9 Signs You Probably Have Psychic Abilities, According To Astrology

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There are certain pyschic indicators in astrology that can point toward having psychic abilities.

The most important indicator is planet Neptune, along with Pluto and Uranus, as well as their house placements.

Neptune is the most important planet when it comes to psychic abilities and is considered the psychic planet. Everyone has Neptune somewhere in their chart, but typically, Neptune needs to aspect something else in the chart to create psychic abilities unless it falls in the third, eighth or twelfth house.

Uranus and Pluto are also sometimes prominent in the charts of those who possess psychic abilities.

Pluto is a planet that penetrates into the ethereal and unknown, especially if it is in a prominent house or connected to Neptune in some way. Pluto is also at times associated with healing abilities. More stressful Pluto aspects can sometimes come into play in terms of intuition but it does not typically occur as easily.

Uranus is sometimes connected with otherworldly abilities and gives us the ability to process information much more quickly as it is the higher octave of Mercury. Uranus is connected with visionaries and genius, and many well-known predictive astrologers have Uranus in the 10th house or another prominent place in the chart.

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To discover any hidden psychic talents you may have, the first step is to know your birth chart.

You can use a birth chart calculator to generate your own natal chart using your birth day, time, and place. Once you have your birth chart mapped out, you can look for these psychic indicators.

Psychic indicators in astrology

1. Planets or aspects that touch your chart axis

According to TikTok creator and astrologer Alyssa Sharpe, any planet that hits the Ascendant, Midheaven or Imum Coeli (which is the opposite point of the Midheaven or cusp of the fourth house) are among the most important in your chart.

"Those places are the axis of your chart or the skeleton which means that anything or any planet that hits one of those places electrifies your chart and makes you feel things on a stronger, deeper basis,” Sharpe explains.



2. Planets or aspects near your Lunar Nodes

“Anything near Rahu in your chart or Ketu” is significant, according to Sharpe, because "these represent where you come from and where you are going and what you know.”

In Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are terms for the North and South nodes, which are points in the chart, not planets. The North Node symbolizes your path in this lifetime while the South Node represents the baggage, wisdom and lessons you come into the world with.

3. Mutable sign placements

“The strongest signs are actually all of the mutable signs; that means Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces," Sharpe says. "If you have a Sun sign or stellium there, you tend to see and know everything.”

4. Neptune in Pisces

The most psychic sign for Neptune to be in is Pisces, followed by other water signs. Neptune is an outer planet, meaning it moves slowly and is the placement of entire generations. For example, Generation Alpha (the generation following Gen Z) will produce many individuals with psychic awareness and other sensitivities since they will all be born with Neptune in Pisces from 2011-2025.

The last generation of Neptune in Pisces was between 1847-1862. This period of the 1800s was considered the peak of the spiritualist movement when many were interested in contacting deceased relatives who died during the Civil War. Even Abraham Lincoln was said to have invited a medium to the White House at one point. 

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5. Neptune-Moon aspects

With Neptune conjunct Moon, psychic thoughts occur naturally and come about as a type of internal feeling about things and people. These individuals may find dreams very significant and telling, at times.

Sextile and trine aspects between Neptune and the Moon typically manifest in terms of a gentle soul with a strong compassion for others who is usually able to pick up on their feelings. 

Square and opposition aspects between Neptune and the Moon typically denote issues in early life at home or relating to the Mother, but nevertheless manifest in psychic tendencies. With these harsher aspects, confusion can occur along with the potential of being unaware of what’s really going on in terms of surroundings and personal relationships at times but this does not negate the potential for psychic feelings and abilities. Sometimes, however, it may be difficult to sort these feelings out.

6. Neptune-Mercury aspects

The sextile and trine manifest more easily than the conjunction, square or opposition.

The conjunction possesses a powerful interest in intuitive or psychic matters, but you may become confused at times by what is real or not.

With the square or opposition, you may be able to perceive things other people cannot, but you may also look at the world through a foggy lens that not all people understand.

These harsher aspects might manifest as a tendency to lie or be perceived as a liar. Those with these aspects are usually individuals driven by certain ideologies and often say whatever they have to to gain power. This aspect does not guarantee the individual is a liar, but may suggest a clouded vision at times which can confuse others.

Nevertheless, there is a degree of sensitivity and ability to perceive things others don’t.

7. Neptune-Sun aspects

The square and opposition are more difficult and often manifest in early life with an issue around the Father, or it can represent an absent or deceased Father. Numerous professional psychics state their early childhood was lacking or in some way traumatic, which can also confer a learned type of sensitivity based on difficult conditions. Some of the harsh Neptune aspects can also manifest in terms of addictions.

The sextile and trine are easier aspects to work with although any Sun-Neptune aspect can confer sensitivity. 

8. The Moon in Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio

These Moon signs can represent a leg up in terms of intuition and/or psychic abilities. The Moon represents our emotions and since it is at home in Cancer, this is definitely an intuitive placement. The other two water signs are also connected with intuition as well.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the psychic planet along with Jupiter, and these individuals were born to explore the ethereal worlds one way or another. Hose Silva, JZ Knight, Jane Roberts and Jeanne Dixon are all famous psychics with their Moon in Pisces.

The Scorpio Moon is a sensitive Moon sign and with their ability to dig deeply into situations, they too are often psychic or intuitive. 

9. 3rd, 12th, and 8th house placements

The third, twelfth, and eighth houses are connected to intuition and psychic abilities, especially if they contain Neptune or planets in Pisces.

The third house rules the mind and thinking while the twelfth house rules things that are secret and hidden.

The eighth house is the part of the chart that rules the mysteries of life and death, and many well-known psychics and channelers have Neptune or Pluto located here. Pluto rules death and the dead and this house is especially connected with mediumship.

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