Best Jobs & Worst Careers For Scorpio Zodiac Signs

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Best Jobs & Worst Careers For Scorpio Zodiac Signs

Scorpios have a bold and intelligent personality that makes them perfect for a various amount of jobs, but there are certain careers this zodiac sign should avoid, per astrology.

This horoscope sign is good at making decisions and working hard and making sure that their responsibilities are accomplished without procrastinating.

They have other personality traits, however, that makes certain careers unsuitable for this powerful sign.

What are the best jobs and worst careers for Scorpio zodiac signs?

Technically, I think that any zodiac sign could go after any career path they desire.

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Anyone could do that, really. If you have talents in a certain area or enjoy certain pastimes, who’s to say that your star sign should keep you from pursuing your dreams? I’m certainly not.

However, this isn’t to say that there aren’t career paths and jobs that are better suited for each sign.

There are. Some signs are better at being organized and committed to one thing. Some signs tend to be more motivated and determined to set goals and make them happen no matter the cost.

There are other signs who have zero motivation, always procrastinate, and only want to have fun when it comes to the idea of a job to support them for the rest of their lives. The latter sign might fall into the artist category.

But we’re not talking about all the other signs out there, we’re talking about Scorpios. Scorpios are always an interesting case. They are smart and motivated when it comes to something that they are passionate about.

They know how to get the job done. But, that typically means that there’s something in it for them, whether that be a hefty paycheck or an owed favor.

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They are good at making decisions and working hard and making sure that their responsibilities are accomplished without procrastinating.

Procrastination is actually one of Scorpio’s pet peeves. They hate the stress that comes with leaving something to the last minute and then having to scramble to get it all done by the deadline.

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It simply isn’t worth all the wasted lazy time leading up to the end date. This gives them great skills and motivation for pursuing a job that requires a lot of work and deadlines luckily.

They have other traits, however, that makes them a very bad candidate for other jobs. Scorpios are not very patient people.

They like things to be done a certain way. They want to be able to control their surroundings and any outcomes from their efforts.

They don’t like unknown variables or anything that cannot be predicted.

Here are the best jobs and worst careers for Scorpio zodiac signs, according to astrology:

Best jobs for Scorpio: detective or police officer

Scorpios are very intelligent and logical.

They are intuitive and able to pick up on suspicious behavior in all of their relationships, why not use that skill in a career path?

They are secretive and good at solving mysteries and problems. They can track down missing people with their instincts and experience.

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Best jobs for Scorpio: psychiatrist or psychologist

Mental health practitioners are good at helping others and listening to their problems.

You would be excellent at assisting those with mental health disorders.

Scorpio, you can get straight to the root of the problem and come up with solutions for someone’s issues or fears or struggles.

You are good at conversing with others enough to make them feel comfortable opening up about their issues.

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Best jobs for Scorpio: couple's therapist

As a Scorpio, you are a bold and aware person, and becoming an expert on intimacy topics does. not pose a problem for you because you are comfortable talking about this subject.

You love giving advice and making sure that others are succeeding in their endeavors.

Scorpio, you don’t get uncomfortable with any seemingly “no-no” topics.

You are good at dealing with and talking about fertility, death, mental health, and intimacy between couples. It takes a confident person to help others with these types of issues.

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Best jobs for Scorpio: medical examiner

Scorpios typically don’t get uncomfortable with heavy topics like death. 

They don’t have issues with gore and decay and things with bodies that might make others uneasy.

They can also use their detective skills to solve whatever mystery might be behind someone’s death.

They are also good at handling the emotional side of death with loved ones.

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Best jobs for Scorpio: fertility specialist

They are good with people and breaking bad news to parents in a sensitive way.

They could also get to the root of any problems with infertility and figure out the “why?” behind it.

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Worst careers for Scorpio zodiac signs: teacher

Scorpios are better with the persuasion of thoughts and opinions and dealing with people’s emotions.

A career based on facts and specifics that can’t be debated or argued would not be a good fit.

A career where you have to do nothing but tell students about the facts of life wouldn’t be a good combination.

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Worst careers for Scorpio zodiac signs: physician

Another career that’s based around facts and something that can’t have any personality or variance in it.

A Scorpio needs a job that lets them express themselves and has variety in it to keep them busy.

Practicing medicine all day with no variation other than patients would grow tiresome very fast.

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