Why Is Scorpio So Magnetic?

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Why Is Scorpio So Magnetic?

Scorpios are passionate, assertive, determined, and decisive. As intuitive leaders, they understand situations easily. They are researchers of facts and searchers of truth.

Why is Scorpio so magnetic?

Scorpios are ruled by two of the most intense planets in astrology: it's ancient planetary ruler Mars, the God of war, and Pluto, a dwarf planet reputed for transformative change.

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Scorpio is magnetic because it is expressive and draws your attention in (and keeps it, too).

A Scorpio as a water sign feels everything intensely. They can't help but express their emotions. They tend to do so in a way that’s different from other water signs. They also can keep any secret; if you reveal one, no one will ever know. A Scorpio is a trusted friend and advisor who will take what you say to their grave.

What other reasons does astrology give when people ask, "Why is Scorpio so intense?".

Here are a few more facts about Scorpio, according to astrology:

Scorpio is fiercely independent, but they are possessive.

Scorpio can be quite intense — in a good way.

Scorpios are independent. They do things for themselves. So, whenever a Scorpio sets sights on something, nothing can stop them from getting in the way. When they get something that they wanted so badly, they plan to own it. Good luck trying to take it away. A Scorpio does not let go.

Scorpio is possessive of relationships, aspirations or even materialistic things. If they are in a relationship, especially one they think is worth fighting for, they will put all of their all into it.

Their faithfulness is off the charts.

They are honest with their emotions. To those they don’t care for, they show very little interest, but if they love you, they *LOVE* you.

When it comes to relationships, they put all of their focus on that relationship, and would never hurt anyone. Even though they may be slow to fall in love, their love is forever when they do.

Scorpios don’t settle.

Once a Scorpio finds someone they can settle down with, there’s usually a complete list of reasons why their partner is worthy.

But, if they don’t see a long-term relationship with someone, they won’t waste their time. Scorpios protect their hearts, and they are internally secure. They have spent a long time working on themselves, and they wouldn’t throw that away for someone that doesn’t appreciate them.

They’re naturally curious and observant.

As I mentioned before, they like doing their research to find out the truth. Scorpios would love to know everything about everyone, especially those they spend their time with the most. They want to learn about that person's thoughts and how they feel about things.

They are extremely curious about matters “unsolved, mysterious or hidden” which can draw them in like a moth to a flame. Nothing particularly gets to Scorpios, and they enjoy more of the sick, gory and disturbing things of life, too.

Everyone else’s opinion is irrelevant to them.

Scorpios couldn’t care less about what others have to say about them. They are extremely in tune with themselves, and they are unfazed by others. They do what makes them happy and make sure that it’s in their best interest. Scorpios don’t even consider what everyone else thinks about the things they do; they like doing things their way at the end of the day.

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They can be quite intuitive.

Scorpios tend to follow their gut, and they can notice things that others may overlook. They can easily predict the future based on their gut feelings and their observational skills are quite amazing also.

Their intuitiveness allows them to be a step ahead of other people, and they have a deeper understanding of the world around them. Scorpios often know what someone is thinking before they open their mouth to say anything.

Scorpios are sensual.

They are exceptionally sensual and carry themselves with the same intensity as they do with everything else. They tend to focus on one person, and they live to please their partner.

Naturally, they are intimate people and that resembles the energy they carry around wherever they go. They walk into a room and that energy precedes them and everyone is naturally attracted to them. Don’t worry if you are dating a Scorpio as they are extremely loyal.

They protect the people they love.

Scorpios wouldn’t want to lose someone they love, so if they feel that something is threatening a relationship — whether romantic, platonic, or familial — they will go into defense mode. They wouldn’t want something to disrupt their relationships, especially when they rarely connect with people on a deeper level.

Their possessiveness isn’t because of insecurities, it’s because they are with the person they love. If you were ever to date a Scorpio, you would feel secure within the relationship. Scorpios go hard for the person that they feel is “the one.”

Scorpios may come off as a lot, but all they want to be in is an honest and secure relationship and this is what they want in return.

Scorpios are as honest and blunt as they come.

People born as Scorpio tend to give their honest opinion. Their outspokenness allows them to state their true feelings to your face. Sometimes, people use this brutal honesty to be rude, but Scorpios rather give the raw truth than be dishonest.

Honesty is something ingrained into Scorpio’s way of being, and they don’t have the time for the lies. If you can’t keep it real, you may have a hard time with a Scorpio.

Their strategic ways make them great for planning.

Even in the most dramatic situations, they remain calm and can contain the situation. They are good observers, and they can grasp the situation at hand and act accordingly. In comparison to the other fire signs, Scorpios take their time to plan for things. When it comes down to it, their execution would be very precise.

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