The Scorpio Man: 10 Truths About Scorpio Men In Love, Relationships & More

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Are you dating, in love with, or married to a Scorpio man? If so, you've probably learned a thing or two about him in the time you've been together.

While it's important to remember that your Sun sign is only one aspect of any individual's natal chart, this placement — which represents our conscious mind, life force, and will to live — has a particularly strong impact on our dominant personality traits, as well as our behaviors and compatibility in love and relationships.

Key Facts To Know About A Scorpio Man

Scorpio Dates: October 23-November 21

Element: Water

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planets: Mars (the God of War) and Pluto (the God of the Underworld)

Symbol: The Scorpion

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The Scorpio Man In Love

The time you spend with a Scorpio man is likely to be memorable. When he falls in love, he give you his heart and soul.

Here's what you should know about Scorpio men in relationships, and how to love a Scorpio man in a way that will keep him interested — forever.

1. Be aware that Scorpio men love being right about everything.

"I told you so" may just about be the most annoying phrase in the English language. No one likes to admit they were wrong about something.

The same goes for Scorpio men. He can sometimes be a know it all, which is also equally annoying, but that's only because he doesn't like the hit to his ego.

He can't be right about everything all the time, of course. There will be times when you know something he doesn't, and vice versa. Don't rub it in his face when this happens. Instead, use it as an opportunity to teach him something new.

2. Know that he's easily jealous of other men in your life.

That hug with your male friend lasted too long, or that guy on the street gave you a too big smile that felt overly friendly. Maybe he's suspicious of your male co-worker, even though you've told him a hundred times that there's nothing going on between you two.

Jealously is a powerful emotion.In his eyes, every male you encounter is a potential threat.

One way you can help quell these feelings of jealousy is to realize and acknowledge that his insecurity in relationships isn't personal to you. Deep down, he may feel he's not good enough in some way.

Gently remind him that you have eyes only for him by being a little more affectionate.

3. Remember that friendships are important to him.

He's known his best friend since childhood, and some of his other close friends for about just as long. Long-time friendships are important to him because he knows that good friends are hard to come by.

He's a loyal and true friend, and he will stick by his friends in good times and bad.

So, try not to get mad at him if he has to run out in the middle of your latest Netflix binge to go help his buddy. His loyalty and devotion will be there for you too.

4. Don't try to plan a surprise for him — he'll catch on.

If you're trying to plan a surprise birthday party for your Scorpio man, chances are he's already on to you. He may not know exactly what you've planned, but he does know something is up.

Scorpios are extremely suspicious by nature. You'll find that his skills of perception rival that of a veteran detective. He listens to his gut and pays attention to his surroundings.

If you're sneaking around and being quieter than usual, these will be red flags to him. If you're trying to hide something from him, it won't stay hidden forever.

5. He isn't afraid of anything.

New challenges excite him. You'll find that he jumps at the chance to try something new. Whether it be skydiving, mountain climbing, or camping alone in the woods for a weekend, nothing scares him. His bravery knows no bounds.

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Take advantage of this by getting him to try the things that you like. He will appreciate the opportunity to find something new to conquer and love.

6. If you can't be honest with a Scorpio man, you can't be in a relationship with him.

It sounds brutal, but honesty is one of those things he values in a relationship above all else. And you should, too! If you have any skeletons in your closet, now is the time to tell him. A health, relationship is founded on honesty.

You don't need to reveal all your secrets, just tell him how you really feel about certain things. He thinks honesty is important in a relationship because it's how he gets to know the real you.

7. He likes to take charge of situations, so let him.

He makes an excellent leader because he can stay calm, cool and collected in stressful situations. His work ethic knows know bounds, and he knows exactly how to deal with the situation because he has already experienced it and found the best solution.

He's assertive and dedicated, so people will always listen to him because they know they can count on him.

8. If you can't make decisions easily, it won't work between you.

Scorpios strongly dislike passive people. He's the kind of person who always knows what he wants and how to get it. He doesn't beat around the bush or just accept things the way they are; he gets right to the point.

If you have something to say, speak up! Don't keep your opinions to yourself. He may be a tad intimidating, but you won't offend him. He genuinely wants to know what you think.

9. A Scorpio man tells you what's on his mind, so be prepared.

He will probably be the first one to say, "I love you." He won't waste anytime denying or hiding his feelings for you.

Scorpios live to express their emotions. Which is good for you, because you'll never have to wonder how he really feels about you.

He won't be afraid to cry at his sister's wedding, or squeal like a little girl when he gets home and tells you about his promotion at work. He loves being free from that stereotype that men don't share when they care.

10. He's passionate about everything, especially life.

He's crazy about you, his job, kayaking, hiking, cooking, and building things with his hands. Just like other Scorpios, his passion shows through in everything he loves.

Sometimes he can get so caught up in his job or a project that he loses track of time. But yet, you could sit there all day and watch him work because you love the way he invests his heart and soul into everything he's passionate about.

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Scorpio Man Personality Traits

Scorpio men are known for being intense, mysterious, passionate, contemplative, secretive, highly sexual, deliciously sensual, deeply emotional, and sometimes vengeful.

He may be someone who is staunchly set in his ways and beliefs, but he is also likely capable of showing you a kind of compassion, understanding and devotion unlike any you've ever known.

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Scorpio Man Compatibility

If you're a Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, or Virgo, maybe what you love most about the Scorpio man In your life is the fact that he's a perfect match for you.

But remember that even if your zodiac sign isn't considered one of the most compatible with Scorpio, that doesn't mean your relationship isn't meant to be or can't work. Again, you both have many more placements in your birth charts that affect your lives and personalities, so try not to focus too much on your Sun signs alone.

When it comes to love, your Venus sign compatibility is of particular importance.

Famous Scorpio Men

Some of the most well known celebrities born under a Scorpio Sun sign include Drake, Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling, Bill Gates, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, Jimmy Kimmel, Owen Wilson, Gerard Butler, B.D. Wong, Joaquin Phoenix, Adam Driver, Gordon Ramsay, and David Schwimmer.

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