Why Aries Should Marry A Gemini

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Why Aries Should Marry A Gemini

Marriage is a big decision and an Aries should marry a zodiac sign that matches their energy and strong personality.

As a fire zodiac sign, Aries are known to be fiery, intense, impulsive, and competitive, so only the right marital partner will do.

Who should Aries marry?

Aries zodiac signs are most compatible for marriage with Gemini. Gemini is anyone born between May 20 and June 20.

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Why should an Aries marry Gemini? Aries, being a very passionate sign, can find chemistry with many other zodiac signs as well.

Aries can easily fall in love with Libras, Sagittarius, and Cancers, but, in a marriage, people can’t just look at passion, and neither should an Aries.

To decide who Aries should marry, you have to look at communication, stability, and most of all, emotional compatibility.

Aries should marry someone who is able to say what they really think and feel.

Famous Aries/Gemini celebrity couples include:

  • Rani Mukherji ( Aries) and Aditya Chopra (Gemini)
  • Warren Beatty (Aries) and Annette Bening (Gemini)
  • Charlie Chaplin (Aries) and Paulette Goddard (Gemini)

Marriage requires honesty, and Aries are also some of the most honest, loving, and determined people in the zodiac sign.

For Aries, the perfect marital relationship is with a spouse who can balance them out, so Aries needs to be wedded with someone who can keep up with them.

This is not to say that their direct opposites, Libras, will immediately be the right fit; no Aries needs someone who understands them wholly and entirely.

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Libra isn't the best marriage partner because when an Aries does fly off the handle they have a partner who knows exactly what to do.

Here are more reasons why an Aries should marry a Gemini, per astrology:

Aries should marry someone who can handle a breakup.

Marriage is for the long haul, which is why an Aries needs to marry a Gemini.

Sometimes an Aries all-consuming nature might be too much for any other zodiac sign to handle, but not Gemini.

For many other zodiac signs, what was once exciting, adventurous, and attractive can quickly become overwhelming, exhausting, and mentally taxing.

But a Gemini finds this zany side to an Aries intriguing, which is also why Aries should marry a Gemini.

So if they break up, they will likely get back together again.

Based on their most common personality traits, an Aries’ best match is a Gemini.

Wait one second — isn’t Gemini also prone to dramatics, intense emotions, and impulsive decisions.

Well… yes. But weirdly enough it's their personalities that make them great for marriage.

Aries and Gemini do not repel each other; their similarities make each other a perfect match.

Aries should marry who can fight fair.

Gemini are great long-term partners.

The dual nature of the Gemini actually stabilizes the singular passion of the Aries making them great in marriage together.

Gemini, despite their flakiness, their sarcasm, and their own impulsive tendencies, actually are very go-with-the-flow and tend to yield in fiery arguments with the Aries.

This isn’t to say that the Aries completely overwhelms the Gemini, but the Gemini knows where to pick their battles.

They know when to compromise, and they know when to buckle down; hence why Aries should marry a Gemini if they can.

This analytical nature of theirs complements the Aries’ stubbornness because the Gemini gives the Aries a lot more freedom in terms of pursuing their free-spirited, free-wheeling nature.

On the other hand, the singularity of the Aries, in turn, stabilizes the flightiness of the Gemini.

The Gemini will find something interesting as quickly as the wind turns, half-heartedly pursuing one passion only to drop it for another interest the next day.

The Aries instead, are determined and will devote their entire attention to the one thing they are interested in and will complete the task even if it kills them.

The Aries is more than willing to lend some of their work ethic to the Gemini.

The Gemini helps the Aries lighten up, remind them to take breaks in between their projects, while the Aries gives the Gemini a stronger sense of direction.

This balance between the two personalities moves both of their more negative traits: stubbornness and flightiness, more to the middle.

The center of two of these natures allows for a more harmonious marriage.

The center is easily achieved, as these natures almost seamlessly, without trying, balance each other out.

Because of this, the mingling of Gemini’s dualistic nature, and the Aries singular nature, allows both to easily maintain a good and healthy marriage.

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Aries should marry someone who is easy-going.

Gemini are not easily offended.

As for that matter, neither are Aries. Sure, Aries are temperamental, stubborn, and competitive, but their confidence in themselves allows them to easily defend their work and themselves.

However, due to the Aries's temperamental nature, when they get angry they sometimes say things they don’t mean. Aries focus more on passion, on the moment, but luckily for them, a lot of things do not phase Gemini.

Gemini understands their own complexity, and so can take an insult without immediately taking it to heart.

While they are more sensitive than they let on, Gemini can understand and parse between what the Aries is genuinely feeling, versus what is actually being said.

Because of their dualistic nature, they are able to move on from things quickly, whether that be projects, passions, or in this case, conflicts.

This also means that Gemini will not take it personally if the Aries has to forgo the relationship for a work opportunity.

The Aries will not feel chained down to the Gemini, because the Gemini themselves are hard to pin down. It is in their nature to forgive easily, so the Aries can move and exist freely, without the fear of hurting their partner.

But that doesn’t mean the Aries makes the Gemini their own personal emotional punching bag.

The Aries deeply appreciates the emotional intelligence that hides behind a Gemini’s spontaneous and bubbly nature.

Because Aries carefully picks what they treasure, the Aries will single-handedly make sure that the Gemini is being taken care of.

That means that conflicts with the Gemini are some of the few areas in which the Aries knows to restrain themselves.

The Aries, despite knowing that they can get away with saying some hurtful things, will not purposefully go out of their way to take out their frustration on the Gemini.

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Aries should marry someone who loves to think.

Gemini loves to connect on a physical and emotional level, but they also connect on an intellectual level.

The Aries allows the Gemini intellectual space: the Aries’ hardworking nature helps realize a lot of the Gemini’s more lofty goals.

The Gemini, on the other hand, exposes the Aries to a wider diversity of subjects, passions, and projects.

The Aries really appreciates the Gemini’s curious and intellectual nature, where the Gemini loves the Aries’ independent pioneering spirit.

An Aries and Gemini couple value adventures, fun, and manage to make a crazy and exciting relationship a loving and stable one at the same time.

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