Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Scorpio

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Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Scorpio
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If you want an epic love story with your own hero or heroine, you need to find a Scorpio. They're hot, passionate, have an edge to them, and, in terms of zodiac compatibility, you'd be lucky to have them. 

According to astrology, the Scorpio personality doesn’t do boring; often times, they don’t do easy. But it's these contradictory traits that make Scorpio such a great partner.

Those who can withstand Scorpio compatibility know that they should never lie to them or betray them.

If you hurt a Scorpio, it will be a huge challenge to get them to trust you again. They aren’t the most forgiving of the zodiac signs. Scorpios are independent, and if anyone is the dominant or controlling partner in the relationship, it’s probably them.

Scorpios may not be the most misunderstood sign, but they're not easy to read; their personalities are made up of a number of contradictions. They want their partners to be completely honest with them, but they reserve the right to hold back everything about themselves.

They’re extremely private and tend to have an air of mystery about them. The Scorpio zodiac sign intrigues us, and we want to know more. It doesn't matter how long you’re in a relationship with Scorpio — you will run out of things to discover.

You can’t talk about Scorpio traits without mentioning how gifted they are sexually. It’s been said that there’s no one more passionate or creative. Their never-ending libido is legendary, and no one compares to a Scorpio in the bedroom.

So, where does your zodiac sign stand when it comes to Scorpio compatibility? 

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Scorpio & Aries

Scorpio and Aries are a tricky combination as they're at cross-purposes when it comes to a relationship.

They both have a lot of sexual energy, so they get along on that front. However, Scorpios tend to keep things to themselves, and Aries is much more open.

The real problem is that Scorpio is very sensitive, and when Aries is in a mood, they will say anything, even if it's hurtful. When there's a misunderstanding or an argument, Aries will get over it quickly, whereas Scorpio will nurse a grudge until they have some payback.

Scorpio wants to have a strong emotional bond while that may not be Aries' thing. 

Scorpio & Taurus

A Scorpio and Taurus union could work.

Taurus is dynamic enough to capture Scorpio's interest and has enough of a sense of self to keep it. The problem is that both signs are stubborn, strong-willed, and prone to bouts of jealousy. Both signs take a long time to build up trust, but it's a lot easier to gain it back once you've lost it with Taurus. 

Neither sign does compromise well, so if there's a disagreement, these two may never relinquish their position. Both enjoy touch and the physical side of love, so that's a plus.

But the two signs don't have much in common, so there tend to be long, drawn-out pauses when they're having a conversation.

Scorpio & Gemini

And the award for least compatible with Scorpio goes to Gemini.

If they're going to make it work at all, they're going to have to learn to accept and understand each other's differences, which are numerous. Gemini is chatty and open while Scorpio is more closed off and secretive. Scorpio has intense, laser-like focus, and Gemini gets bored easily and flits from one subject to another.

Scorpio takes betrayal hard, and Gemini tries to let go of any negative feelings as quickly as possible. Gemini has no problem telling a white lie if it will save someone from getting hurt (especially themselves), and for Scorpio, any lie is a deal-breaker.

They can be in the same friend circle, but one-on-one there's going to be some major challenges.

Scorpio & Cancer

Scorpio is one of the most compatible signs with Cancer.

Both signs are emotional, sensitive, and passionate. Cancer is more forthcoming with their feelings than Scorpio, which is more than fine for both of them. Scorpio wants devotion and they're going to get it with Cancer; whereas other signs might find Cancer too clingy, Scorpio likes knowing how much they mean to Cancer.

Scorpio and Cancer don't just have the same kind of temperaments, they have the same kind of goals (security, love, family) and creative pursuits. Since they're on the same level intellectually and emotionally, Scorpio and Cancer understand each other very well.

Scorpio & Leo

A relationship between Scorpio and Leo would fall under the category "Extremely Challenging."

Scorpio likes to be their partner's focal point and they don't understand why Leo constantly needs attention, especially from other people. Scorpios always hold something back whereas Leos are an open book.

Scorpios are a little too emo for Leos who tend to be more light-hearted and happy. Leo will sometimes wonder why Scorpio has to take everything so personally. There are so many people in Leo's life, which can inspire Scorpio's jealousy.

