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10 Reasons Why Scorpio Zodiac Signs Are The Best Friend You Can Ever Have

Why Scorpio Zodiac Signs Are The Best Friends To Have

Scorpios can be great friends! From my own personal experience, I know exactly why Scorpios are great because my best friend happens to be a Scorpio.

I am so lucky and thankful to have her in my life and I recognize all the amazing Scorpio qualities she possesses!

So, what makes Scorpio zodiac signs the best friends to have?

Scorpios are very passionate, assertive, calm, and fierce.

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They are always there for you when you need them. Scorpio is a fixed sign and fixed signs, in general, are recognized for being loyal signs. 

They tend to be deeply loyal due to the intense emotions they have in their relationships.

They take every relationship they are in very seriously, whether it is a romantic or platonic relationship. 

They put a lot of time and energy into every relationship they have. 

They might not have the biggest group of friends, but they are super close to all of their friends.

It is about time you really start appreciating the Scorpios in your life because they have amazing qualities and are amazing friends to have. 

Here are 10 reasons why a Scorpio is the best friend you never knew that you needed: 

1. Scorpios are loyal.

Scorpios really are the most loyal of all the zodiac signs.

Scorpios are very passionate people and are dedicated to everything they do.

The same goes with their relationships. They are eager to show you that you can always count on them. 

It takes a while for them to trust and accept you into their close-knit circle.

Once you gain their trust, you will have a deep bond and probably be close friends for life.

Scorpios are devoted and would rather hang out with a best friend over a huge group of acquaintances. 

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2. You can learn a lot from a Scorpio.

There is a lot to discover about a Scorpio. They are definitely not an open book, by any means, and tend to be very mysterious and secretive.

Every time you hang out with a Scorpio, you have the opportunity to learn more about them and this can keep you on your toes and make for an exciting relationship.

Underneath all the layers, Scorpios can be intensely emotional and often times are driven by their feelings.

It can be beautiful to learn more about them and pull back their layers to see the raw emotion hidden underneath their cool exterior. 

Your Scorpio friends have a lot to offer. You should consider yourself lucky for getting to learn the inner thoughts and feelings of such a unique individual. 

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3. Scorpios will always encourage you to follow your dreams. 

Scorpios are super supportive! They believe in you, even if sometimes you do not believe in yourself.

If you are having a hard day and want to give up on your goals, then you should turn to your Scorpio friends!

Scorpios love to be there to pick you back up when you are feeling down.

They can give you the encouragement you need to feel confident in following your dreams.

So get ready to soak up their motivational pep talks. 

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4. Scorpios are determined.

Scorpios are very determined people and they never give up!

They also have a deep understanding of their place in the world. They work incredibly hard to earn what they want.

Scorpios are always trying to earn respect, trust, and loyalty in their careers as well as in their social lives.

They always want to put in the work to get what they want instead of just thinking they are deserving of it. 

So if you have a Scorpio friend in your life then get ready to feel more driven and motivated to achieve your dreams as well. 

Your Scorpio friend will be rooting you on regardless so go after what you want in life! 

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5. Scorpios always know the truth. 

Scorpios are incredible at seeing past the B.S. in life.

They know when someone is lying to them and not being truthful.

Scorpios don’t tend to put up with liars because of how much they value honesty and loyalty. 

If you are friends with a Scorpio, they will always protect you and help you find the truth as well.

Scorpios will always give you their honest opinion on everything so they are a great friend to turn to when you need guidance.

They are very direct and do not play games but they expect the same from you.

As long as you are also honest and open with your Scorpio friends, you are bound to have a beautiful friendship based on great communication.  

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6. Scorpios are very bold.

Scorpios are bold and stand up for themselves. They are not ones that let others walk all over or take advantage of them.

By being friends with a Scorpio, you may feel emboldened to do the same.

Their boldness could rub off on you and inspire you to stand up for yourself more often! Scorpios are not people that you can guilt into doing something because they will always say no to you if it does not serve them.

If they disagree with someone, they will always speak up about it.

Which is a great quality because if you are friends with a Scorpio, you will always know exactly how they feel about you. 

Scorpios are very fierce people who tend to get what they want and do what they want.

It can be very inspiring to see someone that lives life by their own rules and stands behind what they believe in. Scorpios will always encourage their friends to stand firm in what they believe in as well! 

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7. Scorpios are supportive. 

If you are ever going through a tough time, know that your Scorpio friend has your back and will always be there for you when you need them.

Scorpios are very easy to talk to and will always make you feel comforted.

They are proud to be your support system and they can help you deal with your emotions.

Next time you need support, turn to your Scorpio friend and you will notice how helpful they can be. 

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8. Scorpios know how and when to pay back a favor. 

Scorpios never expect things to be handed to them, so they are very thankful when people do them favors.

If you ever do something nice for a Scorpio, they will always remember that and they will return the favor.

It is great to do favors for Scorpios because they always see it as a form of respect and a way to solidify trust in the relationship.

Favors do not go unnoticed to them and they even enjoy returning the favor and giving back to you.

Being in a friendship that operates on a give-and-take basis helps form a really solid and healthy relationship. 

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9. Scorpios can find comfort in silence. 

We have all been in situations where we hang out with someone and feel like we have to keep the conversation going.

That feeling of having to fill the silence, can sometimes be exhausting and not what you need in a friendship.

A great thing about Scorpios is that they don’t mind silence and can feel comfortable in it.

Although they have the ability to talk to you about anything, they don’t always feel the need to.

Scorpios are the kind of friend you can just sit in silence with for a while but still have a fun time. 

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10. Scorpios aren’t afraid to discuss the dark things in life.

You can talk about anything with your Scorpio friend and they won’t shy away from dark topics.

If you want to talk about your biggest fears or the mysteries of the universe, then a Scorpio would be a great person to talk to.

They will let you openly discuss anything, free of judgment.

Scorpios are also able to dive right into the conversation and openly discuss their deepest fears and feelings.

So get ready to have intense and deep talks with the Scorpios you have in your life!

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