What Does The Scorpio Symbol & Glyph Mean In Astrology?

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Scorpio Symbol: Zodiac Sign Glyphs & Meanings

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and is a feminine sign ruled by Pluto and Mars. Scorpio is a water sign known for being intense and emotionally deep as well.

Even though it can be difficult for these signs to commit to something, once they do, they are all in, sometimes even obsessively so. They are known for being calculating and pragmatic, waiting until just the right moment to make their move whether it’s in career, life or even love.

This personality directly relates to the meaning of the Scorpio symbol and glyph.

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The Mythology of Scorpio as the Scorpion

Scorpio is an interesting and dynamic sign that often comes across as very attractive and unexplainable in many ways. This, in part, is due to the planetary ruler of Pluto, nicknamed the lord of the underworld. Pluto has a deep connection to truth and transformation, which radiates out from the water sign of Scorpio.

When we think of water signs, we often think of the emotional sensitivity, like Pisces and Cancerl however, Scorpio is an entirely different class of its own. While Cancer is known as the crab, and Pisces the fish or mermaid, Scorpio isn’t a water-related animal at all.

Usually depicted as the scorpion, Scorpio is the only water sign that’s not actually depicted as an animal of its element at all.

This is part of that enigma that always surrounds this sign, because they seldom are what they seem.

Scorpio comes from the myth involving Orion. In this tale, Orion’s brother Apollo was jealous of him because he was supposed to be the most handsome man alive. So, he asked Mother Earth to create a giant scorpion to kill Orion.

After Orion was stung by this mythic scorpion, Zeus placed him and the giant animal in the sky as a constellation.

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Scorpio is associated with the constellation Scorpius, which is quite large and is usually easily recognizable in the night sky thanks to its long tail. This tail actually passes through the Milky Way Galaxy.

Best seen in the sky during July and August, it usually disappears from the sky in September as we continue our rotation through the zodiac. When looking at the constellation, the bright star in the middle is known as Antares and represents the heart of Scorpio.

This deep-water sign is used to the darker side of life. Scorpios are naturally those who don’t mind traversing the secrets that many avoid, especially if it leads to more knowledge or transformation.

This sign is the true alchemist of the zodiac because they will continually move through life evolving based on what they take in so that, ultimately, it all ends up being for their benefit. In this way, Scorpios always feel they are in power (or control) of not just themselves, but any situation they encounter.

While they are emotional, they are more prone to experience jealousy, suspicion and anger. However, if a Scorpio falls in love with you, or even lust, it’s likely it’s forever, as they don’t often change their minds.

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Meaning of the Scorpio Symbols and Glyphs

Scorpio is the only zodiac sign where the symbol itself is said to have four meanings, represented by a scorpion, snake, eagle, and Phoenix.

The symbol itself is fairly simple and is normally drawn as a curvy "M," with an upturned arrow on the end of it. This sometimes can become confused with the symbol for Virgo, as it can be depicted as an "M" as well, with little variation.

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But for this sign, it’s not necessarily how it’s drawn that holds the most meaning, but in what it’s said to represent.

The first and most obvious meaning is that of a scorpion, with the arrow being the tail that is ready to sting its prey. Scorpions themselves are interesting animals as they practice patience when hunting, something that Scorpios tend to do.

Whether to make their move for love or revenge, this sign will wait years if they have to until the exact moment arrives when they know it’s time to act. This is truly an asset for this sign, and one that they hold more so than any other zodiac sign.

The other interesting piece is that scorpions are said to glow in different lights almost magically, which represents the affinity for magic and occult matters that Scorpio often possesses.

The twirling nature of the symbol with the arrow on the end is also known to represent a snake or serpent. This is to mimic the kundalini energy we can tap into while meditating, and is shown to rise through our chakra points like a snake.

This animal also takes its time hunting its prey, and will play dead in many instances to not be seen, or ignore only to surprise the least suspecting of those around it.

While much of this sounds as if this sign has negative intentions, it's quite the opposite; it actually represents the patience and thoughtful nature that Scorpio holds, especially in terms of what matters most.

An important analogy for this sign is the snake’s natural process of shedding its skin once it has outgrown it. This is a metaphor for the continual transformative nature that Scorpio brings to all areas of their life.

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Another Scorpio symbol is the eagle.

In this case, the Scorpio symbol of the eagle represents the calculating nature of the scorpion and snake, but instead of coming from the ground, it comes from the sky.

Eagles see what others miss and are able to spot even the smallest of movement, making them incredibly aware of their environment. It's another trait that is shared by this zodiac sign. Eagles also tend to mate for life, which is part of that Scorpio tendency to rarely change their minds once they are positive about something.

The only caveat to this is that if they transform to a different version of themselves and their partner does not, this could potentially spell disaster.

The last symbol of Scorpio and least known is the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that, once dead, is burned and is then reborn from the ashes to begin a new life. Connecting to Scorpio’s ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, this idea of the Phoenix is one that truly represents the transformative nature of this sign, and also their ability to heal themselves.

While Mars represents the death and burning of what was, Pluto is the transformation and rebirth. Together, they create their own cycle of life, which is one that continually inspires Scorpios to look deeper and never stop growing.

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