8 Reasons Virgo Women Are The Best Women To Love

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Why Virgo Women Are The Best Zodiac Signs To Love, Per Personality Traits, Romantic Compatibility & Astrology
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Has a Virgo woman caught your eye? You'd better nail that goddess down!

As an Earth sign, Virgo women — born between August 23 and September 22 — possess personality traits and characteristics that makes them the most grounded in strength, honesty and ambition among all zodiac signs in astrology.

This is not a woman who is going to sit around waiting for you to make up your mind or see if there is someone better out there for you as far as romantic compatibility goes.

After all, she is the perfectionist of the zodiac — so how could love with anyone else possibly compare?!

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Your Virgo woman is quite likely to be successful, focused and analytical, which may have you sometimes feeling like she is overly-critical or under-emotional.

But she just wants the best — for herself, for her love and for everyone she cares about.

Rather than shy away from the powerful force of nature she is, grab on and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

Here are 8 reasons the personality traits of a Virgo woman make her and her "virgin" sisters the best women to love, based on astrology and zodiac love compatibility.

1. If she seems a little distracted, there's no need to worry.

It's most likely she's just thinking dreamy thoughts about you!


"Virgo will usually daydream about their lover."

2. A Virgo woman will knock your socks off forever.

Because her beauty dwells within all layers of her existence.


"Virgo females are beautiful, physically and spiritually, and make great life partners."

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3. Don't take your Virgo woman's critiques too harshly.

She always means well and wants you to have and be your best in everything.


"You may think a Virgo is being really mean, but that is just how they are. They criticize out of love, not hate."

4. Virgo women have a way of making life, home and mind, feel peaceful.

Think smooth-sailing and comfy.


"Virgo will organize your home, your life, your mind. They create harmony out of disorder."

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5. An Earth sign, Virgo is firmly grounded in roots of truth and reality.

No need to worry about lying and games with these women.


"People can call you crazy, but you always know what you're talking about. Everything about you is real."

6. You know what they say about the innocent ones ...

Sex with a Virgo woman feels like a mighty earthquake every time!


"Don't let the Virgo symbol fool you. Virgo has one of the strongest sex drives of the zodiac."

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7. A Virgo woman always has you on the top of her mind.

And she will do everything she can think of to make sure you feel loved.


"Virgos are always thinking of little ways to put a smile on your face, even if it is just a text letting you know how much they miss you."

8. A Virgo woman's love is powerful, everlasting and loyal.

You will never have reason to doubt her.


"Once Virgo finds true love, they are faithful to the core."

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