7 Astrology Placements That Reveal Powerful, Magnetic People

Some people are destined to have power.

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From revealing what truly lies in your heart to how you approach love and relationships, your natal chart can reveal it all — including whether or not you are destined for success and power.

According to TikTok spiritualist @pillaroflighttarot, some people are born blessed with “green flag” astrology placements that make it easier for them to achieve success.



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Of course, nothing is guaranteed. One can have a natural talent for shooting baskets in the neighborhood court but that doesn't mean you are guaranteed a spot on the NBA team.

But every little bit helps when it comes to being successful and powerful. Especially when it comes to the following astrology placements.

So here are some powerful natal astrology placements that reveal you are a powerful, magnetic person.

Most powerful aspects in natal charts

1. Pluto trine Jupiter

When Pluto and Jupiter are in a trine aspect in your natal chart, it's a big indicator for success.

People with this are often born into wealthy households. But even if you were not, this aspect reveals that wealth and abundance will flow easily to you — almost as if you have authority figures on your side.


2. Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio blesses its natives with intense passion and creativity. You have natural magnetism that simmers under the surface.

This placement also makes a person very attractive. But not in the traditional way. This attractiveness is felt more than it is seen.

3. Sun conjunct Mercury

A conjunct aspect between Sun and Mercury in one's natal chart reveals a powerful mind that grasps information very quickly. It's like a super-powered Sun in Gemini without the Geminian distractibility.

People with this natal chart aspect make charming leaders and can convince others very easily to their side.

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4. Mercury in Gemini or Aquarius

If your Mercury sign is in Gemini or Aquarius, you can talk to anybody, about anything, and form smooth connections very quickly.

This placement blesses its native with the ability to network effortlessly and make many friends.

You can hop from social circle to social circle without feeling awkward in the least or making others wary.

Mercury in Gemini or Aquarius people are excellent communicators.

5. Moon trine Venus

This is an effortless astrology placement. It gives you natural charm and makes it easy for you to connect with people on an authentic level, whether in a romantic situation or platonic.

Moon trine Venus also makes it easy for you to make friends and get help wherever you are. You will never lack opportunities... as long as you ask for them.


6. Neptune in Cancer

People who have their Neptune in Cancer are strong empaths and intuitives. They can read energies even if they do not know they are doing it.

No one can lie to these natives. They'll always know what's up. Plus, they can read people easily... as long as they trust their intuitive hits.

7. Pallas in Capricorn

If you have your Pallas in Capricorn, you are an excellent planner and strategist. People come to you in times of crisis because you naturally exude leadership abilities and focused strength.


People with Pallas in Capricorn are far-sighted when it comes to their goals. And once they successfully bring their visions to life, people often look back on what they did and say they were ahead of their time.

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