Gemini Man And Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Do opposites really attract?

Gemini Man And Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility getty

It's always fun to see the zodiac compatibility of two signs when it comes to love and all the goodies that make up a partnership. What's even more fun is when you stumble on to a "made in Hell" relationship like the one that belongs to a Gemini man/Scorpio woman match.

Wow, there are no two people in the sign who get along less than these two.

Look, not every Gemini male is a cold, harsh judge, and not every Scorpio woman is a sex-witch. But put the two of them together and that is one rotten-to-the-core partnership in the making.


These two zodiac signs will kill each other. He will bore her to death, and she will just stab him with a big, broken shard of glass.

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While we know that we are not purely made up of the one sun sign (we have 12 houses of the zodiac that influence us), when we compare these two signs for compatibility, basically, all odds are against them.


They might be peacefully situated in the rising signs and Moons, but when your sun sign is Gemini, you won't be looking for a Scorpio. Not if happiness is part of your plan.

Now, let's look into the Gemini man/Scorpio woman love compatibility.

Their elements: Gemini is an Air sign, while Scorpio is a Water sign

Essentially, there's potential here; unfortunately, that potential always goes untapped in this mixture.

The fluid drama of Scorpio goes to complete waste when it's faced with Gemini's "airhead" coldness.

The two elements work in nature, but not in human relationships, as there is probably no duo out there that is less compatible than Gemini and Scorpio, especially in a man and a woman.


Are Gemini and Scorpio compatible in love and intimacy?

Just walk away now. There is no sex in this match up, and the love will always be put to the test.

The Scorpio woman is voracious. She wants to experience her sexuality without inhibition, while the Gemini man has very little interest in anything more than the mechanics of sex: get off, get it over with.

Gemini will continuously judge and condemn his Scorpio partner, while she will feel sickened and bored out of her mind by her Gemini lover.

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What personal values do these zodiac signs share, if any?

Well, they both value being alive, but after that, there's not much more they can share together or value.


The Scorpio woman is spiritual and intuitive; she trusts her instincts and values the power of straightforward decisions. Meanwhile, Gemini trusts very little in this world, let alone their own ability to make decisions, making this partnership one of the worst there is.

They don't value the same things, but what's worse is that they despise each other for what the other one does value.

How do each express emotion?

Emotionally, this is the worst topic of them all.

Scorpio is passionate, profound, deeply caring and expressive, while Gemini (especially male Geminis) are cold, withdrawn, inexpressive and incapable of communication.

When two parties in a love relationship cannot have a conversation, all that spells is trouble. Gemini will frustrate Scorpio to the point where she leaves him, and then he can stew in his own juices for however long he wishes, feeling sorry for his "poor, poor" life.


Is trust a priority?

These two aren't hitting any high scores in this department either, it would seem.

The Gemini man is secretive, elusive. He gives away no hints at what he's really thinking; he keeps all of his information to himself, like a treasure he will never share. Scorpio cannot feel good about trusting a person who shares nothing about himself, and so sets up the dynamic of mistrust and suspicion.

This couple will doubt each other from the moment they meet the first time.

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How do a Gemini man and Scorpio woman communicate?

If the sexual attraction is strong enough, these two might consider having a conversation — though it's not likely, especially considering that the sexual connection will more than likely be luke warm right at the top.


However, they may try to get their points across, or have a deep and meaningful conversation.

The Scorpio woman will enjoy this kind of intimate share, while the Gemini man will most probably be judging her in his mind. In his mind, she'll never be anything but a problem, and once she picks up on that, all conversations will stop.

The truth is, there is no couple in the zodiac less suited for a love relationship than the Gemini man and the Scorpio woman.

If they both made an effort to be in a relationship with each other, they may last a few months before witnessing the entire thing crater inwards. 

Regardless, he will continuously put her down and she will never accept being made into less than she is, for his sake. The Gemini man prefers silence and compliance in his relationships — a thing most women, especially Scorpio women, flee in terror from.


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