Both signs are very loyal and brave, but Scorpio is too emotionally intense for Leo.

Scorpio & Virgo

A Scorpio and a Virgo together could go either way.

They might get along really well because they're both very smart, creative, and have high standards. However, Scorpio may scare the crap out of Virgo with their intensity and passion.

There could be a battle of the know-it-alls since both believe they know a lot more than the other and they're not afraid to prove it. Virgo may be put off by the raw, crude, and aggressive parts of Scorpio's personality, and Scorpio may see Virgo as not trying hard enough to advance in their career and being a bit too lazy.

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Scorpio & Libra

Scorpio and Libra are like the couple that has a great one-night stand, tries to turn it into a more serious relationship, and almost immediately sees their relationship as a disaster in the making.

Sexually speaking, these two signs are very compatible, it's just that the lives that happen when they're not having sex don't mesh. Scorpios are too intense for Libra, and Libra is too thoughtless for Scorpio. They don't mean to hurt each other, they just do.

Scorpio sees Libra a being too frivolous, and not doing their part to create change. Libra thinks that Scorpio needs to loosen up and look for the joy in life.

Scorpio & Scorpio

Much of the time when two people of the same sign are together, it's a slam dunk. Not so in the case of Scorpio and Scorpio.

Sure, they have amazing sex, but they also have a hard time understanding each other. This is a combative union — they get into fights, they're jealous, stubborn, and neither one will listen to reason.

When one Scorpio hurts another one, it's an epic battle. Two Scorpios can have a passionate relationship, but they're going to have to work at their relationship if they expect it to last.

Scorpio & Sagittarius

Scorpio and Sagittarius tend to not be compatible.

Scorpio is way too intense and controlling for free-spirited Sagittarius. Sagittarius' natural ability to talk to everyone will inspire Scorpio's jealousy.

Scorpio wants security and Sagittarius needs to have the freedom to do what they want. Sagittarius has a great sense of humor which Scorpio can appreciate, but sometimes they go too far and say or do something that inadvertently hurts Scorpio.

These two signs don't even travel the same. Scorpio likes to go to one place and immerse themselves in the culture, while Sagittarius likes to go to many different places and try a little bit of everything.

If they're in the same family or friend circle, they will have an appreciation for each other, but a romance between them might be too frustrating for both.

Scorpio & Capricorn

Scorpios and Capricorns are a good match.

Both have a very strong work ethic and are extremely focused on setting up for their future. Capricorns are very honest, which is a definite plus for Scorpio, and would never knowingly betray anyone. Scorpios may be known for how adventurous they are in the bedroom, but Capricorns are just as freaky.

Both signs know when to focus and when to cut loose. Capricorn is better at being objective and can be somewhat emotionally detached at times which works well with a Scorpio, especially when they're seething with emotion.

Capricorn can be Scorpio's emotional support when they need it the most.

Scorpio & Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius would have a hard time making a go of a relationship.

They not only don't have much in common, they don't even behave in the world the same way. Scorpios feel things deeply — too deeply as far as Aquarius is concerned. Aquarius would rather not talk about Scorpio's feelings or share their own.

Scorpios can become fixated on a romantic interest and obsessive, which Aquarius doesn't like at all. Aquarius love their freedom and they don't want to feel as if they have to answer to anyone, which doesn't go down well with Scorpio's need to control.

It seems as if these two signs are never going to give the other what they want.

Scorpio & Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces are extremely compatible!

It's funny — they have a lot in common and their differences meld well together. Scorpio may be secretive, and while Pisces is more open, they often retreat into their fantasy world. Pisces may not know everything about Scorpio, but they're creative enough to come up with their own answers.

Both signs are sensitive and understanding. Scorpio is more driven and focused which makes them good advocates and examples for Pisces. If Pisces feels shy about sharing their talent, Scorpio will light a fire under them and encourage them to get their art out into the world and get paid for it.

Pisces give to Scorpio kindness, sympathy, and care — all things that Scorpio needs but may be too scared to ask for.

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