Why Are Scorpios So Intimidating?

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Why Are Scorpios So Intimidating?

Scorpios are born between October 23rd and November 22nd giving them a spooky air about them. Their associated tarot card is Death which is more so about change, endings, and beginnings than actual mortal death.

Why are Scorpios so intimidating?

Scorpio is the second of the three water signs in astrology, and their element energy is fixed.

Famous Scorpios include Katy Perry, Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton, and Drake.

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A Scorpio's energy is fixed, which means they feel their emotions intensely and are very attuned to others’ emotions as well, but don't expect them to change because it's highly unlikely.

Because of their sensitivity, Scorpios use their tough front to protect themselves from getting hurt or taken advantage of. To know a Scorpio is to love one, but you have to be brave if you're easily intimidated.

Read on for more reasons why Scorpios are so intimidating, per astrology:

1. Scorpios have fixed energy.

Scorpios are one of the three fixed zodiac signs meaning they are steady and reliable, but also stubborn. This stubbornness and the fierceness by which they stick to their convictions also adds to their intimidating appearance.

Scorpios, like their emblem the scorpion, seem intimidating because of their hard exteriors and their capability to sting. However, like their emblem the scorpion, that sting is just a defense mechanism.

2. Scorpios are ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Scorpios are passionate, but their planets Mars and Pluto are also malefic.

Scorpios’ strong attachment to their emotions makes them do everything with feeling. Their actions are based on their firm beliefs that they care a great deal about.

They don’t waste their time with meaningless tasks; Scorpios choose to do what matters most to them and they do so with vigor. They need motivation in order to engage, and once they find that motivation Scorpios see their task through the end.

This passion can overwhelm those who don’t think in the same way as Scorpios, but they don’t need you to understand, they need you to get out of their way.

3. Scorpios are associated with the underground.

Scorpios have a great gut instinct because of their emotional nature. It is incredibly hard, if not impossible, to change their minds because you cannot change their instincts.

Scorpios make decisions based on what they feel is best, and their feelings are too strong to waver. This stubbornness can be off-putting to others, but Scorpio isn’t trying to get anyone to conform to them nor will they conform to others. They are perfectly content with everyone staying in their own lanes.

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4. Scorpios are daredevils.

Scorpios just want to have fun. They can make decisions in an instant, and they’ll jump right into new opportunities. Sometimes those opportunities are opportunities for some reckless fun.

Reckless fun is some of the best fun especially because Scorpios feel things to the extreme. But not everyone can keep up with a Scorpio and are too intimidated to even try.

Their curiosity will lead them to new places and possibilities, but that sort of uncertainty can rattle someone of a different zodiac sign—I’m looking at you, Earth signs.

5. Scorpios aren’t brave.

Scorpios’ innate curiosity and self-assuredness allow them to take risks and ruffle some feathers. They do not shy away from conflict, so they don’t care who they bother—as long as no one is harmed.

Scorpios are the perfect devil’s advocate because of their empathic nature, they can put themselves into a perspective that isn’t necessarily their own for the sake of debate.

Their equinoctial placement in the calendar gives Scorpios a unique understanding of endings and their inevitable lead into beginnings making them unafraid of change and difference. A lot of people are uncomfortable with change and therefore uncomfortable around Scorpio’s candid attitude towards it.

6. Scorpios are possessive.

Scorpios consistent, strong beliefs and sensitivity can make them prone to lashing out when they feel attacked. Here’s that stinger I was talking about. If a Scorpio feels invalidated or judged, they know all of the sore spots to poke on their opponent.

They will also come to the defense of any and all of their loved ones. Scorpios also have a strong sense of independence and will hang onto their sense of freedom for dear life. If someone impedes upon their freedom, a Scorpio will break free and show them who’s really in charge.

7. Scorpios are powerful.

Their emotional sensitivity in tandem with their intensity makes Scorpios feel deeply. They have on-top-of-the-world highs and bottom-of-the-ocean lows. A mood change in a Scorpio can feel sudden because of how great their spectrum of emotion is.

It can feel like a rollercoaster being close to or in love with a Scorpio, but each action and word comes from a sincere place of caring. Their unwavering commitment could mean a long, loving relationship, or it could mean an enemy for life. No one wants to be on a Scorpio’s bad side.

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