also help with your temper or how you relate to stressful situations.  

While it is healthy to take some space when you are feeling triggered or upset, with certain Moon signs, it can also lead to avoidance which is the opposite of what the moon naturally wants to do: feel, embrace, open, and express.  

If you have a more difficult Moon Sign you might not necessarily know how to do these things, which means that you have to work harder to be able to.

No aspect of astrology sentences you to an unhappy life. However, it is important to know what the basis is that you are operating from so that you can do better.

The purpose of astrology is to help you understand your authentic self more deeply so that you can make sure you are working with the universe to create a life based on that and not against it.  

The five most difficult moon signs  

1. Scorpio Moon

Scorpio is a deep water sign that is known for the depth of its emotional capability. But there’s also darkness with Scorpio as it is ruled by Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld.

The Scorpio Moon tends to keep their emotions bottled up, not expressing much, which ends up in a lack of fulfillment or feeling betrayed. Because they tend to keep their true feelings to themselves, they also are more likely to run in extremes. Either they love you or they hate you — there is seldom an in-between.

Yet being able to find this middle ground is also part of working with this placement. When they finally share their feelings, it tends to happen in an aggressive way even if it is uncalled for in the situation, simply because they are releasing a year’s worth of feelings instead of only what has just occurred.

Scorpio Moons also have a tendency to become obsessed with that inclination toward darkness which means that they are more likely to stay hooked in unhealthy relationships or even take up online stalking as a way to keep tabs on an ex.

While it is not all bad news, there is a certain amount of work that this placement requires in order to overcome their challenges and use their powers for good and not evil.  

2. Capricorn Moon

Capricorn is the opposing sign to Cancer which means that here in the house of the Moon, it is in its worst possible placement.

Capricorn itself is not a challenging sign, but it is very logical, pragmatic, and success-oriented which is great for careers but not for relationships. This sign can be very cold with family, friends, and even romantic partners because they just do not see the point in being emotional.

For a Capricorn Moon to express their emotions they need to see that there is going to be a bigger payout or benefit and if they do not, then it is simply that they do not have time for it. This means that they can be very dismissive of those in their lives and prioritize things that they feel are a better investment.

Because of their nature to not be fully embracing of their emotions, they also tend to compartmentalize their feelings which can later lead to depression. The Capricorn Moon has to understand that feeling emotions is a way to continue to get ahead because they will be making sure that what they were working on a year ago is still something they feel connected to now.  

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3. Virgo Moon

Unfortunately, Virgo is one of the signs that can have a challenging time in any placement because of its logical and detail-orientated mindset. Virgo tends to overthink and overanalyze to the point of confusing themselves and anyone around them. This is because of their desire to logically organize their emotions so they make sense.

But feelings and love especially are not logical, so by doing this, they will often end friendships or romantic relationships, essentially talking themselves out of their feelings because they do not understand the reason for them.

While Virgo is often known as the detail-orientated perfectionist, they also are great healers. Because of this trait, it is not uncommon for them to get involved with unhealthy partners or friends in an effort to try to fix or save them. Of course,  the Virgo Moon's lesson is to make sure they are caring for themselves as much as others — but this is a lesson that often takes a longer time to learn. Because of this desire to make sure to tend to others before the self, they will push away help and support even if they desperately need it because they do not want to be seen as a bother to anyone.

Once Virgo learns healthy boundaries, things can improve for this moon sign, but it does take time.  

4. Aquarius Moon

Aquarius is the least emotional out of any of the zodiac signs, or at least they do the best job at not letting their emotions affect them.

This is an air sign that is known for their independence and unattachment even if they are head over heels in love. When they are in relationships it can feel impossible to know where they stand. They might come off as aloof or cold despite being completely in love.

Aquarius Moon expresses their love differently than other signs and also always needs to be able to do their own thing. If they feel that a relationship or friendship threatens their freedom, then they will always be the first ones to end it.

To be in any sort of relationship with an Aquarius requires that you let them be themselves. The benefit, of course, is that you will get to be that too, but it may mean that you often have to deal with hurt feelings. Aquarius can be honest to a fault. They see this as an act of love, but it is seldom taken by others in this way. For them, being honest about how they see things is their only option, even if it comes across as abrasive or harsh. In this manner, it needs to be understood that they do not seek to hurt the feelings of those around them but it is just that they are unable to not share something that they feel is of benefit.

The Aquarius Moon is the true rebel of the zodiac, which means that being around them will often require you to do the same.  

5. Aries Moon

As a fire sign that governs war, it is no surprise that having an Aries Moon sign is a challenging placement.

Aries Moons tend to keep things inside of themselves simply because they are trying to not explode at those around them, but what ends up happening is just that. Because this sign feels emotions so deeply, they are afraid of what the reactions of others will be when and if they share them, so they seldom do. What ends up coming out is pure anger. Not necessarily anger about a situation, but instead about themselves because they do not understand how to work with what they have.

The Aries Moon can also be extremely impulsive and then a minute later regret it. This means that Aries can break up with you today only to call you tomorrow and want to rescind it. They can also have an affair yet instantly regret it as well.

Aries are more comfortable expressing rough and intense feelings rather than softer and gentler ones. They can go from zero to sixty quite fast and also tend to speak in loud and disruptive tones. They also tend to only rely on themselves, similar to Aquarius in many ways, making those around them feel rejected.

An Aries Moon can feel deeply and move past these challenges, but expressing their truth is the only way.  

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