Why Are Virgos So Loyal?

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Why Are Virgos So Loyal?

Fidelity and faithfulness are at the top of a Virgo's priority list. If you've ever memorized Beyonce's song, "Dance for You", you can hear her Virgo personality come through loud and clear.

Virgos are known for many things, including being perfectionists and observant. So of course, when Virgo is your friend, they want to be the best one you've ever had.

From caring about you to listening to your troubles when you need a good cry, a Virgo is always there for a friend. 

Why are Virgos so loyal?

Virgo focuses on a goal no matter what. Their sensitivity is unlike any other.

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They are very reliable and won’t let you down. Virgos will do anything to help you out, even if that means taking on too many projects at once.

Here's why Virgos are so loyal, per astrology:

1. Virgos don’t let their feelings get in the way of your relationship.

You will be their number one priority when it comes to sharing feelings. They also don’t have a hard time focusing on tasks, so basically you are their task and they won’t take their eyes off you.

2. They want relationships to last.

Virgos are intense romantics, they don’t like one-night stands. Once you’re in their life, they don’t want to let you go in hopes that there will be something there (if they want you as a romantic partner).

3. They always want to be there for you.

A Virgo keeps their phone by the bed so if you call, they are available at all times.

If you need a favor, they make sure to keep their schedule open for you no matter what. A Virgo wants to support you through the roughest and the calmest waters.

4. Caring is their end game.

A Virgo goes the extra mile. They will show a potential partner or friend that they are okay with pitching in. A Virgo won’t complain the whole time to make you feel bad.

If this means dropping everything to get them to the finish line, even if it gets in the way of their own goals, a Virgo will do so many times.

5. A Virgo won’t overshadow a partner with feelings.

Virgos let others have the floor first in any fights. This doesn’t mean they completely shut down, but a Virgo will wait until they have a clear mind to share their side.

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6. A Virgo checks in with you when you're silent.

They keep you in mind at all times. They think of reasons to check-up in with you every once in a while.

They understand that loyalty means always having someone on your mind and doing things you know will make them happy.

7. When Virgo is selfless.

They always lend a hand no matter what.

Virgo is a loyal friend who knows that having someone who will do the dirty work that no one else is willing to do is what friendship is all about.

8. Virgo’s loyalty is solid.

They are as grounded as they come. Virgos are devoted and know how to take the time to get to know their partner.

9. Virgo is committed.

They try to see eye-to-eye with you when it comes to taking on the goals of their partners. They also understand the importance of keeping a long-lasting relationship.

10. They know how to keep a secret.

Virgo’s idea of keeping all feelings aside and focusing on their partner’s more is sacred. They also know that there is no reason to cause conflicts when there doesn’t need to be.

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