8 Reasons Why Scorpio Women Are The Best Zodiac Signs To Love

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A Scorpio woman, born between October 23-November 21, is known for being a loyal friend and loner who feels emotions intensely and has a dark streak lying just beneath the surface, making her one of the most mysterious and attractive signs of the zodiac.

Scorpio Woman: Basic Overview and Personality Traits

Best Scorpio woman traits: Imaginative, intelligent, assertive, passionate, intuitive, determined, and intense.

Worst Scorpio woman traits: Secretive, forceful, vindictive, stubborn, and intense.

The first thing you should take into consideration when getting to know or dating a Scorpio woman is that anyone whose zodiac sign is represented by a scorpion is obviously going to pack a bit of a sting. If you've gotten past the first impressions stage, you may have already found yourself experiencing moments of frustration, usually due to your having misunderstood her unintentionally stinging personality traits, words and actions.

She is likely to enjoys lavishly bold lifestyle. Luckily, she has a razor sharp entrepreneurial nature, carefully assesses situations before jumping in, and routinely overcomes massive obstacles. This woman can take care of her own, thank you very much.

Given these Scorpio traits, it should come as no surprise that some of the most famous Scorpios include powerful female celebrities like Katy Perry, Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Tracee Ellis Ross, Thandie Newton, Goldie Hawn, Whoopi Goldberg and Kendall Jenner.

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Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Most compatible signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces

Least compatible signs: Gemini, Leo and Aquarius

Scorpio is one of the three water signs in astrology, so you should know that a Scorpio lady is bound to feel things intensely when it comes to her love and sex life. And while she loves a heated debate, that is mostly because of the insanely passionate make-up sex sure to follow.

That's right, Scorpio women are known to be sex goddesses, and they earn that reputation in the best possible ways. It's only natural after all, given that Scorpio is the zodiac sign that rules the hips and genitals.

As if all of that wasn't enough, here are eight more reasons Scorpio women are best zodiac signs to love:

1. Scorpio women keep their friend, family and companion circles tight.

Scorpios are clever people who like to keep a tightly knit inner circle.

Scorpios care deeply about their home and family life. Unlike Pisces, who tend to make hasty and poor decisions, Scorpios decide who they do and do not wish to spend time and energy on based on thoughtful, wise choices. Because of this, your own social life is sure to benefit from a Scorpio woman's carefully curated and loyal friendships.

2. Scorpio woman are direct. You'll never have to wonder where you stand.

Scorpio women are fairly simple in that they never hide the mood they're in.

Most women are confusing, right? Not Scorpio women! You'll have no trouble understanding how she feels about you at any given moment in time. Unlike mysterious Aquarius, who loves to people guessing, Scorpios are clear about their likes and dislikes, because they do not want to be bothered with anything they do not want.

If you're now wondering why it's difficult for you to understand a Scorpio woman, it's probably because you just haven't earn their trust yet.

3. A Scorpio woman won't let you hide from strong feelings.

A Scorpio wants to be with someone who isn't afraid of commitment, emotions, passion or intensity.

When a Scorpio woman is devoted to you, she'll drive you to be your very best self. Unlike controlling Leo, with their "my way or the highway" kind of attitude, a Scorpio will stick by your side as they challenge you to do and be better. And you will grow by leaps and bounds for it.

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4. A Scorpio woman will always have your back.

Scorpio women are protective of their loved ones.

One you've earned the trust and loyalty of a Scorpio woman, she'll be there for you through thick and thin. Unlike sometimes reckless Sagittarius, a Scorpio woman guards those she loves and cares for with every ounce of strength she has — and believe me when I say strength is something she practically stockpiles.

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5. A Scorpio woman will challenge you to bring your all to your relationship.

A Scorpio woman looks for someone with a perfect mix of intelligence and sex appeal.

In relationships, a Scorpio woman wants to be with someone who is provides an equal match to the bright sensuality she brings to the table on her own. Unlike stoic Taurus, who fears being hurt so much they often keep their lovers at a careful emotional distance, Scorpios dive in head and heart first, and they expect no less from their partner.

6. Scorpio women rarely offer careless criticism or reprimands.

A Scorpio woman knows her words have meaning, so she is careful of how and when she uses them.

She watches her words and their effects on others carefully. Unlike super talkative Gemini, who have a serious tendency to overshare, a Scorpio woman knows their can be serious consequences for saying too much to the wrong people. She will take her time and size up her audience before letting anything spill from her cautious lips.

7. Scorpios are the kind of woman you only want more of over time.

Being with a Scorpio woman will leave you craving more.

Who doesn't want a woman they can never get enough of? Unlike unyieldingly harsh Capricorn, whose occasional cruelty can be downright exhausting, spending time with a Scorpio woman will leave you always begging for more — and in all of the best ways.

8. Sharing deep love with a Scorpio woman is a rare and precious gift.

Only a lucky few can ever win the heart of a Scorpio woman.

If the opportunity to be with a Scorpio woman presents itself, don't let the chance pass you by!

If you are fortunate enough to be chosen by a Scorpio woman, consider yourself blessed. Joining her for the ride called life is certain to be the most exciting, fulfilling and passionate adventure you could possibly find.

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