8 Reasons Why All Zodiac Signs Should Try Dating A Gemini (At Least Once)

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8 Reasons Why All Zodiac Signs Should Try Dating A Gemini (At Least Once)

Exploring your options for dating, and try dating a Gemini!

So, you have tried dating different types of people and it hasn't gone well. Can you handle a Gemini zodiac sign, or will you be stuck in your old ways for good?

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The problem might be the other person, but it might be you as well. You might be dating an exact carbon copy of your self and you might need to try something new. I get it!

Trying something new is always scary and intimidating, but if you don't try something new you will never know what will happen and what will be waiting on the other side. Have you tried dating a Gemini?

Dating a Gemini could be a good start in the right direction. A Gemini is ready for everything and anything. 

Their astrology symbol is air and they have the personality to prove it. If you are shy and holding back they will be the guiding light to let yourself get loose. one of their main qualities is affection and they won't let you down. There are lots of famous and attractive Geminis in film, music, and politics, so you may be missing out if you close your mind to the idea. 

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They are ruled by the planet Mercury, and their horoscope is the 3rd zodiac in astrology which is all things communication, travel, and media. So, the Gemini Twins in astrology also have the ability to communicate and take things seriously when the time comes to it.  Leaping out of your comfort zone may take a while but it will be good for you to see how it will turn out in the end. 

In my experience, I didn't date a Gemini, but I dated a person who was opposite me in my personality and in the way I conducted myself. From experience, it was good to explore, dating a person who wants different things, thinks and communicates differently.

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In the end, I saw a new perspective on life and gained valuable life lessons. My friends have also tried this and have had positive outcomes, dating long-term and even marriage. All I'm trying to say is if you stay in a box, you will stay in a box and not see what the world has to offer. 

1. Geminis are willing and open to affection don't take it for granted. 

Geminis are affectionate and that is great for a relationship because Geminis show they have a passionate side. Not afraid to show their emotions Geminis don't mind opening up and being vulnerable with you.

2. Geminis will make you take center stage and not fade into the background. 

Geminis are born to stand out, if your dating a Gemini and you are shy, Geminis will bring out your outgoing nature and make you feel like you are on top of the world! Insecurity is not an option when your dating a Gemini.

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3. Geminis are great at communication.

Great communication is key when your in a relationship with a Gemini. Having a great line of communication is great because you can talk to your partner more easy and efficiently.


4. Geminis are thoughtful and will always find ways to spice up the relationship and surprise you.

Geminis will find a way to surprise you that is thoughtful and cute, you will never get the same thing every single day and that will make for an exciting relationship. Expect the unexpected.

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5. Geminis are open to new ideas, always innovative and imaginative.

Geminis will open the doors to new ideas and help you discover new things and learn things too while you're at it. There will always be a moment of growth and expansion when your dating a Gemini, new experiences will be at your fingertips.

6. Geminis will always keep you on your toes. You will always be in a middle of a new activity.

Geminis have a restless energy and will always keep you on your toes, never settling you will always be introduced to new activities.

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7. Always looking for fun, Geminis teach you how tobe the life of the party and stand out.

Always outgoing Geminis will be the center of attention and always make a friendly connection with everyone they encounter.

8. Geminis aren't all fun and games, when comes time be serious, Geminis know how to focus.

When the time comes Gemini can buckle down to business and be serious, even though Geminis like to have fun, there are times when things are no laughing matter.