Why Do Geminis Talk So Much?

They have so much to say.

Why Do Geminis Talk So Much? Irina Levitskaya/Shutterstock.com

Gemini zodiac signs are the chattiest in astrology.

Born between May 21 and June 20, their minds are full of ideas and they love people.

Why do Geminis talk so much?

Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the communication planet. They are mutable and get along with everybody.

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Their sign is associated with the third house which is associated with people and your local community, and gossip.

They love to explore! Mercury rules the mind and they learn best by doing, chatting and discovering everything they can about life and relationships.

Geminis tend to represent two personalities in one and it’s hard to know which one you’ll get.

They can be quite sociable and communicative along with having a natural curiosity for the world around them.

Here's why Geminis talk so much, per astrology:

1. They want to have fun.

Geminis are the twins who are the life of the party and they are very sociable.


They usually have something interesting and deep to say. Geminis always love to listen, but they also love to be heard.

2. Gemini wants to break the ice.

A Gemini would make a good wing woman or wingman as they can easily start conversations with strangers.

They can be sociable, communicative and ready for a good time.

3. They are in love.

If a Gemini is always around you, trying to get to know you, there’s a good chance that they are in love with you.

Once they are in love with you, they will lose their sleep trying to speak with you.

4. They are curious.

Once a Gemini is romantically interested in someone, they will begin asking many questions and seeking new information about that person. It will appear like they enjoy speaking.


5. Geminis have a crazy flow of ideas.

Geminis have an amazing flow of ideas in their head. They want to get those ideas out to the world somehow, so they might just start talking.

They may start talking a mile a minute because they have many things they want to get off of their chest. They want to share their ideas one way or another.


6. They want to be friends.

Due to their curiosity, they will ask questions. Their curiosity allows them to speak about things they want to learn about new things.

If you are becoming friends or romantic with a Gemini, they will want to know about you.

Be prepared for conversations about your personality and your background.

Geminis typically won’t care what they talk about, as long as they can talk at length. In that sense, you could steer their conversation in a way that you want.

7. Their ruling planet is Mercury.

Their ruling planet, Mercury, represents communication and the mind.

Because of this, Geminis like to speak a lot and they tend to have many ideas running through their head.


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Mercury is also known as the planetary messenger and as the planet for information and technology.

With Mercury as a ruling planet, Geminis have the gift of mastering day-to-day conversations.

They are great at keeping up with small talk as the planet makes them outgoing and curious.


8. They love to laugh.

Gemini is known as the chatterbox of the zodiac but they also tell a great joke.

They can offer quick humor and wit and they can fill conversations with intellect.

They are the type of people to speak about how big the universe is and how slowly the Earth is growing.

9. They love to teach.

Geminis tend to go from subject to subject quite quickly and they can make some important points.

It would be quite important to pay attention to Geminis when they speak as they tend to ask the big questions and they tend to have those deep conversations.

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