The Ruling Planets In Astrology And How They Affect You

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ruling planets in astrology and zodiac signs

There are 10 significant ruling planets in astrology, including luminaries the Sun and Moon as well as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Each planet rules a zodiac sign (some rule two) and has an astrological meaning and influence. 

The inner planets are the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. They're considered personal planets because they change signs frequently, having a stronger impact on your personality and day-to-day life. The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. They're considered generational planets as they're slower-moving and impact larger generations and society as a whole. 

When a planet is in a zodiac sign, that means that the area of life that sign represents embodies the energy of that specific planet.

Ruling planets in astrology

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Here’s a breakdown of all of the signs, their planets, and what they mean.

Mars: Aries' ruling planet

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Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries. Aries is similar to the Greek god of war Ares, and Mars is the name of his Roman counterpart. Mars is responsible for your instinctual reactions, so once you know your Mars sign you can better understand your level of drive and action. Mars’ energy is fiery and loud, and it tends to ignite a lot of discussion and debate. Mars' energy is responsible for the side of Aries that is known to be stubborn and not back down from a fight.

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Venus: Taurus and Libra's ruling planet

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Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Venus is the Roman name for the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Your Venus sign gives you insight into your desires and values as well as your ability to give and receive love and affection. Venus' influence on Taurus makes it a sensual and feminine sign despite being symbolized by the bull. Venus is also associated with rebirth and fulfillment, which explains the importance of touch and sensuality in Taurus. Venus represents love and harmony, seen in Libra's need for balance, partnership and justice.

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Mercury: Gemini and Virgo's ruling planet

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Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is the Roman name for the Greek god Hermes, the messenger of the gods. This is evidenced by Gemini’s sociable personality and lends itself to Gemini’s intellect. Mercury was always known to be in two different worlds since he could be in the underworld and physical world, which is seen in Gemini's duality. Mercury's influence also affects Virgo’s tendency to gravitate toward logic and pragmatism. Your Mercury sign is all about your communication style and how your mind works. Your mercury sign affects the way you're able to express yourself and says a lot about how you communicate and the kind of things that interest you.

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Moon: Cancer's ruling planet

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The Moon controls the oceans and the waves and rules the zodiac sign Cancer. This is an perfect fit for water sign Cancer, symbolized by the crab. The Moon is associated with femininity and a close relationship with emotions. Cancers are one of the most emotional and empathetic signs in the zodiac next to fellow water sign Pisces. They can feel other people’s emotions and react in a complementary manner, which matches the Moon’s effect on the ocean. Your Moon sign is all about your emotions and it influences the way you feel and how you process your experiences in life. It also affects how you respond and regulate your impulses and emotions.

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Sun: Leo's ruling planet

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Leo loves being the center of attention, and what better planet to rule it than the center of our solar system, the Sun. Bright and at the center, the Sun sign is also the title of one of the most important placements in your birth chart. Your Sun sign is all about your personality to the core and is the one we talk about most often when referencing your horoscope and zodiac sign. Having the Sun as the ruler of Leo, therefore, matches perfectly with its need to be in the center of attention. They are fiery and the life of the party, just like the Sun.

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Pluto: Scorpio's ruling planet

Pluto rules Scorpio, a sign known for being passionate, fierce, and emotional. They are also into some underground things, which lines up with Pluto and his role in his pantheon. Pluto is our little dwarf planet, and it is also the Roman name for the Greek god Hades. In astrology, Pluto symbolizes transformation and rebirth. Spending 12-15 years in each sign, Pluto is one of the generational planets whose influence lends to transformation and evolution in society. Your Pluto sign represents your growth in life and how or where you will experience it. Depending on your Pluto sign, it will indicate how or where your transformation comes from.

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Jupiter: Sagittarius' ruling planet

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Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek god Zeus, and they both served as rulers of their pantheons, as well as the gods of the sky. Jupiter is known as the greater benefic in astrology and is associated with luck, fortune and success. Your Jupiter sign is about your sense of purpose and wisdom and what we can learn and teach others and how you will achieve power. Sagittarians, ruled by Jupiter, are optimistic and goal-oriented, as well as being very extroverted. This matches Jupiter’s energy very well. Jupiter had many affairs and a lot of battles in order to stay at the head of the pantheon. He was goal-oriented, which plays into that part of the Sagittarian personality very well.

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Saturn: Capricorn's ruling planet

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Saturn is the Roman name for the Greek titan Cronos (or Kronos), and they both served as the god of time when the titans ruled the world. Saturn was unnaturally stubborn throughout his life. This plays well into Capricorn’s tendency to be very stubborn as well, which matches its symbol of the goat. Capricorns are serious and family-oriented. They also tend to expect the worst, which matches with Saturn, which is known as a malefic planet in astrology and is associated with responsibilities, ambitions and obligations. Your Saturn sign represents restrictions you set for yourself, obligations you have in life and your authority as well. It controls how you face your fears and also how you set your boundaries.

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Uranus: Aquarius' ruling planet

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Uranus is known as the planet of breakthroughs in astrology. This matches up with Aquarius rather well because Aquarians tend to lean into other-worldly or supernatural interests. They are deep thinkers and progressive. They are quick to accept any person. Your Uranus sign is about how you express your own individuality and your relationship with technology, rebellion, and innovation.

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Neptune: Pisces' ruling planet

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Neptune is the Roman name for the Greek god Poseidon, and they both serve as the god of the seas in their pantheon. This fits so well with Pisces, and it’s not just because it is a water sign. Neptune is the planet of inspiration and dreams, which aligns very well with Pisces' emotional connections and dreamy outlook on life. Neptune was known to be quite emotional in mythology, which also matches Pisces too. Your Neptune sign is about your inspirations, dreams, spiritual enlightenment, self-awareness, and creativity.

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