Your Planetary Personality Type, According To Astrology

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Most people know about their Sun sign personality type and maybe what their Moon sign means. But did you know that you can also be a Uranian, or a Plutonian, or a Venusian personality type?

Planet personalities, like the ones mentioned above, are basically astrology terms used to describe people whose natal charts are heavily influenced by a particular planet or luminary. So, if you want to know your planetary personality type, first pull up your birth chart using a birth chart calculator, and then check if your chart has any of the following.

Planet personalities

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Sun dominant: Solarian personality

Solarian people are warm-hearted, generous, ambitious, and forward-moving. They like to be the center of attention and don't hold back their feelings. They are also very creative. Solarians bright up any room they walk into.

You are a Solarian personality type if your natal chart has:

Moon dominant: Lunarian personality

Lunarian people are dreamy, emotional, soft-hearted, moody, and very creative. But unlike Solarians, they like to go with the flow in most things and don't like plans and rigid schedules. They are either very introverted or secretive about their private life. Lunarians are strong empaths.

You are a Lunarian personality type if your natal chart has:

Mercury dominant: Mercurian personality

Mercurian people are highly intelligent and creative. They can blend into any social setting and are good at coming up with solutions and plans at the drop of a hat. They can be really good at marketing and do well in professions that require a lot of speaking or dissemination of information.

You are a Mercurian personality type if your natal chart has:

  • Mercury in Gemini and/or 3rd house
  • Gemini Rising
  • Sun in 3rd house and/or Gemini
  • Stellium in 3rd house or Gemini
  • Sun conjunct Mercury
  • Mercury conjunct Ascendant or in 1st house

Venus dominant: Venusian personality

Venusian people are incredibly beautiful and charming. Some even have beautiful voices. They tend to draw obsessive people towards them though. Venusians do well in careers that lean into their beauty and/or charming personality. They are well-suited in the fashion and entertainment industry.

You are a Venusian personality type if your natal chart has:

Mars dominant: Martian personality

Martian people have high energy and sex drives and are big go-getters. They act first and ask questions later. They are either easy-going and friendly with strong loyalty to their group or community, or they are bullies and like fighting for the sake of fighting. Martian types do well in athletics and the military.

You are a Martian personality type if your natal chart has:

  • Sun conjunct Mars
  • Mars conjunct Ascendant or in 1st house
  • Aries Rising
  • Sun in Aries or Scorpio
  • Mars in Aries or Scorpio
  • Stellium in Aries or Scorpio
  • Stellium in 1st house
  • Mars conjunct Midheaven or in 10th house
  • 10th house in Aries

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Jupiter Dominant: Jupiterian personality

Jupiterian people make excellent teachers and religious leaders. But they are prone to dogma. They are favored by fortune and usually find themselves in respectable positions in their career, especially if they are professors. They are generous but will hold a grudge if snubbed.

You are a Jupiterian personality type if your natal chart has:

  • Jupiter conjunct Ascendant or in 1st house
  • Stellium in Sagittarius or 9th house
  • Sun conjunct Jupiter
  • Sagittarius Rising
  • Jupiter conjunct Midheaven
  • Jupiter conjunct Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars
  • Jupiter in 9th house

Saturn dominant: Saturnian personality

Saturnian people are strong-willed, disciplined, and stern. They don't smile very much, but when they do their teeth draw people's attention. They can delay gratification almost forever and are very good at achieving big goals in a slow and steady fashion. They cannot stand practical jokers.

You are a Saturnian personality type if your natal chart has:

  • 10th house in Capricorn
  • Capricorn Rising
  • Sun conjunct Saturn
  • Saturn conjunct Midheaven or 10th house
  • Stellium in Capricorn or 10th house
  • Saturn conjunct Ascendant or in 1st house
  • Saturn in Capricorn
  • Saturn conjunct Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars/Jupiter

Uranus dominant: Uranian personality

Uranian people are ground-breaking in nature. They are highly intelligent, can be inventors and change-makers, and love technology. They “live” in the future. Uranian individuals also have a Mad Hatter sense of humor. They are mavericks and couldn't care less if people are too slow to keep up with them.

You are a Uranian personality type if your natal chart has:

  • Uranus conjunct Ascendant or in 1st House
  • Sun conjunct Uranus
  • Aquarius Rising
  • Uranus conjunct Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars/Jupiter
  • Stellium in Aquarius or 11th house
  • Uranus conjunct Midheaven or in 10th house
  • 10th house in Aquarius
  • Uranus conjunct North Node/South Node

Neptune dominant: Neptunian personality

Neptunian people have a dreamy disposition and are highly spiritual in nature. They go with the flow and don't like boundaries. They tend to believe the best in people regardless of circumstances and often have psychic abilities. They are highly prone to addictions and usually have a history of at least one vice if not more. People rarely forget a Neptunian person.

You are a Neptunian personality type if your natal chart has:

  • Neptune conjunct Ascendant or in 1st house
  • Sun conjunct Neptune
  • Pisces Rising
  • Neptune conjunct Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars/Jupiter
  • Stellium in Pisces or 12th house
  • Neptune in 12th house
  • Neptune conjunct Midheaven or in 10th house

Pluto dominant: Plutonian personality

Plutonian people are intense. They transform multiple times throughout their life and often come from neglectful or abusive family backgrounds. Some are born into mafia-type families and experience a dictatorial upbringing where they must obey without question. Plutonian individuals often grow up to become controlling and domineering. Some can be manipulative, others get addicted to sex and pain. These natives often oscillate between sadism and masochism. But once they heal their wounds, they can see the truth of any situation better than any other personality type. Plutonian people often attract dark power.

You are a Plutonian personality type if your natal chart has:

  • Sun conjunct Pluto
  • Stellium in Scorpio or 8th house
  • Scorpio Rising
  • Pluto conjunct Ascendant or in 1st house
  • Pluto conjunct Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars/Jupiter
  • Pluto in 8th house
  • Pluto conjunct North Node/South Node

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