What Makes Scorpio Angry?

Scorpios have a sting.

What Makes Scorpio Angry? ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock.com

Scorpios tend to be aggressive signs and that’s not to say that they are mean, although Scorpios can get angry and that makes them aggressive.

What makes Scorpio angry?

It’s hard to tell what makes a Scorpio angry or even when they are angry because they tend to not give you signs and are secretive about how they feel inside.

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These sneaky Scorpios can have different things or triggers that can make them angry. They love the idea of vengeance.

You don’t want to get on Scorpio's nerves because it’s hard to gain their trust again if you hurt them.

Here's what makes Scorpio get angry, per astrology.

1. Scorpio is ruled by two malefic planets.

Scorpios are ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, and Mars gives them their competitive and aggressive nature.

Pluto helps them conceal their anger in their appearance, however, that can be misleading because you can’t tell when a Scorpio is angry with you because they act similar outwardly but on the inside, they feel their emotions strongly.


Scorpios are ruled by their emotions and can get hurt easily, even if it’s not purposely, and that makes them mad. When they get angry they are very sarcastic, mean, and blunt.

2. Scorpios are defensive.

Scorpios can get easily insulted.

Some things that can make a Scorpio angry or upset is when they are insulted personally about something they feel as they should have their way and their plans are pushed to the side.

Say a Scorpios friend invited them to go somewhere but then totally forgot they had family plans that day and change things up for them.

That could make Scorpio upset, and they will get defensive because they weren’t invited and they feel personally attacked. What makes it hard for others to see how angry they are is that they blow it off as nothing but don’t tell their friend how that makes them feel.


3. Scorpio rules the eighth solar house.

As a result, Scorpio hates when someone undermines them, or anyone else that they love.

Scorpios hate when they meet someone who's superficial, fake, and ingenuity. However, they will definitely get pissed off if someone undermines their personal ego.

They see themselves as the best and that they are unique from others. If you call a Scorpio basic or mediocre, that will make them very angry.

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4. Scorpio's opposite sign and house are Taurus.

Taurus is about having things and Scorpio is involved with shared resources. So, when topics related to money come up that are unpleasant, it appears that Scorpio can get angry for any reason at all.


It’s hard being ruled by the Mars planet because this can make Scorpio aggressive and it’s hard for them to relax when they get angry.

People born under Scorpio have a natural coldness of which is a method they use to get rid of anger they’ve accumulated with time. So naturally, they will get angry for no reason, it’s just in their nature sometimes.

4. Scorpios Like Revenge

If you piss off a Scorpio they will come for revenge and won’t let you get away with hurting them. They are very vengeful of their attackers and are cut-throat.


Don’t ever cross them because it can get very hard for them to forgive and forget because their grudges grow strong and last a while.

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