Pisces Man & Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

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Pisces Man Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

If you've ever seen the movie, Young Frankenstein, you'd be familiar with the moment when Dr. Frankenstein exclaims, with glee, "It can work!" Well, no such luck here, because the Pisces man and Gemini woman match would almost seem to be on a fast train to nowhere.

Everyone has a right to try, and these two both have sincerity and enthusiasm in their souls; they want love and will put in the effort.

What's off is that these two zodiac signs really don't have a lot in common in terms of zodiac compatibility. The initial "try" might be fun, but long-term "family" style love? Not this lacking-in-dynamics duo.

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One would think that the two signs that represent dualism — two fish, a set of twins — might be able to find common ground. While it's certainly not impossible, it's improbable.

In other words, quantum physics says there's an extraordinarily slim chance of these two getting past week two.

Let's explore the Pisces man/Gemini woman love compatibility.

Their elements: Pisces the fish is a Water element sign, and Gemini, the twins, is an air sign

Pisces flows and Gemini just hovers. Their natures are in opposition: water and air cannot exist in the same place together as one.

Are these zodiac signs compatible in love and intimacy?

In the beginning, we'd all agree that everything is hot.

When you don't know a person well and all you have before you is this idea that this Pisces man or Gemini woman might be the love of your life, or the bed partner to die for, sure, it's hot. When it's all in the mind, it's sexy... until these two actually get down and dirty.

These two signs are some of the hardest signs to get along with for just about anybody. But together, there will be a whole lot of stumbling, bumbling, lack of communication in the bedroom and failed sex.

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Do Pisces and Gemini share any values?

This Gemini woman? She wants real, meaningful love, but she's idealistic to the point that her Pisces man will never be able to live up to her standards.

While they both value love, her love is all about hurdles that must be jumped over to prove it's real, while his love is less inclined to jump right in and stay for the journey.

They do not value the same things. They are both extremely sensitive people, and openly vulnerable. Ironically, however, she will be the one to shut down the communication, while he's still trying.

If they valued honesty, which they don't, they may have a chance.

How does this astrological pair express emotion?

This is what happens when two highly sensitive people get caught up in their own ego: they transform all their emotions into paranoia, distrust and suspicion.

Gemini is internally emotional, while Pisces is a big old crybaby. The Gemini woman has no patience, nor does she have any integrity when it comes to letting her mate in on what she's really feeling. He, on the other hand, will become so wildly paranoid that he'll turn her off so hard, she'll be running for the hills.

Compatible? Nope.

Is trust a priority in this relationship?

Both parties have a tendency to lie and, interestingly enough, that's what they think of each other early into the relationship.

They believe the other is a bold-faced liar. With that in motion, trust comes hard.

Gemini is a clever sign, but they overthink things and they do it alone. They rarely share their real feelings, and that drives the Pisces man insane. He wants to know her inner workings, and when she doesn't share them, he naturally assumes she's in bed with everyone else, even though there's a great chance their sex life sucks.

The Gemini woman will try to "save" her Pisces man, and we all know how obnoxious that can be.

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How do the Pisces man and Gemini woman communicate?

If they can keep it out of the bedroom, this coupling may just end up in some profound topics of interest.

As a couple, they're not meant to be, but as friends, anything is possible. Unfortunately, we're talking about the love potential for the Pisces man and the Gemini woman, in terms of communication, and that's where they fall flat.

Because once they introduce the idea of distrust, all communications are off. They distrust each so much as a couple that open and honest communication is near to impossible.

In summary, the Pisces man and Gemini woman are better as friends.

Hey, if you can deal with a "friends with benefits" type of scenario, it might be worth your while. However, these two can't force love to happen.

They both stand in their own way. This might be the duality of the individual signs — the only signs in the zodiac that are symbolized by two, twin beings: the fish, and the twins. This duality doesn't allow them to rest.

They will pick each other apart, regret it, say nothing, do nothing, feel guilt, and fling insults. (Well, that's mostly the Gemini woman; she loves to fling insults.)

Ultimately, this is one of the worst cosmic matches in the universe.

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