Sensitive Moon Signs, Ranked From Most To Least Emotional

Some moon signs wear their hearts on their sleeves while others have a tougher exterior.

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One of the most powerful personal planets in our charts is the Moon. The Moon represents home, the mother figure, and how our early childhood development was influenced. It is also how we express our emotions.

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To discover each piece of this puzzle, your Moon sign and its aspects in your birth chart can give major clues.

Your Moon sign reflects who you are on the inside as well as what drives and motivates you. Depending on the Moon sign, it reflects how you channel your feelings as well as how others perceive you in personal relationships. For some people, the Moon sign can be more noticeable than the Sun and Rising signs.

Water signs know how to navigate how they feel, especially when they have personal planets in water. Things get a little more complicated as the Sun and Moon’s elements are not in harmony.


Here are the most sensitive Moon signs, ranked. 

See how your sign impacts and drives you. 



1. Pisces Moon: most sensitive Moon sign

Those with Pisces Moons are emotionally intelligent. The Pisces Moon has a sixth sense. They can sense the moods and emotions of others, especially if the native has a lot of water placements.

Pisces is sensitive, caring, and humble. What differentiates Pisces from other water signs is that they can reflect the energy they receive. When their surroundings are filled with explosive emotions, Pisces will react stronger than other signs.


2. Cancer Moon

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer Moons are another powerhouse water Moon that is comfortable in this sign.

Cancer Moons can be very emotional because they are protective, caring, and fiercely devoted to those people they love. It makes them romantics and passionate. When they care too much about a cause or a person, it can make them inclined to express themselves emotionally. 

3. Aries Moon

As a fire sign, Aries Moons are passionate. When their fury is unleashed, they react quickly, especially if they are frustrated, threatened, pressured, or feel defeated.

However, this can only translate into emotional outbursts when they are frustrated or they feel defeated. Always ones to seek a victory, this Moon sign will be explosive when they are pushed. Not one to back down from a challenge, Aries will face adversaries but will also show their emotions when they want to control. 


4. Taurus Moon

Exalted Taurus Moon can be a very emotive and explosive sign. Taurus Moons want their way and their fixed energy can have them react as strongly as an Aries. The natives with this Moon are driven to accomplish and succeed because they prioritize material gains which brings emotional security.

When they are centered, they can be calm and their caring, loving traits will stand out. However, when they are not in control, they will have outbursts and tantrums.

5. Leo Moon

Filled with pride and confidence, Leo Moons will show us that they are not affected by anything. Nevertheless, when they feel insecure, their emotions are expressed dramatically. When they are in the spotlight, they will behave regally. But their heart will be open in their home where they feel safe.

6. Virgo Moon

Perfectionist Virgo Moons might appear stoic, but their insecurities could fill them with anxiousness and emotional struggles. Virgo is a sign that will privately vent and not show how they feel but they are prone to be emotional when they feel they are not good enough or if someone points out their flaws.


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7. Sagittarius Moon

Fearless Sagittarius Moon will feel the need to escape if they feel emotionally cornered. Planning their next adventure will be their priority when they want to take a break from stressful situations. They use comedy as a tool, especially when navigating their emotions since it allows them to cope with demanding situations.

8. Scorpio Moon

The Moon is in fall in the sign of Scorpio, because showing those emotions is a struggle for them. Like a volcano, Scorpio holds its powerful emotions within only to release them when they are pushed. It is a secretive Moon sign that needs to learn how to channel its energy and emotions in a way that contributes to its personal growth.

9. Libra Moon

Air Moons have a reputation for being too logical when handling their emotions. Libra seeks emotional balance so they will be analytical with how they handle their feelings.


Because they are ruled by Venus, their warmer traits will be showcased when they are in love. Libra Moon feels emotionally liberated when they have established powerful connections. Romantic relationships allow them to release some of their feelings, as long as their partner makes them feel safe and comfortable.

10. Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moons are ruled by Saturn, which makes them hard to read. The Moon in this sign is in fall because it does not reflect the warmth that the Moon should have. Capricorns will suppress their emotions and will direct their feelings towards their work. It is a sign that needs to understand that being in tune with our emotions is not a negative thing.

11. Gemini Moon

The analytical Gemini Moon will prefer to explore their emotions before letting them take over. They want to bring balance emotionally through avoidance. It is a sign that will focus on how to make their feelings go away instead of facing them head-on.


The best way for them to connect emotionally is a trusting relationship that can be a catalyst for their emotional evolution. 

12. Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moons are ruled by Saturn and Uranus. It makes the natives unpredictable to others because they can be detached and aloof. Uranus makes them independent and they will do everything they can to preserve their freedom.

For many, their emotional side can make them feel trapped since they see it as a vulnerability and would prefer to protect themselves. 

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.