Relationship & Love Compatibility For Virgo + All Other Zodiac Signs

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Relationship & Love Compatibility For Virgo + All Other Zodiac Signs

Are you a Virgo? If your birthday falls between August 23rd and September 22nd, congrats — you belong to the Virgo zodiac sign!

But when it comes to love and relationships, things may become a little complicated. 

You're probably looking for love or are interested in a particular person, but don't have a good idea about their zodiac sign. Lukcily for you, we will shine a light on that issue!

With Virgo love compatibility, how does this Maiden match up with the other zodiac signs?

Ranked from the best match to the least likely to work out romantically, here's where your sign lands.

1. Virgo & Cancer

This match is mainly at the top because Cancer brings out the best in Virgo.

Cancer even raises Virgo's self-confidence. Cancer can sometimes, be moody but with Virgo's patience and understanding, it's never an issue.

Your sexual relationship is very sensual, and there's a lot of passion and chemistry between you. You're also highly affectionate and love to please your partner.

You both love stability and routine, and there's a chance you both will become comfortable with each other very early on in the relationship. Sometimes, although you both can be critical to the point where you don't offer much support, at the end of the day, you overcome these small obstacles.

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2. Virgo & Scorpio

Scorpio has confidence, strength and stubbornness, and Virgo, you find yourself trusting them easily.

You'll find that your Scorpio can understand what you're feeling and thinking without much effort. Scorpio likes to be in control of a relationship, and you won't mind that as they allow you plenty of personal space at the same time.

In your sexual relationship, Scorpio will take control, which you won't mind. They will tempt you to try out new things in the bedroom since they are passionate, and this sign will raise the bar way past what you expect.

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3. Virgo & Taurus

Taurus is a reliable partner: honest, straightforward, and often with a great sense of purpose.

Virgo, you'll find them both inspiring and comforting. You tend to worry a lot about the little things, but since Taurus has similar feelings, it offers a great support system. You're both also very loyal.

Your sexual relationship will be great since Taurus is patient with you. They take things slowly and are sensual lovers, and there's no shortage of physical chemistry. 

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4. Virgo & Capricorn

This is one of your best matches, Virgo — maybe even soulmate potential.

You will be attracted to them not only physically, but mentally. You're both caring, responsible and organized individuals, and the list goes on and on.

Your sexual relationship is a great match. You both are on the same page in the bedroom, and when you spend time learning more about each other, your intimate lives can reach its full potential.

Some may say your relationship could be dull long term, since it's all work no play, but it really depends on both signs' willingness to stay with each other.

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5. Virgo & Aries

Aries tend to not be patient and always jump ahead, which is not something Virgos are a fan of.

You will admire how passionate your Aries partner is. Virgo can come off as a very conservative sign, and Aries is the opposite, being impulsive and carefree. But if you want something exciting or challenging, this can be an amazing relationship.

Your sexual relationship will involve Aries taking control, since they are very passionate and spontaneous. And if you're fine with letting them do that, there's a lot of potential. This can last long-term if you're willing to compromise.

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6. Virgo & Virgo

Some people may say this is a perfect match, but when you look at the fact that two Virgos will over-analyze each other, it can ruin the passion.

You'll understand each other perfectly, which is a plus since you're both so similar, but it leads this relationship more into a business relationship than a romantic one.

Your sexual relationship will flourish if both of you are comfortable with each other and willing to work on being romantic in this department.  

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7. Virgo & Pisces

This match is tricky, and you'll love parts of it and hate parts of it.

You will become more annoyed with each other, rather than fight. In some cases, you fit perfectly since Pisces is very imaginative and you're practical, making opposites attract.

Your sexual relationship will save this relationship, mainly because of physical chemistry. Pisces will make you experience emotions on a much deeper level than other partners, but the main issue is that you may not get as lost in your emotions as Pisces does.

You could, however, spend the rest of your life with Pisces. It's all about compromise.

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9. Virgo & Sagittarius

This match works well due to the fact that you both are very intellectual and are great communicators, as well as open-minded.

You'll admire the fact that Sagittarius is outgoing and adventurous, but it can be a little overwhelming at times.

Your sexual relationship can be great since you'll enjoy their spontaneity and openness; the only faulty thing is that it may be hard for you to keep Sagiitrius interested, so you might have to go out of your comfort zone.

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8. Virgo & Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius might be better as a friendship rather than a relationship.

Not only are you both great communicators and intellectual, but Aquarius partners are patient and willing to let the relationship grow. On the negative side, they can sometimes say offensive things, which may be shocking to you.

Your sexual relationship is the lowest part, since you both are won't really be able to bring out each other's passionate side unless you're willing to work at it. Overall, for this relationship to work, you have to put a lot of effort in.

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10. Virgo & Leo

Leo and Virgo seem like a good match since Virgo will give Leo a lot of attention, but there are some issues.

Virgo will teach Leo to be more responsible and organized, and Leo will teach Virgo to live a little. The main issue is that Virgo can be very critical, and Leo will not like this.

Leo wants someone more timid, and Virgo likes to voice their opinion. This won't be as big of an issue if you both can work through your disagreements before they turn into fights.

Your sexual relationship can be challenging since Leo expects a lot of praise in this department, which you might not be comfortable giving. This can work with a lot of compromising and you both understanding opposing viewpoints. 

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11. Virgo & Libra

The reason this match is so low on this list is based on the fact that both of these signs avoid confrontation.

This can cause issues in the sense that lots of your problems get swept under the rug. Sure you're both good communicators and can be very rational, but you're very different. Libra sees you as too serious, and Virgo sees Libra as lazy and indecisive.

Your sexual relationship is high, mainly because Libra will want to please you and make you happy. Virgo will have to try and not criticize too much and learn to enjoy Libra's company. This relationship can work, but you both will need to understand each other's differences. 

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12. Virgo & Gemini

You both will have great communication and will have a flexible relationship. The issue here is you will display a lot of emotion for Gemini.

This will leave your Gemini partner to be more of flirt, creating trust issues in your relationship.

Your sexual relationship will be good in the beginning, but since Gemini treats it more of physical activity, you might wonder if they take it as seriously as you do. Overall, you both aren't very emotional, which can cause an empty relationship. 

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