Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Cancer

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Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Cancer
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Cancers are the most loving and caring zodiac signs in astrology. They will love you until the end of time, just so long long as you don’t hurt their feelings in some way. If that happens, and even if you had no intention of hurting them, you will have to work hard to win them back.

So, when it comes to Cancer compatibility and overall zodiac compatibility, you can't just rely on a horoscope to determine whether or not you have a chance with this sign. 

Cancers can hang on to a hurt for an extremely long time, even when it looks like they’ve moved on. They can lash out if they feel emotionally sensitive around someone.

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When a Cancer woman is in a relationship, she’s 100 percent in, and she’s going to do everything in her power to make that relationship healthy and long-lasting. She’s very selfless, committed, and caring.

She doesn't want to disappoint anyone, least of all someone she loves. When she lets someone down, she tends to feel the pain even more than they do.

The intuition of a Cancer can seem a bit woo-woo. How do they know what’s going on with you before you do? They just do, and they trust their gut, and generally, it doesn't steer them in the wrong direction. Their intuition is more than a hunch; it’s a directive, and if she gets the feeling that someone isn’t to be trusted, she won’t ignore it.

The Cancer personality is extremely creative and this zodiac sign has incredible imaginations — they are never boring, especially when it comes to showing their love. They’re talented (both in the bedroom and outside of it) and usually have artistic abilities.

The problem is with so many talents, it can be overwhelming for Cancer to know what to focus on.

Not sure if you have good zodiac compatibility with this sign? Here's a complete guide to Cancer compatibility, so you can see where you stand.

Cancer & Aries

On the surface, Cancer and Aries may not be a disastrous combination — they're both creative, enjoy doing things, and they're both very bright. The problem is that Aries have issues with their impulsive control and can lash out. They may not mean anything by it or it could just be a fleeting moment of negativity, but if it's directed at a Cancer, it will not only hurt them, it's not likely that they'll get over it quickly.

It's not that Aries doesn't have a sensitive side — they definitely do, they just tend to be inwardly directed when it comes to being sensitive. In addition, Cancers like to take their time with things (especially relationships) and make sure they're done right.

Aries are very impatient and are okay if something isn't perfect as long as it's done fast. Cancer and Aries are like two trains who are on parallel tracks, join up for a while, and then split and go their separate ways.

Cancer & Taurus

When these two get together, there's usually a collective exhale as, finally, they've found their true partner. Both of these signs need security and to be able to trust their partners. They both like to go slow, making sure they aren't too hasty in making a decision. They're sensitive and caring, especially to their loved ones.

Cancers have a love of home, and Taurus have a love of making their homes both beautiful and comfortable. Both of these signs are very sensual and enjoy all their five senses, whether it be tasting delicious food, drinking wine, listening to great music, or enjoying art.

Cancer and Taurus are present for each other and won't stray, especially after they've made a commitment. 

Cancer & Gemini

Can we skip over this one? No? Okay. These two are coming from completely different places. Cancers are emotional and Geminis are intellectual, which means that it's hard for these two signs to understand each other, and understanding is exactly what Cancer craves most.

Geminis tend to be restless and need intellectual challenges and new experiences, while Cancers are more about nesting and bonding. Cancers tend to make Geminis feel smothered and fussed over as if they're the constant child in the relationship. When compared to the deeply caring Cancer, Gemini can come off as indifferent and callous.

While Cancers have their moments where they're social, they're practically a hermit when compared to the social butterfly that is Gemini. 

Cancer & Cancer

You might think that this is the perfect match, and on some levels, Cancer and Cancer are extremely compatible. The tricky part of a relationship between two Cancers is how much sensitivity is involved. Their relationship can become a breeding ground for resentment, grudges, misunderstanding, hurt, and emotional upheaval.

Not everyone responds to emotional stress in the same way, and if a Cancer thinks that their partner isn't understanding them, they can get even more upset. If a Cancer and Cancer couple learn how to not make everything an issue and brush things off and let them go, they could make a great union. If not, they could be setting themselves up for some long-lasting acrimony and bad feelings.

Cancer & Leo

A relationship between these two signs could work, but both parties would have to make an effort. Both signs are dramatic in their own way — Cancer is highly sensitive and needy, and Leo loves attention and needs reassurances to keep their confidence up.

Leos are powerful people who do not shy away from confrontation. Cancers are sensitive and they don't like feeling conquered. However, both signs are loyal and are committed to their relationships.

Both Cancer and Leo are creative, intelligent, and warmhearted. If they can find their groove, they could make it work and have a relationship that's filled with passion and romance.

