Taurus Man And Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

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Taurus Man And Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

The most popular thing to do once we find out our own zodiac sign is to see who we get along with best. What others signs are out there might possibly make our lives better, more fulfilled, and more loving?

When we meet someone for the first time and we find a possible love interest in that person, it's always good to find out their sun sign, and explore the idea of zodiac compatibility.

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Are we able to live a decent life with this person? Will they drive us bonkers? Will we be too overbearing for them? Can they take it, if we are? Will they love it, if we are?

There are signs that are practically made to be together, they balance each other so well. And then, there are couplings that are near to impossible. These are matches that, no matter what they say or do, are simply not going to work out.

Let's explore the compatibility of the Taurus man/Gemini woman match up.

Their elements: Taurus is an Earth sign, and Gemini is an Air sign

And while we would naturally think the two would work very easily, we'd be remiss; this is not always the best team when it comes to love relationships.

We all know opposites attract, but these two signs, in particular, tend to clash in predictable ways. Taurus is literally down to earth, while Gemini rarely touches the ground. If there were two signs that were almost diametrically born to be opposed, it would be Taurus and Gemini.

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How compatible are Taurus men and Gemini women in love and intimacy?

The Taurus man is someone who not only desires love and affection, he wants the whole she-bang. Good, exciting sex is essential for him, and he wants his partner to enjoy their times together.

Taurus has no fear of intimacy, which is why it's a lose-lose situation when he meets a Gemini woman.

Her interests are intellectual, and her desire and profound intimacy are next to nothing. She will bored by him, and he will be made to feel small and worthless by her.

Gemini is a harsh judge, while Taurus is ready to put their heart on the line for the one they love. Unfortunately, Gemini isn't ready to give that love back.

Does these zodiac signs share any personal values?

The Taurus man values the world in the present. He looks for the things in life that bring happiness. If he's happy, he's then equipped to bring happiness to others.

Gemini, on the other hand, is really not interested in anything other than whatever their mind is on, and their preoccupation can also come across as disinterest. Gemini values very little of what Taurus thinks is great, and they don't want to be converted or brought out of their shell.

Taurus values freedom and fun, while Gemini would prefer to stick to their ways, no matter limited anyone else thinks those ways are.

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How do Taurus and Gemini express emotions?

It's not going to be an easy love affair, this one.

While there will always be an opportunity for a Taurus man and a Gemini woman to fall in love and lust, there's never much promise in this, as the two simply don't agree on much, once the relationship progresses.

Taurus is emotionally expressive; they live in the truth and they want a transparent love affair, while Gemini loves to keep their emotions to themselves. Yes, Gemini is very emotional, but it's not something they share with others. They are private and a bit secretive.

This kind of withholding frustrates the Taurus man, causing him to lose interest in the Gemini woman. Truth is, she lost interest in him a long time ago.

Is trust in a relationship a priority for these signs?

Because of the secretive nature of Gemini, it's really difficult for the Taurus man to feel safe and secure around the Gemini woman.

Taurus is possessive; sure they love the fun life, but they also need their partner to sign, seal and deliver a contract of loyalty. and that bums Gemini out.

While Gemini likes the idea of monogamy, they simply don't want to be held to any kind of standard, so the one-on-one relationships actually bugs them. The pressure of monogamy makes the Gemini woman become even more secretive and non-expressive, which instills paranoia in the Taurus man.

In the long run, neither party trusts the other.

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How do a Taurus man and Cancer woman communicate?

The signs that represent things like communication — the number one trait associated with Gemini — are often times the ones who are just the opposite.

While the Gemini woman might hide her feelings, the Taurus man is all about expressing his honestly. What's interesting is that, as lovers in a love relationship, this coupling is far from ideal, but as friends it's not so bad.

As long as intimacy isn't the goal, this couple can get along rather well. They are both deep thinkers, and can share if they don't feel they have anything to lose for their efforts.

This zodiac match makes for a much better friendship than they do a romantic couple.

The only way these two can get along is if both parties make a concerted effort to compromise, which may or may not sit well with either party.

There are just way too different to want to compromise. It's not an impossible coupling, but if it's to happen, and last, then it's going to be about patience, tolerance, and a personal willingness to accept the other as they are — without tearing their head off.

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