What Does A Scorpio Look Like?

The water sign has its physical traits.

What Does A Scorpio Look Like? Gorbash Varvara/Shutterstock.com

So you want to know what a Scorpio looks like.

A Scorpio zodiac sign has physical characteristics that make one easy to spot.

What does a Scorpio look like?

You can start studying the physical features prominent in all Scorpios by looking at famous people with this zodiac sign.

For example, what do Drake, Katy Perry, and Julia Roberts have in common?

They are Scorpios with strong eyes, stunning smiles, and big personalities.


They love their privacy, but once you've met a Scorpio, they are hard to forget.

Their personalities stay with you forever, and their looks are memorable.

Scorpios have intense eyes, a mysterious smile, and a deep energy that can be felt for miles.

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Born between the dates October 23 - November 21, Scorpio's reputation precedes them.

For example, Marie Antoinette and Pablo Picasso were also Scorpio zodiac signs.

Bill Gates is a Scorpio too.

Kris Jenner is the wonder behind the Kardashian family, and perhaps if she were never to be rich and famous, no one could forget her.

Her looks are intensely dramatic and her energy vivacious.

To know what a Scorpio zodiac sign, pay attention to certain features and personality traits.

Read on to find out what is common among all Scorpios, according to astrology below:

1. Sleek body type

They tend to have a certain body type.

Scorpios aren’t typically described as tall.


They have smaller bodies with large builds, some calling it stocky.

A Scorpio woman’s body tends to be balanced while a Scorpio man’s body tends to be muscular.

If a Scorpio has a small frame, its features will be small as well.

If they have a large build, their features will be just as big.

2. Prominent nose

Their nose is quite prominent.

It’s known to be a standout feature for a Scorpio.

With Scorpio women, their nose is straight and it doesn’t have the upturn at the end.

When in profile, the nose seems to point, as if it’s pointing to something.

This can be deemed an ode to one of the sign’s symbols, the eagle.

3. Intense eyes

A Scorpio’s eyes are both compelling and distinctive.


Their eyes are typically almond-shaped, shiny, and reflective.

Their eyes resemble shards of glass because of their mirror-like reflection.

No matter their color, a Scorpio’s eyes look like glass, and they protect a Scorpio’s thoughts.

Due to this, others are often clueless about what a Scorpio is thinking.

When you look into a Scorpio’s eyes, it appears that you’re looking at yourself rather than the Scorpio.

These eyes will make you linger and stare longer, trying to figure out the Scorpio’s thoughts.

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4. Beautiful face

The structure of a Scorpio’s face comes in many forms.


There are two distinct forms of a Scorpio’s face — either delicate and lively or substantial or solid.

Their facial expressions are also strong along with an angular shape.

They tend to have shaggy eyebrows as well.


Scorpios tend to have an overall dark look with brown or dark eyes, dark or brunette hair, and even tan skin.

Their chin and jawbone are strong and stubborn, which can describe their personality.

As mentioned before, they have tan skin, which is due to how easily the skin can tan.

5. Soft hands

They tend to have big hands and long arms.

They tend to have rectangular palms with long fingers.

Scorpios have stiffer fingers and denser palms.

They usually have warm, soft hands, as well.

Their arms seem to be bigger than other signs, which can represent the Eagle’s wings that help them take off into flight.

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