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Cancer & Virgo

The relationship between Cancer and Virgo just gets better and intensifies over time. Cancer is everybody's shoulder to cry on and Virgo is the one they go to fix things, so together, Cancer and Virgo make everything better for everyone. Virgo isn't as openly emotional as Cancer, and Cancer could have better organizational skills, but these aren't deal breakers.

Both signs will go slow and really get to know each other, and neither enjoys making mistakes. They're very good at communicating with each other, even though Virgo is more logical and analytical than perceptive and intuitive Cancer.

Their differences fit together well, and their similarities further strengthen their bond.

Cancer & Libra

Cancer and Libra isn't a great pairing. They can be friends but may have some disagreements and fights. Cancer doesn't understand why Libras act from their heads instead of their hearts, and Libras find Cancers a little too easily distracted. Cancers are cautious while Libras (for all their thinking) can be gullible and easily influenced.

When Cancer gets too emotional, Libra feels uncomfortable and will try to distance themselves out of a sense of not knowing what to do to help. Cancers and Libras are at cross-purposes. It's not that they can't get along or that they don't like each other, they just don't understand why the other does what they do.

There are a lot of misunderstandings that happen between these two, so in order to avoid too much aggravation, they're probably better off not getting romantically involved.

Cancer & Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio just... work. They're both extremely intuitive, sexual and faithful. They have all the makings of a fantastic relationship. Cancer's more possessive qualities will help Scorpio feel secure in the relationship, and Scorpio's intensity will help light Cancer's passion.

Together, Cancer and Scorpio are able to focus and pool their energies into achieving whatever they want. They have a lot of things in common such as music, books, and movies, so there's never a shortage of things to talk about.

Cancer may be more of an open book as Scorpios tends to be more closed off, but it's that mystery that keeps Cancer intrigued. Both signs are willing to dedicate their lives to making the other happy and satisfied.

Cancer & Sagittarius

If Cancer is attracted to a Sagittarius, it might be better for them to just keep it a crush and not pursue a relationship. Cancer may be attracted to Sagittarius' intelligence, sense of humor, and optimism, but the two signs ultimately don't go together well.

Sagittarius can be clueless sometimes and easily hurt Cancer's feelings without being aware of it. What does Cancer prize almost above anything? A secure and stable home life. Sagittarius doesn't want to be tied down. If they're in some kind of committed relationship they still need to feel as if they're still able to be independent, which could cause Cancer to feel abandoned.

Cancer would love to hear about Sagittarius' adventures, but for the most part, they wouldn't want to join them.

Cancer & Capricorn

On one hand, Cancer and Capricorn might be a good match. They both like to have a strong foundation and they tend to put family first. They're also surprisingly creative when it comes to sex. However, when compared to the moody and emotional Cancer, Capricorn can come off as cold and unemotional.

There's a great deal of mutual respect between these two, but unfortunately, sometimes a union between them can come off as more business-like than romantic. They are both very determined, protective of what's theirs, and hardworking, so they do share similar attitudes regarding their life goals.

It could work as long as they find a place of understanding.

Cancer & Aquarius

Yeah, no. It would be very difficult for Cancer and Aquarius to make a go of it. Cancers are very emotionally demonstrative, and they take their feelings seriously. Cancers need to talk about every nuance of what they're feeling, and Aquarius aren't that receptive to other people's emotions. It's not that Aquarius don't care, it's just that emotional displays make them extremely uncomfortable.

In addition, while Aquarians are great thinkers, they sometimes don't think before they speak and can say something hurtful without meaning it. If a Cancer spent enough time with an Aquarian, they might learn to become a little more guarded and less vulnerable, but at some point, no matter how they tried to hold them back, their emotions would come out, probably in a big messy way.

Sometimes, Aquarians like to do things just to see what happens. But this could backfire and cause Cancer some distress.

Cancer & Pisces

These two softies are the emotional equivalent of peanut butter and jelly. They're sensitive, compassionate, romantic, and caring. They both have their moods, their creativity, and selflessness.

If they could remain together in some fantasy world, they would. The problem is that they tend to share the same flaws so that when the cold light of day interrupts their lovefest, it can be jarring.

Someone in the relationship needs to be the adult and pay the bills and do all the unpleasant things of life, but it shouldn't always have to be Cancer, even though Cancer is the more grounded and responsible one of the two. Cancer is enough of a creative person that they can understand Pisces' artistic sensibilities and will develop a real appreciation for Pisces work.

Much like a sponsor and an artist of days gone by, Cancer will make sure that Pisces gets the recognition and compensation that they deserve.

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