8 Reasons Virgo Women Are The Best Women To Love

She’s a powerful force of nature.

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The 6th sign of the zodiac, those with a Virgo Sun sign are born between August 23 and September 22.

Known as the Virgin or the Maiden, the Virgo woman possesses personality traits that make her the sign most grounded in strength, honesty and ambition. Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury; they are also a mutable sign, meaning they easily adapt to new situations and aren’t dead-set on keeping up traditions.


Virgo Woman: Overview

Virgo women aren’t the type to sit around waiting for someone to make up their mind in a romantic situation; she won’t tolerate a potential mate searching for something better. After all, as the perfectionist of the Zodiac, how could love with anyone else possibly compare?

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The Virgo woman is likely to be successful, focused and analytical, which may have others sometimes feeling like she’s overly-critical or under-emotional. But it’s only because she wants the best — for herself, her partner, and for everyone she cares about.

While on the surface, she can appear shy and overly logical, she’s a powerful force of nature who is kind, creative, and hard-working.

Virgo Woman: Love and Relationships

Because she’s shy and analytical, a Virgo woman doesn’t jump into relationships quickly; instead, she wants to be romanced by a potential partner, and this may take some time on her end to open up to. She also tends to steer clear of hookups and flings, preferring to wait for someone who can fulfill her needs in a much deeper way.

She’s quite picky when choosing a potential mate, meaning she may find herself on her own for some time. But the Virgo woman doesn’t give up, because even if she has high expectations, love can be surprising. And once she finds her perfect person and falls in love, she’s devoted and loyal.


What does a Virgo woman need in a relationship? A Virgo woman in love is giving and caring, and since she gives her all to the person she loves, she expects the same level of devotion in return. A perfect partner for Virgo is someone who works hard for the relationship, makes time for her, appreciates her intellect, is kind and caring, and is always willing to offer her help.

In a long-term relationship, Virgo remains independent, even-tempered, and supports her partner in all matters. However, problems can arise when it comes to her perfectionism and the way she expresses herself.

She needs to realize that a partner is there to help her take on responsibility, so she must remember to not put down her partner when everything doesn’t meet her high expectations. In addition, because she can appear a bit detached, Virgo needs to learn to let loose a little bit.

When it comes to Virgo compatibility, fellow Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn are great matches, as they provide stability and balance. The Virgo woman is also compatible with a Virgo man; however, criticism, worry, and getting caught up in the details can cause issues if not addressed.


Virgo Woman: Sexuality

Since Virgo isn’t quick to open up and be vulnerable, she needs time to get to know her partner before having sex or being intimate. She’s not a goody-goody as some may believe; rather, she’s private about her sex life and requires time and practice to realize her full potential in bed.

During sex, Virgo wants to be the one impressing and pleasing their partner. She also wants all the romance and foreplay possible: candles, kissing, and so on.

In foreplay, are Virgos good at kissing? Virgos are perfectionists, and their kisses will be perfect, so, yes, they are great kissers! The perfect kiss for her is one that isn’t too fast or wet; she kisses with her soul, and will make sure she plants kisses on you that are reminders of how giving and kind she is.

By having a partner she trusts, Virgo is able to relax and immerse herself in the experience.


Virgo Woman: Personality Traits

Virgo women are independent, logical, introverted, detail-oriented perfectionists. Because they are Earth signs, Virgo personalities don’t have an aggressive temperament, and prefer order and efficiency.

This stable sign can take on many responsibilities at once, are self-sustaining, and plan their actions many steps in advance.

In addition to all of these traits, are Virgos smart? This sign is analytical to the core. They have incredible attention to detail, good organizational skills, and categorize everything in their mind.

Virgo is a knowledge-seeker, and if a problem doesn’t have a solution, they actively find one; they love solving problems, especially those that appear impossible.


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Virgo Woman: Career

Virgos are conscious and reserved, but don’t mistake that for incompetence. While their coworkers may gossip and waste time, the Virgo woman is tackling many projects at once, and proving their diligent work ethic.

But she also needs to be careful that she doesn’t exert herself while striving for perfection, sharing some of the responsibility with others to lighten her load.

The perfect career for Virgo is one where details matter. She makes an excellent writer, doctor, scientist, librarian, psychologist, or owner of her own business. In fact, she would thrive as her own boss, allowing her to hire those who understand her expectations.


Virgo is also great at saving money, squaring away small sums at a time for her rainy day fund. She tends to be on the frugal side, sometimes obsessing over an exact amount of money; for instance, if she goes out to eat with friends, she will insist everyone pay their fair share.

Virgo Woman: Family

Without the Virgo woman at the center of her family, the unit itself will not thrive. Virgo is the first one to offer help to those closest to her, and is a wonderful, doting mom to her children. She doesn’t hesitate to support her family, caring diligently to ensure their health and happiness.

For her, it’s the little things that matter most, so she may struggle to see the larger picture. This could mean her family possibly taking her thoughtfulness for granted. Above all, she’s the one her family can depend on, and always wants what is best for them.

Virgo Woman: Friendships

Virgo women make excellent friends. Their dedication and willingness to cater to those she loves means she goes out of her way to ensure her closest friends are taken care of. She’s reliable and won’t let her friends down in their time of need.


However, Virgo can also be a bit judgmental and cautious, especially when meeting new people. She takes the time to get to know someone before letting them into her circle.

Virgo gives and gives, and though she may feel skeptical of big displays of affection and adoration from her friends, it’s the thought that counts. So, to show your Virgo friend you care, be sure to let her know how much you appreciate her.

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8 Fun Facts About Virgo Women

1. She gets caught up daydreaming.

Virgo is incredibly analytical, so don’t be surprised if she appears distracted sometimes. She’s probably caught up in her own thoughts, meticulously planning her next project.


2. She’s quite beautiful.

Both inside and out, the Virgo woman will knock your socks off. Her beauty dwells within all layers of her existence.

3. Virgo can be critical.

But those closest to them don’t have a reason to worry. Don't take Virgo's critiques too harshly, because she always means well; she wants you to have (and be) your best in everything.

4. She makes life peaceful for her loved ones.

Virgo women have a way of making life, home and mind feel peaceful. She will organize your life, create harmony out of disarray, and provide some comfort.

5. Virgo women are seekers of truth.

As an Earth sign, Virgo is firmly grounded in roots of truth and reality. So, there’s no need to worry about lying and games with these women.


6. Her libido is out of control.

Though Virgo is reserved, once she’s in a place of ultimate trust with an intimate partner, sex with her feels like a mighty earthquake every time.

7. Virgo takes the little things seriously.

The Virgo woman always has her loved ones on the top of her mind. She will do anything and everything she can think of to make sure they feel loved.

8. She’s one of the most loyal zodiac signs.

A Virgo woman's love is powerful, everlasting and loyal. You will never have reason to doubt her.

Famous Virgo Women

It’s no wonder these powerful famous Virgo women are masters of their craft. They are reliable, stable, work hard, and are highly flexible in any situation.


Beyoncé: September 4, 1981

Michelle Williams: September 9, 1980

Pink: September 8, 1979


Amy Poehler: September 16, 1971

Emmy Rossum: September 12, 1986

Cameron Diaz: August 30, 1972

Evan Rachel Wood: September 7, 1987

Zendaya: September 1, 1996

Blake Lively: August 25, 1987

Salma Hayek: September 2, 1966

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