What To Do When A Virgo Ignores You

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What To Do When A Virgo Ignores You

Are you being ignored by a Virgo?

When a Virgo is upset with you it's for a good reason.

So, what to do when a Virgo ignores you?

Virgos are happy-go-lucky zodiac signs, who think hard about what they will do and why.

They are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

So, they think about problems after they occur, and communication can die during that time.

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So, if you had a fall out with a Virgo who has stopped talking to you afterward, it shouldn’t surprise you.

When a Virgo ignores you it is because their boundary was violated.

They need to process what happened, and this requires space and some time to think.

Virgos love to support and encourage their friends and are talkative and sociable.

They are so self-reliant which makes it hard for them to open up to their friends about their secrets and emotions.

When a Virgo does share that information with you, they take it seriously and personally.

Their focus is more on others than themselves sometimes.

Once you have gotten a Virgo to open up, and you do something to ruin their trust or to betray them, they won’t take it lightly.

You need to let a Virgo respond with time, and sometimes, no response is a response.

A Virgo will ignore you if you disrespect them.

This is a sure way to lose their trust because they aren’t open people.

But, when you can break their inner circle, they take that to heart.

If a wise word of wisdom from a Virgo is ignored, they might ignore you for doing so.

You showed that you didn’t care for what they had to say.

That’s taken personally by a Virgo because they are known to be the helpful one of the zodiac.

Virgos also will get frustrated and ignore you if you’re getting in the way or hurting them.

If you're testing their patience, they can only put others ahead of themselves for so long. Why? It hurts their own feelings.

A Virgo isn’t going to be pushed to do something they don’t want to do.

Here's what to do when a Virgo ignores you, using astrology:

1. Don’t freak out.

If a Virgo values you and their relationship they will come back to you because there’s a logical reason why they are ignoring you.

However, you might find it confusing because they aren’t telling you why they are ignoring you.

You should know though that a Virgo is ignoring you for a reason — they are really good about controlling their emotions.

Virgos are practical, but that could also be not dealing with the issue at hand.

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2. Ask them what’s wrong and if they are okay.

Sometimes a Virgo might be ignoring you because they’re constantly stressed about some things.

They do put others in front of themselves, and that isn’t always good for their mental health.

They appreciate knowing that a friend cares enough to check-in.

They want to be asked how they are doing because sometimes a Virgo's kindness is taken for granted.

3. Show them you care.

If a Virgo is ignoring you, then they might be overthinking.

They may wonder if they aren’t doing a good job in the relationship.

Or they feel like you don't value the friendship as you should.

Maybe you don’t always show appreciation.

A Virgo needs that appreciation.

They need it to be shown because it helps them feel better about themselves and about your relationship.

4. Give them time.

A Virgo most likely just needs time to themselves because they often forget to do this and it can cause a Virgo to stress out.

If they care about you, which most likely they do if you’re there for them, they will get back to you, don’t worry.

They also don’t like not responding to texts because they love planning and clarification.

But if you’re texting too much it’s going to stress them out.

There’s a logical reason for everything they are doing and don’t blame yourself, you just need to allow a Virgo to come back around in time.

5. Know and realize your outward intentions.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury which is all about communication.

A Virgo can easily tell when they are being manipulated and disrespected through communication.

Try and facilitate a factual conversation.

Come to a resolution with a Virgo because they need a strong, but civil argument.

If you aren’t willing to improve yourself to make the relationship work a Virgo won’t take that.

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